Sexdoll of Luxury Zoey

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

A luxury sexdoll combines both the realism of its appearance as well as human-sized measurements. Zoey is a luxury silicone doll because she looks like to misunderstand a real woman, very sexy. His body and face are ultra realistic, but in addition it is available in actual size. You can choose between 6 sizes up to 1m65. The height and proportions of the body are so exactly the same as a true partner. The luxury sexdoll can therefore be dressed, paveled, and dressed in pretty underwear, which will put it even more in value. His hands bear false nails, exactly the same as those you will find in cosmetics shop. You have the possibility to change his manicure, asking him false nails of the color of your choice. Currently, Zoey wears a French manicure, on long nails. But if you have a penchant for red nails, you can very easily change this detail, which is important for the fetishists of the hands. The manicure is a symbol of femininity par excellence, as a pretty hair supplied and shiny. Besides, speaking of hair, you may think Zoey is a brown luxury sexdoll. In fact, it is a wig, which can be changed. Zoey is so brunette in the photo, but she can in a wink become blonde redhead, or wearing a more original hairstyle with unusual colors, locks, a tie and dye. Your doll is delivered with several wigs, but you can also wear a wig from another store.

The wigs can be cut for the sex doll to wear the haircut you like: long stiff hair, a strict square, or a fringe. You have several possibilities: either you cut the wig with your luxury sex doll, or you buy a wig with color and cutting your choice. So, you are sure there will be no failure.

A very female luxury doll love doll

This luxury doll love is feminine feet to the head. Examine the photos, you will find that all the details of his plastic are neat. She has varnish on the nails, her face is makeup with delicacy. She has rosy lips, as well as black pencil that emphasizes her almond eyes. His body is thin without being skinny with a touch of femininity: his big chest and his large hips contrast with the finesse of his waist. She has a hungry body, very sensual. It is the ideal fitness for a woman, the equivalent for the male gent being the famous V, with wide shoulders and a narrower size.

Zoey has beautiful fleshy tits, with a slight hollow between them, which highlights the volume of this generous chest. His chest will be highlighted by a top of bikini, a bra or a brazardous bra. The undergarment underlines, suggests without revealing too much. This touch of mystery makes you want to tear down to finally be able to see and touch what is hiding below. Free for you to choose the adornments that seem to you the sexiest. The actual Zoey size allows you to seize you very easily in classic fashion and accessories for women, so you are spoiled for choice.

The assets of a high-end sexual doll

This luxury sex doll caches under its clothes of realistic penetrable orifices. Lightly turn off his panties to discover a vulva and an anus. Both are 2 separate ducts, long 12cm minimum, depending on the doll size you select. They can be penetrated separately, or simultaneously, as well by a penis as a sextoy. Remember to use lubricant to facilitate insertion and make the experience more enjoyable. This luxury doll resembles a real partner in his smallest details and offers you a very pleasant sexuality. You will fully flourish by practicing coitis with a pretty really exciting creature, every time you want it. Zoey is a naughty unbridled libido that will be done, whatever your desires.

Luxurious and very sexy silicone doll

This allows to describe a sexual doll of luxurious is its level of very pushed realism. And this similarity with a real sexual partner is not only visual. Yes indeed, it is very beautiful and very appetizing to the view. But not only. When making love, the most stimulated meaning remains the sense of touch. And that's where the luxury silicone doll makes the difference. It consists of a single material, the TPE, which is firm and fluffy to the touch, like real skin. When we knead the Zoey chest with full hands, we really feel like fiddling real breasts, a little soft and firm at the same time. Inside his silicone body hides a skeleton, which is not frozen but on the contrary reclining. This may seem like an insignificant detail but it is an essential element. It is thanks to this articulated skeleton that Zoey can move in any position, and hold in place alone. Without this skeleton, it would be frozen in a fixed position. The skeleton will allow you to place Zoey in all kinds of exciting poses, to try various sexual positions. It can also stay on 4 legs and completely elongated, or legs apart. All this, thanks to his internal skeleton! All these elements make the difference with an inexpensive but little realistic inflatable doll.

The great asset of a luxury doll is so its total similarity with a sexy woman. The Sexdoll is beautiful, sensual, with pleasant forms to touch, who will excite you in record time. Add to that its realistic intimate parts that allow you to penetrate it, and you understand that you will quickly become addicted to Zoey. A beautiful girl, available, sexually open, these features strongly look like the ideal sexfriend.
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