Young Japanese Soll Yoko

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Yoko is a young Japanese with the frail and thin body typical of an Asian. His bridled eyes will appeal to all amateurs of women from Japan. Threatened and slender, it has a very fine size, long thighs. Her silhouette evokes a very young and active woman. It has a realistic, medium-sized chest, perfect for lovers of teens and those who seek absolute realism. It seems to be mistaken for a Japanese woman, without exaggeration or caricature. Her body with very long forms refers to the youth of a woman who has not yet fully completed her development. It is a doll that can please the amateurs of young girls 18 years of age. She has 3 penetrables: her mouth, her vagina and her anus. You will be able to break up in 2 his body of little chick with forced and twinched.

A Young Japanese Love Doll

This silicone doll has the same appearance as the human body, both bouncing and a little soft. The matter is not rigid. You will be surprised by the realism when you shake hands with Yoko's thighs, buttocks and breasts. The sensation during the penetration is also incomparable. The doll is really realistic in the smallest detail: hands with manicures, well defined feet, hollow of the abdos on the belly, clavicles and tendons of the neck, teats to the little haloes of darker color, perfectly cleaved with little lips and not just a vagina. His face has paid attention to a particular care: the shape of his face is oval elongated, with small eyes in almond, a fine nose and thin lipsticks made of red lipstick peach. She wears eyebrows and her eyebrows are drawn for a more than realistic face. The delicacy of the finishes gives it a breathtaking natural. It looks like an Asian model. We are far from the crude rubber inflatable dolls! The result of this multitude of careful details is that this doll of masturbation for man will make you enjoy, as effectively as a sexual relation with a true partner. For the young Asiatic fetishists, Yoko is the perfect plan. In real life or even online, it is complicated to find a partner with this physics and this starting age for galipettes. The masturbation doll regulates the problem permanently. You can recreate your hentai at home, as often as you wish.

A Japanese-ado sexual doll

Since it has a human size, it will be possible to find lingerie and costumes to create sexy scenes. To fit into a Japanese role play, you can disguise it in a nutshell with a small black and white dress and apron, or in a schoolgirl with high socks and skirt-like skirt. These disguises lend themselves to male domination in the sex ratio. Let us express your manliness in the face of this submised shell, which will obey all your orders, and let itself be led. Your experience and submission create a perfect balance for a sexuality that is closest to your fantasies.

Its skeleton allows it to take positions, it is not frozen in standing position. You can sit down, make her cross the legs, remove the thighs, put it on 4 legs. It will be possible to have him take a lobster poses to clear his eyes before giving the assault. So you can test lots of new sexual positions, it's still in place, you don't have to hold it, your hands are free to grab hold of your sensual body tightly while you enter it.

If you like the women of Japan and you find them a special charm, you will also be seduced by other dolls who have a face of shells coming from the country of the rising sun.

The Love Dolls from Japan

Japanese dolls are high-end sex dolls that have their origins in Japan, where they were created and where they have great success. Pioneers in robotics, the Japanese have created sex dolls robots, which speak, moan. The most technologically advanced models are even able to converse, for a small phase of seduction before the sexual act, which brings even more realism. In a few years, it will be possible to dine in bars with love dolls! Many singles find it of considerable interest: a fulfilled sexuality, with a partner that you have chosen on rigorous physical criteria, discretion. For dumb people, it is a way to conduct a sexuality without dealing with another person. Your secret garden is protected. Alone but accompanied by your sex doll, you are comfortable trying everything, even the most taboo practices. There is no limit, if any.

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