Victoria sucks the baby

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Victoria is a beautiful curvy doll with beautiful and plump breasts. They are too big to control them completely if they don't run from all sides. When you shake her back and forth, her big breasts tremble like jelly. They are rich, everything is flesh and blood, we want to seize them, hold them tightly. You can also pinch her nipples, she won't order you to stop. Victoria is a naughty girl. She likes sex, and it's even a bit spicy. She has a body that is worth a porn movie: she is slim, has a large chest, loose sex hair, and an anal expansion, and can stand annoying sodomy. Her vulva is very lifelike, her big lips, her little lips are slightly pigmented, hiding narrow vaginal entrance. Lift her leg over your shoulder so you can grab her from behind and enjoy her beautiful nipples.

Her mouth opened slightly and half, and it was an invitation to slide things between her lovely lips. Her face closed was sexy, reminiscent of a girl who closed her eyes and focused better on her feelings and fun. You can imagine her sleeping or even more perverted. Victoria became a sleeping beauty, stabbed by Prince Charming in her sleep. You can dress, dress, make up, and wear shoes according to your current mood, so that it is in full compliance with your personal wishes. She obeys all your desires, and, in a little way, as you expect her, she is neither complex, silent, nor chaste, which will prevent her from letting go. With her, everything is possible. You will be able to explore all its entrances and goddess's bodies. Her swollen breasts, long legs, female waist depression, buttocks round, and finally her full chest. Victoria is a very exciting playground for older children. He has no face. She's sexy from head to toe. Foot lovers will be happy to find beautiful feet, toes parallel, and no usual slight shoe deformation. Her feet have a delicate arc, which will be highlighted by beautiful high heels. She is an absolutely perfect sexual partner, not only physically, but also in the open to new experiences. For example, her vagina and anus can be penetrated with sex toys or fingers at the same time. She can wear sexy clothes, like in the illustration, and you can see Victoria in a very gorgeous dress, with Caraco with pink lace, pink stockings, golden cliffs and naked white lace. It's just a suggestion, but you can get her to wear all the clothes, and even role-playing clothes, such as the pig nurse's. Whatever packaging you like, it's still very good on the basis, even completely stripped of clothes, nothing to highlight it, it's sexy and really sexy. Its actual size allows it to match with real lingerie and fashion. So it doesn't look like it's disguised with low-end stuff, and you can really decorate it with gorgeous clothes. Jewelry and accessories on your hair are all details, making it more realistic and more suitable for your taste. Make her a princess, you will put on beautiful clothes and sexy underwear, in return, she will give you her body as a gift. You can play sex games with a tall, well prepared mistress.

A doll for deep and applied oral sex

Victoria's mouth is a little half open. Slide your sex or sex toy out of the hole and stuff it in his throat. Victoria has a deep throat and will bring you professional hospitality. Its mouth is 12 cm deep and can be extended to the size you want: penis, plug ball, dildo. Everything is imaginable, and the only subtlety is to drop a few drops of lubricant into your mouth before introducing it. When it comes to sucking, Victoria is a diligent student. You can relax and enjoy a wet and pleasant oral sex. Once you've completed the first step, you can start working hard to find out what's hidden under your belt. Beautiful round, strong hips, with an anus and a vagina, each of which is 18 cm long and can penetrate into it. The advantage of this is that unprotected relationships can be carried out safely. It's a new kind of freedom, no safety net, which destroys happiness and reduces feelings. Here, you enjoy the original relationship, all your senses are awakening, you get 100% stimulation. You are so happy. If you like big breasts like Victoria's, you'll be happy to find that her friends curl as well. You'll find all the shapes of big breasts: tall, strong, drooping, occupying the entire breast, from the breast to the wide halo. If you close your eyes, you can Find Adriana She's a sleeping beauty, too. Please feel free to visit our website to learn about our different categories: shemare, small breasted young women, men, Asian women and many others. If you have a special fantasy and can't find your happiness in the sex dolls provided by the store, please feel free to contact us directly to tell us your special requirements. We will try our best to solve your request.

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