Grosse Poupée Sexuella Ronde XL Tiffany

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Tiffany has generous curves, his chest and hips are really massive. Its thicker thighs are in the air of time with the fashion of the female bodies at the roundabout. Her body is very feminine, far from being a pile of bones. There is flesh and matter, to catch it and take it firmly. All his female attributes are present in an outrageous manner: an extra wide chest, large bounced buttocks, towering thighs. It has a typically female body, with the lower body wider than the bust, and two large loaches.

Tiffany has a large body that doesn't seem fragile. She has a big chest that's falling, so much she's massive and heavy. Its small belly belly gives on broad hips on the curve, and large, thick hams form its thighs. It is a woman who has material, a curvy and sexy woman, who has all her overdeveloped feminine characteristics. Be a virile man in contrast to this female partner, well in flesh. Its silhouette in 8 is the sexiest body shape for a woman, with roundness and a good balance between the top and bottom of the body, the hips being as wide as the shoulders, with breasts and protruding buttocks.

Tiffany is a large sexual doll with white skin, it has large eyes to the slightly brothed eyelids, in the manner of Marilyn Monroe, a fine nose, and a nice pulpy mouth. It is made up of a greedy mouth with a peach-coloured mouth and eyes lined with black with long lashes, which make it a fucking gaze.

A realistic, realistic sex doll sex

Between its dodue thighs, you will discover a complete sex with two appetizing lips telling you the entrance of its narrow vagina, for vigorous penetrations. Retreat him and her well-rounded buttocks will invite you to give him energetic claps. Dive into his buttocks to discover a narrow anus, ready to be penetrated for lobster sodomies. But his skills don't stop there. It also gives you the opportunity to penetrate her mouth for a voluptuous fellatio. For even more realism, generously coat its lubricant mouth in order to enjoy a well-damp pipe.

Its 2 big breasts pendants because of their weight allow to masturbate, via an effective notary tie. Her breasts are simply huge and will weigh heavily and will be over when you want to grab hold of them. They're way too big to hold in their hands.

If you prefer small and lean formats, Tiffany is definitely not the one you need. Its thighs want to grow in, they are soft and soft, which will not end up heating you. Despite his very generous curves, she keeps a harmonious silhouette: her face is fine and her belly is not inflated like a bladder. It looks like it's not about big models like Ashley Graham to name but the most famous. She has good thighs and an unmeasured chest but keeps a narrow waisy and a face with fine lines, hollow cheeks and ragged cheekbones, with no double chin.

Tiffany has a body that follows the tendency, fleshy and sensual, far from being rickeless and without shapes. If you love round sex dolls, discover other girls who are just as fleshy.

You can prepare your big silicone doll to highlight your elephant's ass with a string, and its big nipples with simply tele-cache, or a sexy bra. Tiffany is a tall pine-up with tits to make you turn the head. Treat yourself to a trip to the country of pleasure by singing with her every day if you want to. It is always offered and excited, it does not know the failures of libido. To offer Tiffany is thus the guarantee of sexual experiences with profusion. You can totally let go with this goddess dodue.

Play banned games with this large breasted TPE XXL doll.

This sucking erotic doll is made of TPE that reproduces the bounce of human skin. The sensations to the touch are therefore similar. With its internal skeleton, it can take positions. It is not stiff, but articulated. Choose how you want to position it: and so, you can test a thousand and one positions, with the realism of a true living partner. But you only keep the benefits. Having one's own inflatable doll is the best way to have a selfish sexuality, it is permissible to think of one's pleasure, just one's pleasure, in the company of a bomb that is ready to respond to your demands day and night. Consent is acquired, not to mention his body, which remains the same, not subject to the vagaries of weight loss resulting in narrowing of the breasts. You are in good company and for a long time. Your doll comes with 3 colors of eyes and wigs. So you can totally change its appearance

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