Sex doll puma big breasts Susanna

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Susanna is a mature woman with big breasts and big hips. She is very sexy. She won't let anyone be indifferent. His heavy chest is a little drooping, too big. Her curved body is a man eating Cougar woman, and she'd love to explore her sexuality with you.

In addition to the majestic breast for masturbation, it has three holes through it: the mouth, vagina and anus. Therefore, she is a very attractive woman, you can use her according to your favorite things. You can even test things you've never done before, because you can't find a partner open enough. Susanna is an ideal partner for innovative and creative pornographic games. It will stimulate all your senses, it's perfect proportion, has a real size: tall, thin, has a huge chest, which will give you a feeling of touching real breasts. His realism was pushed to the extreme, with three piercing holes, a soft body texture, soft skin, and an internal skeleton that allowed him to take and maintain provocative postures. She's standing there, attracting you with exciting postures: legs crossed, four legs showing you her generous hips, supine, thighs apart, with a view of her vulva and breasts. It's a really relaxed posture, arousing desire by letting yourself be shamelessly watched. Then, test all the positions of the Kama Sutra, and even invent new ones, because it's already in place, and you just have to work hard to remove its narrow holes.

Look at her plastic: Susanna's big chest and low nipples add to the feeling of heaviness and obesity. The breasts are slightly separated. She has a face with a sharp chin and big black eyes, which highlight her clear eyes. His face is real, he is sexy, not vulgar, and so is his body, which reproduces a sexy milf curve that you dream of having. Her hips are also plump, with a penetrating anus, unforgettable sodomy.

A lovely puma doll to end her fantasy

Susannah longed for oral sex with her sucking mouth. This Puma is a naughty toy, it will let you into its throat, put your sex completely into its mouth. You can grab him by the throat with your hair, hit him in the pelvis, and have brutal oral sex. All desires and fantasies can be realized. With Susanna, always! She agrees with all your sex plans, even the most primitive. You can be gentle, fierce, disguised, impossible role play, nothing can shock her. Your sex is really limitless. The only limit is your courage. Do you dare to give up your fantasy?

She has a feminine silhouette: a distinct waist, wide hips and a peach back. It's a kind of fruit, and when you look at Susanna's back, you'll eat to the full. Lefret is very exciting: grab her hip and slap her at the same time. Enjoyment should increase soon. This is a good time, because all the holes in it are for your seeds to be sprinkled on you.

A mature and experienced indomitable woman

To make her big nipples stand out and maximize your excitement, you can consider customizing them. Are you a person who likes a red tight skirt or a person who likes very long brown hair? Your wish will come true, because you can dress her, change her wig and make her look 100% like the woman of your dreams. You've always dreamed of a man and a woman. Put a big anal plug in his ass and you're dealing with his slot. To fill all his holes, you can even give him a gimmick ball: a plug and a ball to keep his mouth open and full. Susanna likes to eat and obey a man who is manly and dominating. It's only you who decide what happens, when and how. You are the only owner on board. Do you want to hurry up? It's possible, or it could be a long, relentless penetration that will exhaust you. Love doll is tireless, always in recognition, never refuse themselves. Your wishes are orders, and they are carried out immediately. The headache excuse is over! But can you keep up with this experienced porn maniac? Entering her anus was like butter, holding her big breasts tightly and spanking her hard. Susanna didn't flinch or block. She asked again.

If you want to buy a mature female sex doll, before you choose Susannah, check out her puma friends, you may find another milf you prefer. In order to get a more realistic feeling, we recommend the use of suitable water-based lubricants. This will allow your skin to slide well on her skin without any friction and warm-up, which will keep her intact during many mischievous games with her. Silicone dolls are by far the most realistic male sex toys, both in proportion and material. TPE is incredibly similar to the skin of a lovely, soft, silky sexy woman. Our dolls are designed to be as exciting as possible, they come in size from another planet, small and big breasts, and they put water in your mouth.

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