Sex doll silica gel SIA

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

SIA has a slender body. Her chest is quite large, in sharp contrast to her weak body. SIA will attract those who are tall and strong little butt lovers. This sucking doll is wonderful. Enjoy its 12 cm long throat. She will let you take off her clothes and find an anus and a vagina, which can be penetrated and are 16 to 18 cm long. Her big brown eyes and open face are very feminine. She looks like a fresh young woman. She's always for hooligans. She's exciting, flexible, endurance and open to all your desires, even the most perverse ones. SIA is a tsunami in your sex life: self actualization, 100% sexual exploitation, trying new things, enhancing self-confidence and sexual ability. Yes, SIA is like a real butt coach, you can practice over and over again to get more enjoyment. Your strong erection will last longer and longer, and you will become a truly high-level sex athlete. So, a little oil, let's warm up!

A silicone doll, amazing realism

Its internal metal skeleton allows it to lean and hold. It's clear and you can put it where you like. His bones extend throughout his body, and you can rotate your head, move your arms to your shoulders, elbows and wrists. Her legs are movable in the pelvis and knees, so she can stand or sit, with her legs extended or bent, and her limbs on the ground. Bones are necessary to practice many more realistic sexual postures than nature. But another core element of doll realism is material. The doll is made of TPE, neither hard nor hard. It's a material that recreates the feel of human skin, soft and strong, and soft at the same time. We can mix TPE breast. They are not solidified, but soft, no relaxation, just like two drops of real water! For a softer skin, your hand will slide, which is very simple, you just sprinkle talcum doll, and then remove the excess. The silicone doll's skin became incredibly silky smooth, like a woman taking care of her body with gum and moisturizer.

A sex doll dedicated to you

SIA is a partner who is fully committed to meeting your needs. Without any taboos, she put herself in the most crazy scene. With SIA, you will have a mistress who is curious about everything. She will make you through the difficulties. You decide when and how to do it, it's for fun. Simple headless. You can dress her, make up her, even pierce her. Dolls are completely customizable. By changing her wig, you can change her appearance in a second. A silicone doll can play many of the roles you dream of: a rigid and stubborn young girl, a good bourgeois girl, a good girl, a good girl, a good girl. Hundreds of ideas can be realized. SIA is committed to your well-being. If you don't want to, you don't even have to make any effort or concession in terms of sex. Don't you like foreplay? Well, you can escape. Do you really want to use lefrett's hair as a violent adulterer? Well, your wish is to order, and SIA will execute it without hesitation. The sexual doll has introduced this selfish support in sexual life, which enables people to fully meet their desires and needs. Generosity is also a proof of love for yourself, which is conducive to satisfaction, happiness and relaxation.

A doll up to 168 cm!

Your SIA high-end doll offers real size. You can choose from 6 different sizes, from 1 m 35 to 1 m 68. The weight and size vary depending on the size you choose. For more information, refer to the size charter at the top of the product description. This benchmark is the same for all large dolls. The bigger the doll, the heavier, you must not exceed your ability, because the inertia of 40 kg needs good physical quality. The six foot doll has a tall woman's size, which is very real. It's easy to find sexy underwear and gorgeous clothes to make her more popular. Packaging is as important as gifts. She has a beautiful face, a coveted body, only the last thing you know. In the primitive male and female models, the primitive sexual behavior of the whole naked, a special disguise, such as the nurse's disguise, a vulgar underwear, low mesh t-pants with black lace,... Everyone has their own exciting definition of what, You can customize your doll to 100 percent of your standards, and no one can guess it except you. Some people are obsessed with red nail polish, while others are obsessed with the fact that one foot slides into the cliff with the needle. Let your artist talk while creating a custom woman on a very good basis, SIA. It will become totally irresistible and light you at a glance. Will you fall in love with that little naughty girl? Or would you rather give up your fantasy? You have to make the right choice. Maybe you prefer another body, such as a woman with flesh and blood, or a sexy black doll. In this case, you will be asked to read the catalog and find out the shape of your dream.

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