Shanna Masturbation Doll

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Shanna is a beautiful plant that will realize all your fantasies without any hesitation. It accepts to be naked for you, you can tell it from all angles, it will not formalize it, quite the contrary. She loves to draw attention and greet men. With Shanna it's all cooked, you know it's going to go to the pot, which removes some pressure from the conquest. You go to the goal directly, that is, sex very hot, without all the serenade that usually precedes the legs in the air. Shanna offers her naked body on a platter, you just have to serve you. You will treat yourself to its beautiful forms. With or without a condom and without disease risk. It is fun and nothing but pleasure in safety. It's all the advantage of having a sexy doll per se: you have a bomb at your disposal just for you. Finishes the competition and the late evening tunas. Shanna will make you regret not having adopted it earlier when you discover what it is like to do sex with such an exciting woman.

A heart to be taken, but not only a heart, it is also a pussy and buttocks to take dry. Shanna is provided with 3 different holes: her mouth, her vagina and her anus, all three are penetrable. The orifices look small but they dilate like real ones! They are deep so that you can go back well into your body your sex, your fingers or other objects. You can launch excavations in its cavities and dig deep into its depths to better study the terrain. You will be surprised by the realism of this doll for man. But Shanna isn't just pluggable holes, it's also all that's around. A feminine and really cannon body, with nice breasts and round buttocks. Its size is marked, its legs longilines. She is really appetizing.

For the details, nothing is frozen since it is customizable. For example, the colour of his eyes can easily change and his hair is actually a wig. We deliver your sexual sexual doll with eyes of 3 different colors so you can change its appearance. You will also have a sexy lingerie adornate to cover your love doll a little and to have the joy of undressing. If you pay attention to detail, you can see that Shanna is a very coeted woman to the end of the nails. Indeed, it is perfectly waxed, all her body is smooth without the shadow of a graceful hair. She is also makeup, and has the nail polish of a French manicure, both sober and elegant. Long and careful nails give the final touch of femininity to this erotic doll.

A man doll to set fire to your solitary nights

This beautiful young woman accompanies you in your evenings. You have always within reach a splendid partying companion for games between consenting adults. Shanna is a magician vaulting that will transform the frustrating solitarious nights into an explosion of enjoyment. She has more than one trick in her bag: fellatio, vaginal penetration or sodomy today? The combo of the three is an excellent choice. Same for positions. With a magic wand, it allows you to put into practice all the desires you have never been able to achieve before. The Kama-sutra is his scribbling that contains all his secrets. She knows the formula to trigger a powerful orgasm thanks to her dream body. It accepts to try everything with you, as for example the bondage, you can tie it, as in the picture picture where you can see that it has the footed feet, for a total bid. It has been trimmed with a very sensual neck-neck necklace, which highlights its delicate features. It's up to you to find the accessories you like personally. This ultra-realistic sexual doll has the measurements and proportions of a real woman, it will be easy to find her sexy underwear, clothes that put it in value as well as the sock with heel shoes. It will be an opportunity to reflect on your ideal lover, Shanna will be able to comply fully. According to the lingerie you dress up to, Shanna is no more like the same woman. You can have 10 mistresses in 1: a dominatrix of leather, a child with couettes and mini skirt pleated, a fatale woman with needle heel pins and lace lingerie. She easily embodies all the roles you want him to play. And from one minute to the next, it is changing. It is perfect to recreate in flesh and bones all your erotic dreams. You can let talk of your creativity and the only limit will be your imagination.

It has nice curves that excite the sense of sight, but to the same extent, touch is not left. Indeed, all her body has a consistency similar to that of a real woman, firm and soft at the same time. This soft and dense material is particularly realistic at the level of the breasts and buttocks, which have this aspect dodu and sweet, which one is tempted to catch and to clam to see them bounce. For an even more bluffing realism, it is possible to warm up the holes in advance thanks to a heating element, and above all to add lubricant so that the ducts are slippery and do not cling. Shanna can also join you for a foaming bath with rose petals as it is water resistant, which makes cleaning much easier, since a little soap and hot water are enough to make it perfectly clean.

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