Love Doll A Grosse Poitrine Roxanne

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Roxanne has huge breasts while having a very thin body. When you look at it we see only ca, two huge heavy nesting trees that take half of its bust so much they're imposing. They are so huge that they could be confused with buttocks. The two shells are well tightened, which forms a very exciting line, ideal for the Spanish branch. This cochonne has more than normal cow's magpies. Being able to punch Roxanne's body, it's the jackpot for all the fans of the chest. Its chest is so large that it is possible to create another penetrable place by tightening the two breasts to form a well-compressed furrow. Wear your sex in this narrow passage and you can go back and forth and grab hold of your chest firmly.

Roxane hasn't just her breasts to offer you. Below the belt, you will discover two sexy areas to explore: its vagina and anus. The 2 are penetrable with realistic dimensions. Your Love Doll leaves its mouth offered for memorable pipes, with a suction mouth of 12cm in length. You really have what to have fun with, coming to see all its orifices.

A silicon-breasted sex doll for an ultra-realistic sensation

This sexual mannequin is composed of a skeleton articulated inside, on which is deposited a thick layer of TPE, which imitates both the shape of the female body but also its consistency. When you remove your skin from the skin, when you cling to your hips, you find its firmness, when you punch your breasts, you find their thicker and thick texture. You will be impressed by the similarity of the big breasts of an erotic doll. It will be a pleasure to be able to touch, lick, squeeze, slap such a seasoned chest. You will be crazy in less than a few minutes and you will have only one desire: to penetrate it savagely. And it falls well, because Roxanne is always leaving, when it comes to satisfying you. The generosity of its forms will be a formidable stimulus for your erotic imagination. You are going to be able to innovate in sexual positions and practices, to finally try what you have never dared to try and leave free to all your desires. Once you have finished with it, you wash it, you stare it, and you don't hear about it until your next urgent urge of brutal coitus. She will wait wisely the top start to get screed by all the holes.

A deep-breasted doll: a widespread fantasy

Large breasts are a very common fantasy in men. Finding the breast of this template in a real woman is a challenge. But finding a woman with such huge breasts while having an end body, a perfectly flat belly, then that's just impossible. It's the kind of physics that comes under the imagination more than reality. Imagine the mass to lift, the back of such a thin woman could not bear the weight of these heavy mothers. The best way to satisfy your XXL tits with a thin body is to take a large-breasted sex doll. In addition, the resemblance to the texture of a real chest is striking. The TPE is soft and firm at the same time, the illusion of hitting two beautiful large shells is there. The sensation is even more successful than with breast implants, which can sometimes be felt, especially in very thin women. In short, you have everything to gain by adopting this very exciting body. In Commander Roxanne, you have the little sister of Lolo Ferrari who is staying with you. What to do with torrid nights with the most exciting partner of all your life!

Highlight the huge nesting of doll doll in TPE

To value its assets, namely its impressive breasts combined with a thin and firm body, lingerie and sexy clothes are all indicated. Due to the size of the breast, it is advisable not to use a bra fitted with reinforcements, but no-hull, lace, lace support, fabric brassieres and elastic bands. So you're sure to have your two big breasts fit in the underwear you've chosen. It has non-standard measurements, which you can highlight by jewelry of breasts. It can be jewelry of adhesive teton, which is glue on the halo around the nipstick. But it can also be a metal jewel that is fixed by tightening around the nippline. Some very sophisticated body jewels include a necklace which is connected to the two breasts by chains, or ornaments hanging over the whole bust, falling back into the back and buttocks, for a sensual and refined rendering.

But Roxanne has such a provocative chest that nothing makes her irresistible: any high mill lets you guess the generosity of its forms and its small nipples. A covering sweater will be all the more exciting as it hides the skin while leaving guessing the scandalous form of this chest. It is up to you to see if you prefer the explicit or false modesty that stimulates the imagination and makes it even more willing to discover what lies behind the fabric.

If you like big lungs, know that Roxanne has several girlfriends with the same physique on this site, do not hesitate to consult the category dedicated to dolls with big nests. To improve your experience, it is advisable to use a water-based lubricant that will facilitate insertion and movement into the adult doll's orifices. A lubricated condom does just as well. However, it should be noted that it will be necessary to dry any trace of lubricant after use, in order to keep your sex dummy in optimal condition as long as possible.

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