Mini sex doll Olivia

€459.90 EUR
€459.90 EUR

Olivia is an incredibly sexy mini doll sex. It's a small size from 1m to 1m25, which makes it light and little expensive. That qualities for this small high-end sex doll. Olivia has the charming minis of a young Asian woman. She sports a face with serious features, her mine is almost dumb. Her closed mouth is makeup of an orange gloss gloss, she has big eyes with huge pupils, as in mangas, which gives it an air at once young and kawai. His makeup highlights her while remaining discreet. In the photos, she wears long hair very stiff glowing blonde, but this cut and this color can be changed in a snap of finger since it is a removable wig.

Olivia is a sex doll, which means she has female sexual attributes. It has 2 holes to penetrate at will: an anus and a vagina. In addition to his vagina, she has a complete sex, with realistic little lips and clit. Each intimate orifice extends by an exiguous and long channel of 15cm, very narrow but stretchy, as is the feminine intimacy. The orifices are tight but deviate to let your penis pass and provide a captivating caress. This extensibility is made possible by the material of which the doll is constituted. It is entirely made of TPE. The TPE is elastic and firm like the skin. All his body is sweet, very pleasant to touch. The parts of his sexiest body, like buttocks and breasts, have a rebounded and soft appearance that look like a real chest or real buttocks.

The main asset of Olivia is its bulky chest. She has very big tits, extremely lights in comparison with the thinness of her body. She has a flat stomach, the size marked, legs and thin arms all in length, but his chest is far from flat. On the contrary, its breasts are curved and extravagant. This big chest is the symbol of Olivia's femininity. They are so big that they even allow to masturbate between them. If you tighten them, they form a slot in which it will be possible to penetrate. Catch his chest in your hands, you will have the exquisite feeling of palping a big natural breast XXL.

Choose a mini sexdoll for a very handy lightweight

Olivia is a small sexdoll, offered in 3 formats: 100cm, 110cm and 125cm. The advantage of a small sex doll is that it is financially affordable and very light. Indeed, Olivia weighs between 16kg and 22kg, depending on the model you choose. Thanks to this lightness, it is possible to lift the little sexdoll with ease. Whether to make complex sexual positions, wash or store it, it will be easier to wear Olivia and manipulate it. This facilitates use and comfort. It is therefore a significant asset. The 2nd specific welfare of the sexual dolls of small template is their small price. They are proposed at rates much more advantageous than the actual dolls, between 500 and 800 euros in general. How can this price difference explains? It's simple, the doll being more compact, it requires much less silicone to pour into the mold. The raw materials are therefore more economical. And in addition, as it is light, the cost of sending and storing is also reduced. Cumulative, this creates a considerable difference on the final score. The little sex doll is accessible to most scholarships.

Mini Love Doll: a small price for maximum pleasure

With its small price, Olivia can be the perfect opportunity to do its first try with a doll love. It's a first step but not too painful for the portfolio. And if we are convinced, it is possible to give yourself the time of reflection for perhaps investing later in a great doll love. Olivia is an opportunity to make an attempt in the world of luxury sexdoll, but with a reasonable financial commitment if you choose Olivia or any other silicone doll of the shop, the shipment is offered. This is not a small gift, because seen the weight and the volume of the beast, the transport is much more significant than a letter.

We have seen that a little doll has a second advantage: it has a very light weight. The lightness of the olivia erotic mini doll gives you all the more power to lift it in the air, for suspended and air positions. You discover a set of possibilities that had hitherto not accessible. Or if you have already had the opportunity to experiment with this type of sexuality, your performances will be widely boosted. Indeed, lifting a real woman from 45 to 80kg is not the same as lifting a 22kg doll maximum. Olivia gives you wings. You will be able to wear it longer, without getting physically exhausted. This ransizes the duration of the coitus in the appellant, and makes it possible to feel virile and powerful, facing this fragile and lightweight creature.

Small tips for using its mini silicone doll

Mini silicone dolls are sex toys for adults, which are suitable for both men and women. With her, you can play with sextoys, body or other objects. It is recommended to clean it carefully after making galipettes with it. For even more realism, it is relevant to use lubricant that facilitates penetration and back and forth movements, making them even more enjoyable. Olivia is a doll that can make personalized, as a makeup, making it wearing jewelry, hats or any other type of accessories. The dress will give him a particular charm, but given his size, it is advisable to turn to the shelves for young people, it is too small to be dressed in the adult woman department. For lingerie, an XS size on an elastic bra will be the adequate response. The brassières for example adapt very well.

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