Love Doll MILF Big Natural Tits Noemie

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Noémie is a Caucasian woman, she has the elongated face of a European woman, with the nose in length and big clear eyes. His face is that of a mature woman, of experience, which will appeal to Milf's enthusiasts, both cougar, naughty and sexy. Its heavy breasts are so weighing that they fall slightly. These very massive tits will appeal to all lovers of big natural breast. The shape of this chest, slightly falling, evokes a mass so heavy that it can no longer remain, attracted by gravity. When you have its big breasts in your hands, you can feel the weight and heaviness that attest to this xxl chest. Noemie has big tits, but his back is not left out. Its round and wide buttocks contrast with its fine size, and back it has an ultra feminine silhouette in the shape of a pear. The camber of his back and the hollow of the kidneys highlight this fersier Charnu. You will have any leisure to give it spanking, or to keep it from a small lace thong that is still valuing a little more its posterior. Between this chubby behind a penetrable anus, for tasty sodomies. Just off, the vagina presents itself as a second penetrable orifice, in a separate duct. So, Noemie can wear an anal plug while you enter it with the other hole.

Noemie is a great sex doll of realistic size, since it is proposed in 1m35 up to 1m68. Between these two ends, you have the choice between 6 sizes. Depending on the size of the doll, its weight varies. Thus, it will weigh between 27 and 40kg. Weight is an important factor that greatly affects the handling of the erotic doll. The bigger the doll, the more successful the realism, but be careful because it will also weigh heavier. Nevertheless, it will still weigh less heavy than a real partner, which is very convenient for practicing positions where the man has to lift all the weight of the woman, and wear it at arm's length. The exercise is less complicated to set up, and especially less exhausting. So, you hold longer, without finishing exhausted as after running a marathon. You keep energy to multiply the acrobatic positions. The morphology of Noémie allows you to venture on unknown land. It is a joy of life of novelty and still discovering units of sexuality never experienced, and what is its age.

A MILF sex doll to dress according to your preferences

With its human size, it is very easy to relook noémie. You will find the accessories in Fashion Shop and Standard Women's Lingerie, without the need to buy specific products for sex doll. It's convenient, and especially it opens the doors of an incredible choice of clothes, below and shoes, since you can shopper for your doll in all shops, without sizes. Since Noémie is a very big chest sexdoll, it is advisable to turn to elastic bras or support-gorges without reinforcement. They will adapt more easily to the huge noiet chest than a rigid and fitted bra. Its big boobs will be highlighted by a flexible bra, a bikini high or lace triangles, which velcely veil but give glimpse by transparency. Hide without camoufling, unveil without falling into a too abrupt nudity, such is the secret of a woman's beautification. We must reach a balance between suggestion and mystery to infuse the desire and the desire to go further in the discovery of his body. But this balance will be all the easier to find that you are its Pygmalion, it is you who shape it to your image. In these conditions, it will necessarily please you, it will never venture to wear things that do not like you. It is systematically desirable, without a shadow on the board. The breakdowns of desire do not exist. She lets you devour her look and discover her with all your senses. You can taste it by licking it, sucking its nipples, aspiring the bouncer of the buttocks, you can also palpate entirely to feel intensely his sensual curves under your fingers. And you will enjoy visually, when it is face you can admire its delicious chest with the hollow of the waist, and back, you will be subjugated by the roundness of its buttocks in harmony with its hips. On all sides, the sexy doll has an exciting aspect.

A sexdoll milf with big chest for exciting Spanish handjob

A sex doll is nice at sight, it stimulates the excitement for unbridled sex. With it, you can do everything, take it before, from behind, or fill all its orifices at the same time. It moves in all directions, and holds a pose without support because it is articulated. You can therefore practice all the sexual positions that exist, without any limit. But a busty doll has a little more compared to women in the average or flat chest. Her big tits are so voluminous that they touch each other, forming a narrow furrow. By tightening them, you will be able to create another object of pleasure: a slot allowing masturbation between the breasts. Slide your penis between its two big shells, and you get an extra and exclusive way of doing good with Noémie. This little treat is only conceivable with a big tits doll. Noémie has a woman's face western, with a long chin and a strong nose. His face has character, he is that of a mature woman in the force of age, far from a midnette with a rounded face. Noémie is perfect for cougar doll lovers and big tits, since it combines both features. Discover our other MILF dolls on the mature women's section for more erotic doll choices.

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