Big sexdoll big ass big tits nikki

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Nikki is a beautiful woman with very pronounced curves. She can not be more feminine and sexy. Its silhouette forms a sensual 8, with big tits and big buttocks that come together in a fine size. It's a round woman with generous forms. She has flesh, forms, she is perfect for gourmet men. All its curves are well placed on strategic places, it is dodue in places that make it a real busty woman: large tits, massifs, beautiful fleshy thighs and wide hips that overlook a round and wide popotin. Back and face, she sweats the sensuality. From the front, you can admire his pretty minis with his big incredible shells. They are so big that we could confuse them with buttocks. They touch up what forms a ray, ideal for the Spanish handjob. Nikki has this little thing in addition to propose thanks to the excess of his chest. From back, it offers the view its generous rump, which overlook beautiful legs in flesh. The camber of his back is an invitation to discover his buttocks. The finesse of the size contrasts with the width of its big buttocks, which makes it even more feminine and desirable. She has a naughty body in all her splendor, but a curvy woman, with shapes and not a glowing iron wire. His body follows the beauty trends, with his big tits and his big ass, while keeping a face and thin arms and a flat belly. This big sexdoll looks like a silicone bomb, redone to the head to better serve the male fantasies. She awakens your desire, even at 50 meters away because even a myopic could not miss his imposing tetins.

Round sex doll with big buttocks

Its big buttocks are an invitation to sodomy. Between these two chubby buttocks hides an anus, realistic, and penetrable. It is narrow and stretchy, and give you stimulating sensations. Far from a little flat ass, Nikki has beautiful forms while roundness, feminine and exciting. This beautiful big ass holds the shock and can cash with violent back and forth. You will be able to tap in without being afraid to break. Right next door is his vagina, also penetrable and realistic with his small and big lips that give his sex a realistic aspect. The two orifices consist of two long independent ducts of a dozen centimeters at a minimum, which allows to practice double penetration. His big chest is so thick that she offers the possibility of rubbing between the two breasts, for a intoxicating sensation. It is possible to rub while taking advantage of the view of these magnificent tits and while squeezing these big horny masses. This sensation is exquisite and unique because admit that it would be complicated in the real life to find a woman with such a chest. This is a common fantasy, with many called, but few elected officials. It looks like a woman who made a breast augmentation, but who would have put two or three implants instead of so much the result is bulky. The advantage of the sex doll with big tits is that it is fully consist of silicone. This material is soft and slightly soft, as are breasts and natural buttocks. So, when you pick up Nikki, you have the impression of touching big natural tits and not rigid prostheses. It is a detail that makes the difference for lovers of natural breasts. All his body is soft while having some firmness. It is not rigid, so it is possible to caress, pinch, catch, knead all his fleshy areas like his thighs, his buttocks, his hips and of course the boobs.

A big doll love at the service of your fantasies

A big silicone doll is above all a look and human size, which means that it exists only to serve you and do you good. Docility and openness are the undeniable assets of sexuality with a big sexdoll. Be in your pure pleasure, without concession or reciprocity. You will never have to practice things you do not just like to please your partner. The sense of duty is canceled. We can afford to be selfish with Nikki, she does not formalize it. It is dedicated to your pleasure only. You focus on your personal sensations. Masturbation with this high-end sextoy gives life to your fantasies. There are no taboos to have, even the rarest sexual desires will be able to be experienced without waiting. Nikki helps you to sexually flourish. She praises desire and excitement, is totally offered to all kinds of experiences, and provides realistic sensations for penetration and touch.

His breasts are so huge that they are closer to cow pies than a human chest. In the photos, you can see that its big buttocks are highlighted by a tanga that emphasizes the heart-shaped reboundi. It is a beautiful XXL plant, which will appeal to lovers of good flesh. She is very generous, busty, sexy. To magnify a little more the sensations, think to brighten lubricant generously before penetrating. A water lubricant will facilitate sliding inside its intimacy. You have the possibility to put Nikki even more in value by dressing clothes that slightly hide his chest and his glossy dodus. However, it should be noted that his chest is so huge that he will be complicated to find a bra that will go, unless you go to a shop specializing in large sizes and the big hats. The simplest remains to clothe with a high oversize like the little croc top as it wears, which masks a little his chest to give himself the pleasure of undressing it, but without a problem of size.

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