Sexual doll Natasha tits

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Natasha is a naughty young to small tits firm and high. His chest is in harmony with his slender body and slender girl. She has a narrow frame at the shoulders and hips, which give her juvenile and longilinear air. His arms and legs are thin and slender. His chest with pointed nipples is perfectly realistic, you will have the impression of being in bed with a real natural girl. She also has a small high perched cessor, who will appeal to lovers of ultra thin women, just twenty years. She has a realistic chest, but she is not flat either. In addition to its very pleasant plastic to watch, the Love Doll has other towers in its bag. Indeed, it contains a complete genital device, with a vagina but also an anus. These two orifices are ultra realistic, both narrow and extensible, and can be penetrated, since they open on a deep conduit. The dimensions in length vary depending on the doll size you choose, but for the smallest doll, the vagina measures 12 cm minimum and for the largest doll of 1m68, this duct reaches 18 cm long. It should be noted that the vagina of a true woman measures a dozen centimeters, so these sizes are perfectly realistic. The doll is totally imberb, there is no unsightly hair on the legs or under the armpits, sex is also fully shaved.

The Love Doll in a small chest has an ultra realistic look, which allows to reproduce everything you have seen in your favorite adult movies. It contorts in all positions. It can stand up, elongated, sitting, four legs, or even in original artistic positions. The flexibility of his body makes it possible to realize all kinds of sexual positions, without any limit. Natasha is as mobile as a real partner. But in addition, for a real size, it has a weight much lower than a real woman, since Natasha weighs between 27 and 40kg, according to the format you choose. Its feather weight allows you to lift it much more easily. This lightness is an asset to experiment with more positions than it would be possible with a more 20kg partner. Your endurance is automatically increased with a lighter partner. Its maneuverability allows you to try many different positions, far from the standard positions that are practiced in routine mode, and that can end up becoming lassant. The novelty and opening are two words that qualify sexuality with Natasha. It will allow you to try things that you could not consider before, for reasons of refusal of the partner, or because physically, the realization was complicated. Natasha is perfectly flexible and enduring. She can hold the legs big apart for hours and hours, quite complicated things for a real woman, less to sleep with a classic gymnast or dancer. These multiple positions, even the most uncomfortable or impressive, are made possible by its internal skeleton. It is a concealed metal structure inside the body, totally reclining, which gives the doll its mobility and its maintenance. Without this skeleton, the doll would be adapted and would not hold in place. The body of the sex doll is articulated at all the places of the human body: the wrists, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders etc. So, you can choose very precisely the position in which you place it. She will take naughty poses for you, to let himself look with mulful. She loves to create desire and deliver her body to eager glances.

A sexdoll with little chest to realize all his fantasies

Natasha is a Doll Love with small nipples, which presents the chest and body characteristic of a young woman, still fresh and little experienced. It's up to you to discover everything you know about sexuality between adults, even the most unavoyable shares. Natasha is open to discover all the sides of sexuality: from the sweetest to the most perverse. It is a doll sex that has only one mission, excite yourself and give you pleasure, thanks to its bomb body. Natasha is particularly suitable for men or women who love young women to the firm and sporty body. She is the ideal companion for all her fantasies. It can be penetrated by a penis, but also by fingers, sextoys, or any other object more or less unusual. She will appeal to both men and women, who have the desire to penetrate a pretty creature with a belt dildo.

Its hair and nails can be replaced to match the color and shape you prefer because they are accessories affixed to the doll, and not fixed. A standard wig and fake-eyelashes will be perfect for re-locking and making it look like close to your female ideal. The doll will nevertheless be supplied with a hair and nails already laid. You have the opportunity to change these little details, only if you want it. His face is made up very naturally, with rosy lips, a little blush, and soberly blackened eyes of mascara. This naked masonry is perfectly sticking to the fresh and natural complexion of a fresh and spontaneous girl, far from heavy makeups very light, which give a more fatal or more vulgar woman style. This sober beauty makes it cozy and even more feminine and crisp. Natasha has in his morphology and in his makeup a natural, realistic, non-caricatural appearance that makes her look close to a teen in the flower of the age, very beautiful natural, who does not need to hide behind artifices to be at the top. His mouth has a small smile, which gives Natasha a playful and naughty personality. His corner look confirms this playful and polish personality.

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