Sexual doll silicone mia

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Mia has a strong sporty woman's body, it's an athlete, thin and tonic, which seems perfectly adapted to achieve dazzling sexual performance. In addition to its advantageous plastic, you will find at MIA a big chest that makes it very feminine and seductive. It also has 2 orifices to penetrate: a vagina and an anus. This doll is beautiful, but it also offers its privacy as a gift for you to penetrate it. The two orifices give separate ducts, in which it is permissible to ejaculate, all with the freedom of a sexual relationship without condom.

This sex doll while silicone is hyper realistic, whether at the level of its format: it is a real size, its proportions, or its appearance because it looks like a real sexy young woman. Its level of realism goes into its texture, since the silicone brings a soft feel similar to true skin.

Mia has a huge chest, voluminous and firm, so huge one looks like a second pair of buttocks. Her big tits create a furrow in which it will be possible to slide his penis to masturbate between the two shells. Mia offers you this little thing in addition, the Spanish handjob also known as notary tie.

It has long curved and muscular legs, with silky skin perfectly shaved. His hands have a manicure and his face is makeup: she has lip red and eyes are highlighted by black blush. Its makeup remains light, enough to make it more attractive, but without being overloaded. Mia does not look like a pot of painting, far from it. His body and face are fresh and natural, while being absolutely irresistible. She has all the assets of youth: firmness, rounders where it is necessary, which creates a female silhouette to chew.

In the photos, you can see that Mia carries a sportwear outfit with sneakers, bra and shorts ultra short cotton. These clothes are perfectly adjusted, yet it is not specific accessories for silicone sex dolls. These are standard items you will find in sports shops. It is easy to dress up his doll to make her even more attractive. In the example pictures, Mia is a dynamic girl who practices a pretty sensual workout. But according to your fantasies, you can dress it completely differently to create another universe. It can turn turn female, innocent girl, schoolgirl, nurse. Everything is conceivable. The only thing you need to be vigilant is the size of the bra. Mia has XXL tits, an elastic tits like the one she is wearing on the picture is likely to go, unlike a rigid bonnets and frames.

A silicone sex doll brings pleasure by sexual games to which you can deliver at all times of the day and night. The Doll Love is used on demand. You want here now, and your desires are orders and your wishes are answered in the minute. An erotic doll facilitates sex life, bringing simplicity and comfort. In addition to its opening and sexual availability, a silicone sexdoll has an incredibly sexy body. The type of physics of Mia is out of norm. It is absolutely perfect at all levels. You can examine it in all seams, you will not find the shadow of a defect: it does not have cellulite, it is shaved, it has a beautiful face without being too weakened, it dresses according to your Tastes, she changes haircut in a wink by changing her wig, she has a fine size, a flat stomach, two big tits high and farm. Physically, it will be complicated for a real partner to compete with the level of beauty of Mia. For the lucky one who owns it, it is a unique opportunity to sleep with a bomb, as rarely one crosses in his life, let alone in his bed.

A multiple-faceted silicone sex doll

Mia has a rounded face that evokes that of a young adult. It's a perfect doll for young women's enthusiasts. If you prefer older women, who physically evoke the experience, then Mia is not the most suitable doll for you, go rather a turn on our selection of MILF doll. But on the contrary, it is the fresh flesh that is your thing, you will find your happiness on the selection of teen dolls, composed only girls with a soft and round face, with the body of a midinette. To sleep with a young beauty is glowing, especially when you do not have 20 years old.

Accessories and details play an important role in the perceived age. If you want to have the impression of sleeping with a teenager, then wearing your duvet doll, put him pink nail polish, a pleated skirt and she will automatically lose a few years in the maneuver. This easy staging makes it possible to rejuvenate the doll and realize his fantasy, while having an adult woman doll. If you are tired of sleeping with a small young, you can easily reverse the steam. Red varnish, black leather pumps, fishnet stockings and groves should turn it into a fatal woman full of insurance and sex-appeal, away from child child. The fatal woman takes automatically a few years, she triggered her innocence for sexual expertise, the spontaneity of youth by a charm and an exacerbated seductive mode. The Ultra Realistic Silicone Doll Love is a companion that has multiple facets to settle. With it, you can practice many sexual positions. It can move in all directions because it is not frozen. A silicone sex doll is articulated and therefore mobile. Everything is conceivable, as with a real partner, within the boundaries of the normal human body since it has joints located at the same locations: shoulders, elbows, cuffs, knees, hips, neck. The only difference is that it does not lubricate naturally, there is a need to use lubricant if we want to improve realism and magnify the sensations.

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