Love Doll Hyper Realistic Margot

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Margot is a realistic size doll, available in 6 sizes between 1m35 and 1m68 for the largest format. Choose from these actual human sizes depending on the corresponding weight. Nature grandeur brings a lot of realism to sexual ebels because Margot is proportionate as a real. Margot has a size and a hyper realistic appearance. It looks like a pretty slim woman, with a very generous chest, a back camber that brings to a round rump, punctuated with long tapered legs. All his body is perfectly realistic. She sports a head to the details more than realistic, she has a beautiful sweet and feminine face. His features are those of an Asian, young and sexy.

His chest is really huge, and slightly falling as you can see in the photos. Her breasts are so big they are attracted down by their weight. This is the proof that they weigh heavily, and that will not fail to excite lovers of natural boobs. Margot also has a big ass, all in roundness, high perched and bulky. His big buttocks look like beautiful apples. In addition to his big behind and his big chest, the rest of his body is svelte. It has the size marked, in the form of an hourglass, which makes its silhouette very feminine.

Margot The hyper realistic sex doll that will make you crazy

Margot is a hyper realistic erotic doll who harm the neck with ideas received. No, sex dolls are not limited to inflatable dolls, closer to pneumatic matalas than a pretty sexy creature. With the doll in TPE this is no longer true at all. Margot closely resembles as far to a pretty girl very attractive, not to a vulgar plastic cloth. It is sensual, very beautiful at sight, very exciting to touch. She will know all your senses. His dream plastic will amaze you, she has no physical flaw that could have a real woman. It is always impeccable. Perfectly shaved, always running for inflamed sex, makeup, capped, prepared. It's a naughty who answers 100% to your libido, you are alone master on board. Enjoy his enthusiasm for the thing, and enjoy as much as you want. You will not swear of a no.

A hyper realistic silicone doll with penetrable orifices

Margot is a hyper realistic sex doll. It is qualified as realistic because it has the texture of a body with its TPE material, with a large actual size or almost. It's a sex tool because it has 2 orifices to penetrate. His vagina and his anus are two well separated holes, each pursued from a duct of about fifteen centimeters in length, narrow and expandable. Thanks to its two separate orifices, the doll can practice double penetration, sodomy and vaginal penetration. It has all the sexual attributes of a female partner, so everything is reproducible with Margot. The interior of his vagina and are not anus is not smooth but ribbed, to bring even more sensations during penetration. The vulva has neat finishes, with clit and small lips. It is not a simple hole but of a female gender in every detail. The only distinction with a real vagina is that that of Margot does not lubricate, so you have to use lubricant for even more pleasure during penetration. This level of resemblance is only reachable with a sexy silicone doll of human size. It is bluffing at all levels.

A hyper realistic sexdoll to dress like a real woman

This silicone sex doll is ultra realistic thanks to its texture. She is sweet, but also soft. She is not rigid, she is on the contrary bouncing like a real woman. In addition, hidden inside the body is an articulated skeleton. It is imperceptible but allows to position Margot in every way, in order to practice various sexual positions. The Doll Love has all the joints in the same places as the human body: shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and neck. Thus, it can take an ultra precise pose, it is stiff with no place of the body. This allows you to be inventive and practiced positions with formidable precision.

His hands carry varnished nails, so she is sexy and pomponé as it would be a woman on her 31. She wears a successful makeup, worthy of professional makeup artist. These multiple details are all assets that make the quality of your sex model. The level of finishing and resemblance is otherwise higher than an inflatable doll is why the Erotic Doll in TPE is aimed at connoisseurs.

His pretty bulky breast will be highlighted by adequate lingerie. You can dress it, but it can also wear shoes, or naughty disguises. Given its actual size, it can dress and adhere with sublime attractions as a seductive would do. This makes the opportunities infinite. Margot will be running for naughty games, without any limitation. She is the ideal partner to try what makes you feel even if you do not feel sure you. Margot can be the one with whom you discover a practice, with whom you acquire experience, before trying the thing with a real partner, perhaps less conciliatory. Margot is always patient. But above all, she is always desirable. It keeps the same aspect, terribly sexy, so you will never be disappointed. After making love with such a beautiful girl she will be difficult to change league. Margot will enhance your level of requirement because it offers you its sexy body at any time for a rich and vitality sexuality. Acquiring his own doll for adults, it's a way to reinvent masturbation. With her, we discover a new practice, halfway between the sextoy and the true partner. This high-end sextoy will allow you to live new sexual adventures, and get out of the plan route plan that can sometimes be adopted, whether one is single or a couple. Margot is the magician who will bring spice to all that.

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