Doll For Adult Maeva

€459.90 EUR
€459.90 EUR

Maeva is a shell with an ultra-realistic body, with its 3 holes to penetrate. She practices fellatio with her sucking mouth, but also sodomy as well as vaginal penetration because she has a vagina and anus. Each measurement is about fifteen centimetres in length. Find out more about its measurements in the size chart.

It has a pear-shaped chest, with pointed tetons. Its beautiful breasts have a realistic, medium-sized volume. Her body looks like that of a real woman. Enjoy the delicious curvatures between its waist and wide hips. The camber is so pronounced that a handle appears to grab hold of it during the lift. Sit her on the side and she left for a hot spoon, where you can cling to the trough of her waist, touch her breasts while rubbing against her buttocks. It is possible to put it in the position of your choice, for a shell photo shoot, or simply to cast a blind eye. Thanks to its internal skeleton, it is perfectly mobile. You can make your own coquin schedule, by dressing up Maeva of various shell suits and by making her take lascivious poses. Be the artistic director of a collection of daring photos. Maeva will be delighted to be able to leave because it is an exhibitionist, very proud of her body. She loves to stir up a man's desire. The good news is that by acquiring your love doll, it will be available all the time, just for you. You can have relationships at any time of the day, in all rooms in the house. A little bit of lubricant and it's gone. Maeva does not need her to read poems or 3 hours of preliminary to be hot. With her, you can be direct and spare you unnecessary false pretence. You save effort and time. You can even take it as a footballer, straight to the goal without your hands.

A very discreet little sex doll

Maeva is a small love doll offered in 3 mini formats: 100cm, 110cm and 125cm. The advantage is that it is lighter and, above all, cheaper. Why a mini sex doll is not chere? Quite simply because there is less material needed to create it and therefore the raw material is more economical. Its small size makes it lighter and compact, which reduces the cost of shipping.

The second advantage of a little sex doll is that it is discreet and easier to store. You put it in a closet and it is safe from all the prying eyes. No one could suspect what is in your rack. An object of pleasure pleasure, but which belongs only to your secret garden. Whatever your fantasies, the most surprising aspects of your sexuality, and even your complex or your disgraceful pleasures, none of this information will ever be lost. Your doll is not capable of judging. And even less to start rumors about you. You are safe to dare to express your personality, with its shares of shadows and its whimsical sides. Everything is feasible with Maeva, from the most delicate to the most coquin, to the most unspeakable. Have you always dreamed of making love with Napoleon? This is possible. Do you want your partner to turn into a cute little rabbit? It is also possible, 2 rabbit ears, a rabbit-tail anal plug and cest party. Want to dress up as a woman and bring a mustache and tie to Maeva? Who will know? No one, so it's time to release completely.

Develop sexual skills with a sex doll

You have the opportunity to be enchanted by a charming young woman of little virtue. With it at your side, nothing will seem inaccessible: all practices, all positions, all fantasies are achievable. Discover sensual games that you have never had the opportunity to try before, thanks to a partner that is both exciting and ready to test everything. Your alchemy will be palpable from the first few minutes. You can completely let go with Maeva, be totally yourself, with your desires, your libido and how often you want to have intimate relationships and even your potential breakdowns. Nothing is taboo, everything is simple and fluid. You can let go and mature in terms of your sexuality and shed light on your tastes: what you love, what you don't like, what you are open or totally closed. Maeva will guide your sexual awakening. It will help you know with preci

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