Love Doll Japanese Luna

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Luna is a very thin asian doll with a big firm and high chest. She has a very feminine dug, and creams to introduce her back rebounded and closes too. She has the perfect body of a Japanese, slim and slender, but with protuberant tits. His chest all apple-shaped round looks like redone breasts, which hold itself even even in the elongate position with the shape of the breast prosthesis. Luna has a perfect body for fake breast lovers all round with a holding that defies gravity.

She has a thin body, worthy of a young and active sports girl, her belly is flat with the brand of the coasts and the central furrow of a girl who has abdos designed. His little ass is round without being too wide, his hips are not extremely developed, which gives him a narrow and light silhouette, very young and feminine. She has a body of a young woman. In addition to this charming plastic, Luna has penetrable orifices because it is a Japanese doll with which it is possible to sleep. It has a vagina and anus that make it possible to make vaginal and anal penetrations, within extensible ducts of 15cm in length. For penetration to be even more pleasant, add a lubricant nut on its orifice and movement will be done alone without the slightest resistance.

Japanese sex doll with apple shaped tits

Luna is a large Japanese doll proposed in 6 sizes of 1m35 up to 1m68, difficult to do more realistic than this big human size. Depending on the size you choose, the weight of the Asian doll also varies. It is a criterion not to be neglected since the smallest weighing 27kg and the largest 40kg. There is a substantial difference of 13kg. To store, wash and position the doll as desired, it will be necessary to wear this weight. Do you have the form to lift the template that you have selected? Ask this question and try to see the weight that is easily bearable. It should not be sex with Luna transforms despite you in a weight session. The goal is to be good and not to finish lesive. In the case of a small fitness, a mini lightweight doll will be much more advised. Luna can be dressed by choosing clothes to the wife department of any store. If you choose a doll of 1m35, the ADO radius will be more suitable for its height. Anyway, its perfectly realistic proportions allow to dress it like any woman. It opens the door to a huge choice. It can also be paved, taking care to choose a small size because it has small feet. Its big tits are still realistic, it will be possible to supply in lingerie shops. It can any poverty such a bra with hulls, a soft lace triangle. From the most extensible lingerie to the most adjusted, its realistic template facilitates its accessorization. It can wear any types of clothes, but also jewelry. Its wig can be replaced by another, it does not require special template for sex doll, a classic wig does the trick.

The Chinese Doll Love is fully articulated. It is mobile at the cuffs, ankles, elbows, knees, hips, shoulders and head. It has all the bending points of the body. Thus, it can be put in all positions humanly practicable. And logically, you deduce that all sexual positions are accessible to it. She can do everything: doggy style, to the sodomy standing, or sitting on you. As long as you put it in the good posture, it is able to keep it. It is not limited to a number of sexual positions. It keeps the posture with an internal metal skeleton, which allows it to be mobile. This skeleton is covered with silicone, which gives the body the texture and appearance of the skin. It is sweet and slightly tender, it is a happiness of mixing its fleshy parts, particularly its thighs, his buttocks and his breasts. These areas are flexible and cozy, very similar to a real woman.

A young Asian doll for asian women lovers

Luna is a fully glabrous asian sexdoll, she has no hair either on the legs under the armpits or on the pubis. It carries a manicure with long-shaped long nails. It is possible to change his false nails for others you will find in perfumery or cosmetic store. His face is that of a young Asian, his almond eyes are enhanced with straight eyebrows, which takes the codes of Korean beauty. She wears a pink blossom on the cheeks for a good mine effect, which highlights her rounded face. This Asian doll love looks like a whole girl, a teen limits, but her big tits leave no doubt about the fact that she has done her puberty. It is a doll that represents a sexy woman with very developed forms. It will appeal to lovers of Chinese, Korean or Japanese women. Many men have yellow fever, and Luna is the perfect answer to meet this fantasy. Dressed or naked, this Japanese doll sex is a delight for both eyes and for a more successful sexuality. She lets himself look, take pictures, but also fiddling and penetrate. All sexual practices are conceivable because Luna has no taboo. She looks without hesitation at all the games you offer. It is even possible to sleep with it without condom without any consequences. It offers more freedom and serenity in the sexuality of couple. Any special care brought to its washing and especially to drying after use guarantees you hundreds of uses. You have at your side a companion available, open-minded and really very sexy, just for you.

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