Lisa thin sex doll

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Lisa is a very thin doll, with longiligne arms and legs, thin thighs, a flat belly, which contrast with a chest XXL. It is a doll that looks like the beauty cannons of the haute couture, which values ​​lean and slender women, but with a difference in size: his chest. You will never find a manikin with a pair of such lolos. Since Lisa is very thin, its breasts are disproportionate and look even bigger. The effect of optics is striking, we only see his breasts!

She has a warm face, her eyes launch a direct and provocative look, with slightly half-open lips, which sketches a start start. His face evokes a young woman with strong self-confidence. His expression does not look intimidated, on the contrary. This is the kind of partner between frontally in the relationship. Contemplate this look while you enter it will bring you extra sensations of excitement. She does not have her eyes closed, she is fully connected in the action. She does not flee, she is there with you, for a powerful physical exchange.

She has a firm young woman's body, without surplus fat bound to age. For those who love thinness and firmness, Lisa has the perfect body. For migrant female lovers with small breasts, however, it will be necessary to spend its way and go to the small sexdoll category that will be more suitable for your search. Migrelette women are very feminine because the muscle is associated with virility, like hair. In comparison, the man who layer with Lisa feels strong and powerful. It represents femininity, sweetness and fragility, and the man who users it is by even more masculine and virile contrast. The thin CCORPS of Lisa also brings him lightness and maneuverability. It's easier to lift a small feather weight than a beautiful dodue with big cushigpies. Lisa is the ideal candidate for peeling ground and practicing sexual positions where she is worn, raised.

A lean doll love articulated and supple

Besides his Fluet body, the skinny sexdoll has plenty of tricks in his bag. It has a soft skin, made up of TPE, better known as silicone. His body contains an articulated skeleton, which allows Lisa to move in all directions as a real human body would do. It is articulated to take and hold varied positions. Thus, it can move in all the sexual positions of Kamasutra. She does not have a single position. The articulated doll is ultra realistic, more than other semi rigid or inflatable dolls, which they can only take one position.

His soft skin is velvety and very pleasant under the fingers. The texture of the skin of Lisa is a great asset to reproduce with realism of sexual caresses and sensations. A little bit of talc spread from time to time will allow you to find intact the sweetness of the first days.

She hides in her panties a penetrable female sex, as well as an anus. Both are very realistic, both narrow and extensible, with a minimum length of 12cm. The doll is penetrated, whether by a sextoy, part of the body, or any other object. Be careful not to use sharp objects or sharp objects for not hoarding the holes silicone. The holes can in the long run cause tears, which is why it is necessary to be precautionary. A lubricant coated dildo presents no risk for the doll. After each use, the erotic doll must be washed but also dried thoroughly. Do not leave water, lubricant or other body fluids such as perspiration or sperm stagnate in sexy dolls for obvious hygiene reasons. The doll was washed with water and soap, very simply.

Customize a unlike his thin sexdoll

The thinness of this sexdoll does not remove any sex call. She becomes your muse to stimulate your imagination. She will inspire you to try new things and go beyond your limits. Mandy and embarrassment will no longer be part of your vocabulary. Lisa is open to all the experiences, even the most wacky. It's the advantage of sex with a doll, since you are alone, you can do everything that makes you happy. You will never have to hit you a refusal, or the indignation of the other on your proposal. The lean sexdoll is above all a sextoy, so you decide alone to follow. But yet, given the degree of reality of the doll, the illusion is total and you have the impression of being accompanied. You only benefit from the benefits of both situations: the full powers of masturbation, but the excitement of being in charming company. Indeed, the presence of Lisa is not an anecdotal detail. With his ultra female physics, she knows how to excite you. Her big boobs, her ultra female slender body, her perfectly shaved intimate parts that are offered to you. It will be difficult to resist him.

As in the illustration photos, it can wear a long golden brown hair, but as it is a wig, it can just as well become blonde with short hair. This is an easily customizable appearance. Although the molded doll is delivered with a wig, you can get something other completely different to change style instantly. Changing the hairstyle is the occasion of an express relooking and at little fee. If you make up your small collection of wigs, you can regularly change his cup to feel like having a new woman in your bed. It can also wear lingerie. Depending on the chosen style, this creates a unique personality. For example, on the photos Lisa door of cotton lingerie with patterns, which gives it a young child of child. But it is just so possible to make it much more sexy with laces and laces that highlight its forms. It has been personalized with a decal tattoo. This is an interesting idea of ​​inexpensive customization, which makes the doll will be perfectly unique and to your liking. You can also bring him a piercing or change his nails.

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