Molded Doll TPE Huge Tits Lina

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Lina is a silicone molded doll with big tits like watermelons. It is slim, with a fine size, two shells and wide hips, which gives its silhouette a lot of eroticism and feminine. This naughty looks like a real siren when she wears a bikini. Her breasts are huge but firm, they hold high on her bust, with a pretty round shape and small nipples. We are far from big tits hanging in the form of toilet glove. Lina has an absolutely perfect chest. The texture is similar to real breasts: farms but fluffy at the same time. You will be blown away by similarity with real tits. This level of realism is reached thanks to a single material: the doll is molded in TPE. It is a rubbery material, very soft, which reproduces the sensations of the human body. It is neither rigid nor flabby, but the perfect compromised to reproduce the human flesh. You can catch his breasts and his buttocks and tighten them to raise the excitement of a notch. Whether in sight or touch, the Lina's Big Tits will fill you with happiness. They are so voluminous that they touch each other and allow you to practice the Spanish handjob. It is a masturbation between the breasts, practicable very intuitively with Lina, but that would be impossible on a small néné partner.

In addition to his breasts that offer a slit to penetrate for those who have a little imagination, Lina has more classic penetration possibilities: it is his sex and his anus. Its vulva is equipped with lips and a vagina, an orifice that overlooks a long duct penetrable 15cm long. His narrow anus also leads to a second penetrable canal independent of the vagina. Thus, it has 2 separate orifices, which gives it more realism and allows to experiment the joys of double penetration. Its intimate zone is fully shaved. The two intimate orifices are narrow but deviate and adapt to the size of the penis or the sextoy which is penetrated into it. This dilatation is made possible because its vagina is molded in silicone, an expandable and elastic material. The vagina departs and does not tear. It is advisable to use lubricant before penetration, in order to facilitate slips and enjoy even more enjoyable sensations. A heating lubricant can add a little pepper, since it heats the intimate areas while executing back and forth movements.

The silhouette of Lina is advantageous, it is thin, with well-marked female curves. It has a body that corresponds to the ideal of beauty in the feminine. It is svelte, without superfluous fat, with big tits, an hourglass bust with hips of the shoulder width and a narrow size. His face participates in his beauty. She has Asian features with bridled eyes. If you cap with a long steep and brunette hair, the Asian side will be even more accentuated. With a bang, it adopts the total look of a Japanese doll, since it is the standard haircut of Japanese women.

A doll with a molded vagina

Lina is a sensual young woman who is so beautiful naked as dressed. To add game to sexuality with a molded sex doll, it is possible to clothe with underwear, clothing or even naughty disguises. In the photos, Lina wears an orange bikini that highlights his outrageous chest.

His charming minis is valued by a discreet makeup, which gives him a good mine and enhances his femininity with ease, without being screaming. She carries mascara, which intensifies her eyelashes and gives her a doe look. His lips are covered with a fishing color gloss, this lipstick is brilliant, which makes his lips even more luscious. The doll is delivered naked, but free for you to get what you like. Lina is a big doll which allows to dress it very easily, it has realistic proportions allowing it to dress in the shops for humans, no need to buy specific accessories for silicone molded dolls. The choice that is offered to you is gigantic. You also have the ability to change its appearance easily, simply changing its wig. His hair is not encrusted in his head, and are replaced by another wig from another color and another cut.

Lina is a molded doll with a molded vagina and an anus, so it fully reproduces a sexual partner. Everything is conceivable with her. Inside its silicone molded body is an articulated skeleton, which allows LINA to take poses and hold in place. It is not steep, its position can be adjusted because it has joints at all levels of the body. Everything is mobile, his arms, his legs etc when you position it in a position, for example at 4 legs, it holds in place without you having to hold it. Thus, it is possible to reproduce all the sexual positions with it. You will be able to accomplish all the positrons you prefer, as with a real woman. Lina has a size and human proportions that will make the experience extremely successful. You may even be able to try new positions that you have not had the opportunity to try before. LINA weighs between 27 and 40kg. This ultra light weight is a key that opens the ability to make positions in equilibrium and positions where the woman is carried without any support. When the partner needs to be raised, its weight to a direct impact on the level of comfort and performance. With its small weight despite its actual size, Lina greatly facilitates the task. You will be able to lift it for a long time, without breaking your back or be totally exhausted after 5 minutes. To you long suspended unions or reversed candle. All the most acrobatic postures will have no secrets for you.

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