Sexdoll Arab Girl Beurette Laly

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Laly is a Beurette sex doll very in style. It's a flower that only requires being picked. It's one of the few dolls of the shop not to have a rugged eyes or a round and young face. It is a middle-aged woman, not a small teenager without experience. His face evokes trust and sophistication, but his main asset is still his body. It is perfectly proportioned. It's a large doll that measures 1m68 maximum. Its silhouette is divinently balanced: it has long endless legs, which are thin without thinning, a flat belly, a thin face. His body is in the form of an hourglass, with the hips as wide as the shoulders and the fine size. This is the ideal silhouette for a woman. It has developed hips and a wasp size, which constitute 2 essential elements of femininity. Even if we are not aware of it, it is this type of detail that make a beautiful and feminine body finds. It corresponds to the ideal of natural beauty of a woman. Its extra thin waist makes it want to seize it to direct it by grasping it firmly. And finally, his chest is the cherry on the cake. She has delicious breasts: big, perfectly round, who hold firmly, with small nipples that point and reduced halo. His chest is simply perfect for sight. And to the touch, the ecstasy continues because his breasts have the same texture as true tits, tender and malleable. It is a pleasure to knead this chest like bread dough. They are beautiful his monk! All items cited end-to-end make Laly an exceptional doll. She is really cannon, both naked and clothed, whether classic lingerie or extravagant outfits. In the photos, you can see that it wears a very original combination, made of laces and brackets. This outfit is not supplied with the doll, it is an example of clothing and customization that it is possible to achieve with it at home. It proves that we can go far in the games with his doll. We do not have to sleep with it entirely naked, it can be highlighted by adapted accessories. It is possible to try outfits that go further than classic panties and bra. For example, a full fishnet combination will perfectly highlight its erotic areas. It's up to you to go into practice ideas that come out a bit of the beaten track, the only rule is that it must remain exciting for you.

An Eastern Doll Love for 1001 Torrid Nights

Call your eyes with this beauty from East. The heat and sensuality emerge from this proud woman with big dark eyes highlighted by a black smokey, which makes her eyes even more mysterious. His face smells the sun because she has a golden carnation with warm colors, she wears a brown bronser that warms his complexion and gives him nice colors. It has a skin with warm tones of an Arab woman, this complexion good mine highlights her. She seems full of life and peps.

His face releases some eroticism, with his mouth ajar, who suggests naughty thoughts. His fleshy lips are greedy, she wears a makeup not screaming but in nude colors, in the chestnuts, the beige, what embellizes it without disguising it. His style has some chic, it is not vulgar, yet it is very sexy. Its appearance reaches a good balance between attraction and class, it is not made up like a stolen truck, it has sophisticated features. His face releases a real personality, she looks like a woman in flesh and bone, with her wide jaw and her high porchs that give his head a heart shape. His nose has character, he is not erased. It is this nose to the unique shape that gives all the character to the doll, far from the eternal sausages cocktail that look like redone noses. Laly has a natural charm, sublimated by a refined beauty. It is not too adducted to stimulate the imaginary of the man who uses it. His head is capped with a golden chocolate hair, but it is quite possible to change its color by replacing the wig it wears. A standard model for women will fit perfectly. As you can see in photo, she has trapped her natural hair for another much more fanciful, with purple hair and a fringe. By changing the hair, it gives it an original air and it totally transforms the rendering, as if it had been looked at a visagist.

Laly The sex doll very sexy rebeu

This Arab sexdoll has big eyes, which will be perfect for people who prefer not to take a doll with a bridden eye. This Sexdoll Rebeu is a silicone molded doll, which makes it realistic to the touch. His skin is soft and bouncing, there is no plastic touch of an inflatable doll. This is particularly remarkable on fleshy areas such as chest. When we squeeze them in the hand, we have the same feeling as with breasts, which has nothing to do with hard pvc tits of a semi rigid doll. In addition, Laly can experiment with you full of sexual positions because it can take all kinds of poses with its articulated skeleton. You position it and it holds in place, without the need to hold it. It does not come back to its original shape alone as a latex doll. She has outfit and this is the key to trying full of positions. Everything can be tempted with her, she can get penetrated into her 2 vaginal and anus orifices like real.

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