Sexual doll with big tits kim

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Kim is a naughty who will seduce you with her generous forms. She is luscious and fleshy. Its heavy chest is punctuated by small nipples and its fine size contrasts with the width of its hips, for a very feminine silhouette, all in curves. Kim is a doll love that gives you all sexual pleasures without limit: vaginal penetration, sodomy, blowjob but also masturbation between her big tits. Her buttocks and breasts are firm and soft at a time as a real human body. You enjoy the pleasure but without the constraints! Indeed, your doll sex is available for you right now where you want it.

Kim is a sex doll of actual size up to 1m68 (several sizes are of choice). It is perfectly well proportionate, which gives the illusion of sharing a sexual experience with a real partner, with the difference that it is a pure bomb! Try to find a girl as good in real life, it's a complicated bet. It belongs to an inaccessible category of girls who appeals to all, who is spoiled for choice, almost impossible to seduce. With the kim sex doll, it's in the pocket. No waste of time in Blabla, restaurant, and gifts to risk being thrown at the time of realizing. You have sex, right away. It's guaranteed. Not to mention the fact that it is departing for all the delusions, even the most unavoyable. This is the moment to try new positions, new games and expand the horizons of his sexuality. She is docile while being very attractive. The 2 indispensable qualities for a part of legs in the air!

It has an internal skeleton, which makes it possible to maintain a position, unlike an inflatable doll. Let your imagination speak, and position it in exciting poses, such as the examples given in photos. You can admire your dream body for enjoyable masturbations. Kim is an exhibitionist who gets meat without any modesty. She is caught at the game of a charming photo session. You can create a collection of nudes, corresponding exactly what you like level held and positions, and look at the photos on your phone at any time of the day. You can take a little bit of her everywhere with this little naughty and discreet memory.

A perfect body sex doll

It is also possible to clothe attractive underwear, thong that unveils his buttocks boussies and t-shirt too short revealing the rounded breasts, the fine size and the hips. This show will only give you a desire, penetrate it violently. It is possible to change its hairstyle. You prefer Blonde Bimbos: Put on long platinum blond hair and your doll turns into Britney Spears. You prefer pungent brunettes, put him a strict brown square and it will completely change the character of your doll. She passes from Bimbo to naughty secretary in the blink of an eye. It is possible to push the role play thoroughly. For example, for the staging of the Sexy Secretary: a tailor skirt, with low, and pumps will allow you to live all your fantasies, more real than nature.

Admire all the details of his silhouette. She has a slight hollow between her ribs on the belly, which gives a fit and really sexy appearance, the curvature of her back makes her arched her, and this cambride highlights her buttocks, that she seems to tend to you to be penetrated more deeply. Mixing your big tits is a really enjoyable moment because the material is full and heavy, like a real chest. You can weighed this big mass of flesh, and you will have only one desire: bite in! You can also bury your head between its two huge tits and drowning in so they are big. She really has a perfect chest, that it is rare to cross in real life. In addition, her breasts have the texture of real breasts, soft and tender, which has nothing to do with the texture of a breast prosthesis, where it happens that we feel the edges of the prosthesis. Tripper kim is even better than sleeping with a woman with redone breasts, even if they are huge. She has natural big tits somehow. For bondage lovers, a string passed around her breasts will make them come out more, and will let you appreciate a very sexy view.

Satisfy its unavoyable fantasies with sex dolls

This slut is thin and athletic, with legs and fine arms. If you prefer women more flesh, massive or even big, other dolls with generous curves will be more adapted to your tastes. This realistic doll in TPE will give you chills and especially will stimulate your imagination, to take a crazy foot, without discretion.

A sex doll like Kim is ideal for people with big libido, who can hardly be satisfied, and whose partners do not follow the cadence. Kim is also indicated for single or timid people, who have a particular fantasy that he is delicate to share a third party. Sometimes private thoughts must remain private. Kim will keep your secrets well kept, and you will be flourished on the sexual level. If you have a very specific sexual benefit, why not to be tempted by a doll? This solution ends all psychological brakes: you are comfortable, confident, in your intimacy and totally free. Buying a sexual collapse is also a good solution for men whose couple is in times of sexual hollow, in order to satisfy his sexual desires without going through infidelity. There are thousands of reasons to adopt his own sex doll. What's yours ?

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