Silicone Ultra Realist Doll Khloe

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Khloé is a highly realistic, top-of-the-line, silicone love doll. It is thin with an inflated and firm breast, but with credible proportions. She has all the physical assets of a young, pretty, active woman. Not a trace of graceful fat or muscular relaxation, her body is firm and sexy, absolutely perfect to stimulate your desire to lie with her. You will be delighted to discover all the corners of his exciting physics. She conceals 3 penis markers: her mouth, her buttocks and her sex. It will be possible to enter these holes with the fingers, your sex, the sextoys or any other objects. Be careful, however, to lubricate before penetration because there is no natural lubrication, it is necessary to spread a little lubricant on the front area, which avoids the heating due to dry rubbing.

It is available in 6 different sizes, but all sizes up to 168cm high. You will be able to dress it with the clothes you find in the women's fashion and lingerie stores, so that it looks like the woman of your fantasies and she follows the fashion of the moment. It will be really fashion since you have the embarrassment of choice, you are not restricted to specific clothes for the love dolls. Everything can go to him. This is a chance for those who have very sharp expectations and who know exactly how they want to personalize their silicone doll closest to their fantasy.

Khloé has a pretty domed and firm breast. Its pointed teats overlook small aureoles. She clearly has a young girl's chest freshly out of high school. This young adult has just passed away from the side of the barrier where he is allowed to have sex with her. This is the time to take advantage of it. This little cochonne will be able to occupy your nights of the most delicious in the ways. Together, you will be able to invent new shell games, test positions, play role games, but also try new unusual and perverse practices.

Khloé is a loose girl who will never tell you no. The advantage of dolls is that they are both sexy and open to everything, in the submission to the desire of their owner. Obsating, they only live to serve their master sexually. Khloé is an easy girl, without being a bead. It will be there for you when you want it, but will be eclipsed in a moment when your desire for it will decline after the act.

Take advantage of a cheap silicone doll thanks to a small size

To benefit from a cheaper silicone doll while remaining upscale, it is advisable to choose a small format. Thus, Khloé is available from 700th when it measures 1m35. This is really not far from a real size and the price is accessible. This is the best compromise to have a cheap doll love. In 1m68 it passes to 1100 euros. There is, therefore, a certain price difference between the sizes. This is because the more the doll is more the amount of TPE needed to carve its body is important. The heavier the transport costs are also increased. If the price is a determining factor, even blocking for you, know that there are mini dolls of 1m, which for the blow are offered at an even more reduced price, about 400 €.

Khloé's charms are undeniable. Her sexy body, her female head and cute, her large template with real size, everything is there to fill you. Inside his body is present a tilting skeleton, which allows its members to be movable. It is not stiflable but can move, sit, stand and lie down. His whole body is articulated: his arms, his legs, his pelvis, his head, his wrists. These numerous joints allow him to adopt very suggestive postures. It can be broken or hauned to better seduce you. His face is completely masked. His lips bear a red, iridescent lipstick, his large eyes are surrounded by black pencil, giving him a very sensual look, his eyebrows are drawn, which enhances his charmour gaze. Its orifices have realistic depths, which will allow you to engulf all your sex inside it. Her sex is completely removed, with her lips showing you the way to go to her narrow vagina. Descend a little more to discover his second tight hole between two small, firm buttocks and bouncing.

White nights to share with his tpe doll

Your sex doll is delivered with 3 pairs of different colors, so it can have blue eyes like on the picture, but it's not frozen. It can have a very harmonious hazelnut look with its Asian features. Its hair is also subject to variations. This is a removable wig, which you can replace with another. Long, short, bokey, stiff, brown, blond, pink hair: it can quickly relooker to please your obsession at the moment. You will be amazed by his ability to adapt. It literally folds in 4 to fill you. What other sexual partner can say the same? She is a woman of both shell and docile, the perfect combination for a rich and explosive sexuality. With Khloé, you will share unforgettable nights. Get ready for a few white nights, especially at the beginning when you are crazy to discover it and try everything you can do with it. One thing is certain, you won't tire of playing with her. If you have cracked on Khloe, choose the size and weight you prefer, or discover our other silicone dolls of sexy young women. You will necessarily find a doll with the shapes that will melt you from desire only by looking at her all dressed. The woman of your dreams is hidden somewhere in the shop.

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