Silicone doll big breast Kelly

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Kelly is a mature woman, you don't deal with a little girl anymore, but with an experienced woman who knows how to make a man yield. She has a long face, a long nose and pink lips. Her eyelids are closed and her lips are slightly open, like a rogue eager to put your sexual behavior into her mouth. She is a real gourmet. There is an excited woman's expression on her face, she knows her sensory potential and intends to use it to attract you and bring you the greatest pleasure.

It's a personality doll with three holes that can be pierced: mouth, vagina and anus. So you can do any posture and practice you want to do. She has a large chest and is thin and strong. Put on a sexy leather or lace dress for your Kelly Doll, highlighting her generous curve, and making your desire stronger. Her chest XXL is Kelly's biggest asset, and when you look at her, you first see bumpers with sharp ends. You can't take your eyes away from the pair of breasts, which look too untrue, too big, too heavy, perfectly shaped, not drooping, but bouncing well and strong. They are impressive and hypnotic for you. Putting her two shells in bikini gives her a sense of the fun of imagining what's hidden below and giving her the thrill of undressing before fully enjoying her dream body. Her little lips are also very lifelike. It has no hair in any part of the body.

Kelly's skin is white and has white human characteristics. If you like a big breast doll rather than Asian features, or sandalwood skin, please note that we have other women with big breasts in a specific category.

A large chest silicone doll, both interesting and desirable

You will be satisfied with this spoiled woman for someone who likes big nipples. In these photos, you'll find the idea of how to put it on: swimsuit, stockings, a very sexy leather dress, or a transparent and lightweight veil Pajama, which allows you to guess the shape below it, which is a very attractive peeping game.

You will reach heaven seven by playing with his full chest. You can rub it, rub it, pinch its nipple, pat its breast, lick it, or suck it, kiss its mouth. From the surface of her breast, you will be fully satisfied before swallowing everything. Hold your hands and feel the tenderness and firmness that only women's chest can provide. This policewoman is for you to have a shameless tricycle. Once excited, you can find that the lower part of his body has endless legs and a bouncing, curved hip. Bending your back is like inviting you to find out what's hidden below. When you dive into her little butt, you will find that two holes can be detected with your fingers, tongue, or your gender. Vagina and anus are real, both penetrating and have a real length. Each hole will hold your penis completely, even if you have a long sex life. Narrow openings expand to fit the width of what you insert: the fake penis XXL, if you want to hit the pig, use the entire hand, or use the anal plug to expand the anus when you look after her vagina. Kelly is perfect to meet the desire for double penetration or extreme expansion. You can dance, indulge in your usual sexual behavior, or try what you've always wanted to try, but you can never realize these fantasies.

Reach nirvana with Kelly's big nipple doll

Your doll will always satisfy you, no matter what game you want her to play. When you want your doll to last, there are several simple rules to know: clean it up, especially dry it. Following these easy to implement principles, your sex doll will be loyal to you and will bring you fun for a long time.

Kelly has a huge nipple, a sexual doll that stimulates all your senses, and she can stimulate your vision, because you can dress her, make up and make her gaze as exciting as possible. She also awakened touch: touching her soft, comfortable big breasts and comfortable sexy hips would be a pure happiness. Press his body on you and make yourself attracted by a strong desire. Kelly is not a fierce man, he will let himself be distorted to touch. Enjoy it, she likes it. Finally, but not least, she's free 24 hours a day. She will never refuse you, you know you have a super sexy partner, only you. It is convenient and pleasant to have their own sex slaves at home, which is why more and more men like and choose a high-end sex doll to expand their male sex toy collection. This has revolutionized sexual life, especially easier. Because of the doll's discretion, you can use it at home to protect privacy. You don't have to go out and go to places that are inconvenient, so you can find a sexy partner like this big breasted adult doll. No one will know what happened between you and Kelly, and she will not risk talking about your most despicable secret.

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