Baby Asian Youth kara

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Kara is a very young asian woman with round face, plump cheeks and almond eyes. She was slim, her thighs and waist were very thin, and her hips had a beautiful bounce. Her chest XXL contrasts with her delicate figure. She has a huge, huge breast, hanging in front of her, twice her size. Carla has a good chest. Her young face and fragile body will please the inexperienced naughty girl lovers. His big chest will help you to get to seventh heaven in record time.

Once you take off her clothes, you will find her private part: a vagina and a real size anus, because they are about 15 cm long, depending on the size of the doll you choose. Penetration is realistic, there is such a sexy doll, the proportion even more favorable than a woman with flesh and blood. Kara's plastic is a pure fantasy, only through sexy dolls. Even cosmetic surgery does not allow a woman to maintain such a young face while maintaining such a high height. Her chest is very large compared to the rest of the body, which is an ideal configuration for big breast fans, because contrast creates a visual illusion that makes her chest bigger.

Kara is also good at the delicate art of oral sex. With a little lubricant, plug yourself into the bottom of his 12 cm deep throat. Walking back and forth in the depths of her throat can be soft and light, or energetic and powerful. Carla will adapt to your desire now, not retreat. She is a very naughty asian girl who likes all porn games, even the most perverse games. DM, binding, original role play, urinary system, all are feasible. You can take pictures of your quarrels and take pictures in suggestive positions to keep your illusions in mind.

A sexy silicone doll

Kara is not an inflatable latex doll, but a TPE doll, a thick and full material, very close to the soft skin of the human body. Inside the body is a metal joint skeleton. Invisible to the naked eye, unable to touch, this skeleton is an element, so that the doll can carry itself and be flexible. By tilting her head, arms, legs, pelvis, hands, she can take any posture, most importantly, to keep the posture. You can bend her and make her pose you want to see: bend over to show you her cleavage, or bend over and wave her cape in front of you. Enjoy this amazing performance, it will make you excited. Once desire reaches its peak, you can freely enter desire through all the entrances.

Kara has a beautiful asian character, a round face, high cheekbones, large, raised eyes. She had a rather childish face, but her body left no room for doubt, and she was a real woman, ready to mate and have sex perverted. His body is vertical, with two balloons, worth your most crazy fantasy. Have you ever seen this creature before? She's very sexy.

Your doll will offer a variety of color eyes, 3 different wigs and underwear. So, for the same doll, you have several possible combinations without having to buy anything else. Brown or blue eyes completely change the look of the face, more so for hair. Depending on the color, length, hairstyle and hairstyle, your asian doll will look totally different. In addition to the many accessories we offer, you can also buy your own accessories: underwear, shoes, clothes and other wigs. So Kara can change, completely in line with your personal wishes. She knows exactly how to meet your expectations and you won't be disappointed. She is a loyal, beautiful and ready to use partner. Only your happiness is the focus. You can do good discreetly with an absolutely fascinating dream creature.

Take care of her asian sex doll

A high-end silicone doll represents a certain investment. If you want your Japanese masturbation doll to serve you for as long as possible and not let it go bad, you have to be careful. Careful use means cleaning after use, especially drying any moisture. Store there, do not pile other objects on it, otherwise the weight may deform or tear the TPE. Once the TPE breaks, it can be repaired with a toolbox, but this is a thorough operation. As long as you wrap the doll before storing it, and do not throw anything into the closet, it is easy to avoid. So it can be kept as new for a long time, and you can use it hundreds of times. It all depends on your appetite Lubricants are also recommended because dolls do not produce natural lubrication. The use of lubricants will make penetration more pleasant, but also more realistic. In addition, this will avoid micro tears in the doll's catheter. So it's intact and easier to clean. For TPE dolls, a water-based lubricant must be used, not silicone, because it can damage the material by leaving an indelible mark. For more high-end asian doll models, please visit the special category, or if you prefer Kara's big breasts, you will be glad to find that we offer a series of big breasts dolls: Asians, pumas, round women, There's more.

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