Love Doll Silicone Jenna

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Jenna is a Doll Love all silicone, the appearance of his body is similar to a woman's body, soft skin and sexy shapes. If you have never had between the hands of vaguenette or glossy masturbator molded in TPE, you will be surprised by the degree of realism, both at sight, but especially to the touch. The silicone is very soft and fluffy, it perfectly reproduces the fleshy and dense buttocks and breasts, with a firm and tender rebound. The realism of the love doll is also based on its silicone vaginette. The doll has a vagina as well as an anus, to penetrate at will. Each of its 2 orifices is deep 12cm long. They are penetrable separately or simultaneously because Jenna loves double penetration. As its vagina does not lubricate naturally, think about coating it with lubricant to facilitate penetration.

Jenna is offered in 6 real different format realistic sizes. The size has an influence on its weight, choose the appropriate sexdoll template for your fitness as well as your tastes. The sex model weighs between 27kg for the smallest and largest weighing 40 kg maximum.

In the body of the Doll Silicone Love is hidden a reclining skeleton. It helps position her doll in the position of choice. It can take multiple languid poses, whether to show off under your perverse look, or to practice varied sexual positions. It can move without any limit. You can practice any position of the Kamasutra, as with a real partner, or even more because the doll is lighter than a real person, it will be easier to attempt some acrobatics. The skeleton does not feel because it is covered with a thick layer of TPE. Thus, the doll is mobile but the tilting metal rods are totally imperceptible, which does not harm the quality of the experience.

What to do with my Love Doll silicone?

The silicone love doll is available to fulfill all your desires, from the erotic to the pornographic more. She can take the pose to be imputantly maked, or to be photographed. You will be able to create your own book of naughty photos to take a little jenna everywhere with you, in your smartphone. It can pose naked, underwear, or dressed in lascivious and suggestive poses.

There is a second category of activities to practice with a silicone doll love, it is about touching one's body and enjoy visually and physically from the grace of its curves. Mix his buttocks, sweep his breasts, tighten his thighs. His plastic is perfect for generating desire and climb the thermostat.

Finally, the last thing to do with a sexdoll, not least, it's simply practicing penetration with her. Go back into his intimacy, via his 2 narrow but welcoming holes. Today you are more tempted by vaginal or anal penetration? Maybe both. The doll is open to you with lost bodies. You will be able to penetrate it without a hood and cumshot in it, without taking the slightest risk. This is one of the big plus of a doll love, it does not refuse, does not fall pregnant, and does not transmit from MST if it has an exclusive user. One last advantage is that his body does not undergo modification over time. She remains as sexy over the months only on the first day. There is no weight variation or other vagaries of the direct.

The doll can indulge in all kinds of games: she disguises, makes role plays without any embarrassment. A doll sex is always going on to experiment with novelty, it's an adventuring ass. There is no limit to what you can experiment with it. The only limit being the one you impose. The sex doll brings a lot of ease and freedom in sexuality. All barriers jump, and only counts the quest for pleasure.

Use a silicone sex doll

To use its sexdoll doll in silicone, it is important to follow a fundamental rule. The cleaning of the orifices and the drying must be carried out after each use, without exception. It should not remain the slightest trace of water to prevent bacteria from developing.

To take even more fun between Jenna's thighs, it is recommended to use a good dose of lubricant. This is not mandatory but will make back and forth more fluid and pleasant.

To change the appearance of your doll, you can change its hair, which consists of a removable wig. His nails are long and natural beige color with the white tip. It is possible to easily modify this detail, because they are false nails that stick. It can be adorned with jewelry, from low to garter belt but also lingerie. String, Tanga, or panties will hide its orifices, and an elastic bra will be ideal for concealing its chest. The slightly veiled sex parts make Jenna even more mysterious and exciting. You will have only one desire, undressing it to be able to admire the splendor who hides underneath: a sex well, a narrow anus, beautiful busty buttocks and big tits. All items that excite a man can be placed in terms of a bikini. It can also wear heel shoes, which still lengthen its curved legs, and give it a fatal, very sensual woman side, all in femininity. Depending on the style of clothes you make to him, Jenna can be a naive and fresh girl or a feminating tigress. It can carry 1000 masks to fill you with pleasure.

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