Pope Sextoy TPE Emma

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Emma is a charming lady who will not leave you indifferent. His minis is quite crunchy with a thin and delicate face, big green eyes, a bit bit of a poppy lipstick. His light brown eyebrows harmonize perfectly with the green color of water from his eyes. She has a sweet, very feminine face.

Emma is a sextoy doll who will bring you a lot of fun by letting you fiddling her body so attractive. She has beautiful busts in the shape of a pear, with the nipples that point, index of his excitement and his desire. She has all the signs of a hot woman. His shaved pussy is offered to you and waiting for one thing, that you penetrate it deeply. Return it and discover between his buttocks rebounded a narrow anus, also penetrable. Its orifices are an invitation for long back and forth movements. In front, from behind, in all the positions of Kamasutra, your doll is subjected to your will and will suffer your assaults as long as you will want.

Emma is offered in 6 sizes, large format. So you enjoy a doll that has the size of a real human woman. Realism is just screaming when you make love with it. Choose the size that suits you taking into account the weight you can lift. By choosing a handy weight for you, you make sure you have opportunities to discover new positions, a little aerial, a little acrobatic. If the doll is too heavy it will be more complicated to practice the union suspended for example. Benefit from the fact that a sex toy doll is much lighter than a real woman equal. This gives you strength, energy and endurance to improve your sexual performance. You will be able to try full of different positions, without exhausting yourself at the task. This is the moment to try new things, which would not be possible other than with a Love Doll Sextoy. Your Emma doll helps you expand your sexual control area. You become an expert, and discover new horizons. The advantage of the doll is that it is open to proposals and does not judge. This is an advantage for trying unscurmed practices, without the need to build a relationship of trust. All you are doing stays between her and you. This facilitates the experiments, since you do not have to brave an embarrassment, or to show you convincing to ask to try a sexual practice. With the doll is you and you alone who decide. You gain time and energy, to go straight to the goal, towards your pleasure.

A Sextoy Ultra Realistic Doll

Emma is a very realistic sextoy thanks to her body molded in TPE. The TPE is often called silicone, it is a material that reproduces the texture of the human flesh in a bluff way. The fleshy parts like breasts, buttocks and thighs are incredibly well reproduced. And it falls well, because they are often these areas of the body that are the most erotic and exciting for the man who uses the doll. In his body, hides an articulated skeleton that allows the doll to move and hold positions. It is not rigid or soft. She can bow. Its skeleton is present on the whole body, so you can change the position of the hands, arms, feet, knees, hips, but also from the head. These many joints are the key that allows you to put the sextoy mannequin in the position of your choice, to try full of different sexual positions. You are not limited to a single position as is the case with an inflatable doll, or sometimes even with a partner, little curious sexually. These opportunities to try multiple positions are an opportunity to break the routine, reinvent his way of making love and so never get bored. We stay in a playful vision of sexuality, experimenting, having fun, without ever turning in circles.

The Sexdoll A Giant Human Size Sextoy

The Sexdoll is part of the great family of the sextoys, but it has its specificities. It is an object dedicated to the pleasure that targets exclusively adults like all other sextoys but its size XXL makes it unique. The other sextoys are much more compact, the size of classic objects. The Sexdoll is a giant sextoy, which has the same size as an adult person and a weight of several tens of kilos. It is an incomparable format with a penis sheath or a dildo. Can not hold a doll love in a purse, even a mini sexy doll. This exceptional template makes the doll an unusual object, which fucks curiosity. Besides, the popularity of sex dolls believes years in year and the contentment of users is not denied. Emma is part of this harem sexy girls ready to fill you sexually. The pleasure of a sextoy and excitement brought by a beautiful partner to the well-rolled body, these are the two assets combined in a doll love. In the giant sextoys family, there are other surprising objects, such as sex furniture, especially for BDSM. Nommons at random Vacuum Beds, which are sorts of latex sleeping bags whose air aspires to meet compressed, in vacuo as in a tray. There are the famous swings, who ask to be a little handyman to fix it to the ceiling, but also submission stations, or one attaches his partner. The inflatable dolls are another example of a large sextoy, but they can be deflated so they are not cumbersome permanently. Once deflated the doll is flat, and folds like a fabric. A sex doll like Emma, ​​she has an incompressible size. Its volume remains the same constantly, it does not deflate, does not come off into several parts, except the head that can be removed from the body.

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