Doll Realist Sex Emilia

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Emilia is an ultra-realistic doll with a body resembling a real woman. Mince, with bouncing buttocks, and a nice pair of firm tits, it is very attractive while being quite realistic in its measurements and proportions. The bet to recreate a sublime woman is raised by hand with Emilia. Its rounded and soft face evokes the young, and its body menu is provided with many details that make it even more real. You can see the shape of the ribs, the trough between them, but also the nipples slightly more pigmented than the rest of its skin, the trough of the back at the level of the vertebral column, which elegantly emphasizes the camber, to reach the buttocks, bounce but in reasonable proportions. Emilia will please lovers of small farms. Her breasts are apple-shaped round. They're big, but they're realistic, they're not caricatured. They are very tall and firm too, like those of a sexy girl. Emilia is thin and tonic, its chest and fessier are compact and consistent. She has an inexperienced young naive body. It is up to you to teach him the art of doing the good to two.

You will be stimulated both visually and touch by its delicate forms of young girl in bloom. You will be the very first partner of this charming pucelle. It will take you to the enjoyment when you explore its orifices for the very first time, where no one has ever happened before. It can suck you with its penetrable mouth, but it also has 2 other orifices: a vagina and an anus. Emilia has a big one! And in particular its format: it is ultra realistic with its actual size. You can choose between 6 different templates from 1m35 to 1m68. All the details are there, his makeup, his hands and his feet with nail polish, to bring realism to this sextoy.

An ultra-realistic doll for a healthy sexuality

This polissonne has more than one tower in its bag to take you to the top of the excitement. You can enter it by mouth, buttocks or sex, but also try other approaches such as double penetrations. His layoff behavior will not leave you with marble. She is able to heat you by displaying her chest and her buttocks in the form of fishing. It is a beautiful ripe fruit that one would like to cross. Emilia has narrow channels that will tighten your sex to take you to the enjoyment. Its orifices have the depth and the capacity of actual dilation. You're going to have an incredible experience. This is guaranteed, you will be enthusiastic to be able to start over again your erotic games with Emilia. In fact, this charming lady is at your disposal to give you all your best wishes. Emilia is a sexy geni that folds in 4 to give you pleasure. Insatiable and always of attack, whatever the moment, you can use and abuse the charms of Emilia. If you have a few minutes in front of you, a little lubricant and a hint of envy, it is more than enough to launch into acrobatics.

Emilia will be delivered to you with 3 pairs of eyes of different colors, but also several hair and below. Free to you later to buy other wigs and lingeries, in order to create a real wardrobe with your actual sexual doll. It can be dressed, carriageway, but also dressed with underwear such as socks, string and jars. Given the actual size of the doll, it will be easy to obtain the adapted accessories, you can go to the usual fashion and lingerie shops, there is no need to go to a specialist shop or in a sex shop: by taking a size S, you are sure not to be wrong. You can also remake it, change the color of its nails by removing its fingernails to stick other nails instead. Decorate it with a wig so that it changes completely. Blonde, brown, ruddy, short cut pixie or long drawn-out hair, depending on what you choose Emilia will look like a new doll, while keeping her body of young sex bomb.

A young love doll for women's beautiful women

Emilia agrees to indulge in all kinds of ebats: you can for example test sextoys, among the least large audience. Nipple clamps, paddle which is a wooden board to put vigorous spanks, anal plug with animal tail, XXL bucket for an unusual expansion, or bondage ropes or tow to subdue it totally. All kinds of sensual games are possible, from the sweetest to the most abrupt, to original or even unheard of games. But Emilia's open mind does not stop there. With your realistic doll love, you have the possibility to make a plan to 3, inviting a second doll sex. Or why not a real orgy, with several realistic silicone dolls but also inflatable latex dolls, which will make up your personal harem of hot bitches. Choose several young dolls and imagine yourself being a college teacher who trades with her most beautiful students of good grades against

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