Sexual Mannequin Big Tits Big Ass Elena

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Elena is a woman of the West, blonde with blue eyes. It could be a woman from northern Europe, a Scandinavian or a Russian. But it is not definitely blonde: it can easily change hair as it is simply a removable wig. His ocean-colored eyes will capsize lovers of clear eyes. His oval face, his thin lips, and his nose in length characterize his western beauty. His mouth is slightly ajar, and lets his naughty tongue guess. She is greedy and seems impatient to finally lick a lollipop with meat.

His body is globally thin but surmounted by 2 zones XXL: it has huge breasts and big buttocks, which have nothing to do with the natural proportions of the rest of its corpulence. These are the typical areas of femininity that are particularly pronounced at Elena. Buttocks and chest are the most exciting and sexy parts from a sexual point of view. The fashionless brindilles are finished, now the trend is generous and haunting forms, like American stars redone breasts and buttocks. If big tits have always been sought, the trend has reversed for glutes. If before men knew only by the little firm butts, now the big very large and fleshy girls seem to be unanimous. It is to meet these new expectations that Elena has been designed. It will appeal to men who love ultra feminine and developed women without ambiguity or androgynia.

In addition to his big boobs and his big buttocks, Elena has two holes to penetrate as a realistic partner. It presents a vagina in a realistic vulva with small lips and clit and also a deep anus. The two intimate orifices are tight to bring more sensations but they are at the same time stretching, like real. This ultra realistic elasticity is due to the material in which the sexual model is molded. Elena is fully silicone, so his holes deviate during penetration. The ducts are a length of about fifteen centimeters, for the languid and deep back and forth.

Elena is fully shaved. There is no option available to add pilosage to the pubis. It has an integral hair removal at the jersey. The nails of his hands and feet are covered with nail polish, it is a French manicure for connoisseurs. His nails are false nails posed on his fingers. So if you do not like length, color or shape, it is very easy to change its manicure by buying a fake nail kit. It is the advantage of the realistic size, it has the hands of the same size as a real woman, and can carry any false nails sold in large area or perfumery. Its great actual size gives Elena of classical woman's measurements, and she can clothe and wear female stores. Thus, the choice is great and accessible, you do not have to provide you in the restricted offer of a sex-shop specialized in sexual model. You can dress up with fashionable clothes. In terms of accessories, it can wear a wig, hat, jewelry, but also false tattoos decal, lingerie but also shoes. For the shoe, the small sizes 35 woman are adapted, otherwise turn to the teenager.

Hyper realistic erotic mannequin with big buttocks

Elena has been enhanced by a sporty sporty look with his big shoes, his short camouflage and his cap. With her long braid, she looks like an adventurer like Lara Croft. In this outfit is an active, confident, dynamic woman. It can evoke game games full of chills that will bring you out of your known area. With this Indiana Jones in the feminine, you will be able to explore the unknown territories of your sexuality. The doll is not delivered with this clothing, it is delivered nude, with a detached wig. Thus, it is possible to clothe it in a completely different way that will not discuss the strong and free woman, but another personality. It's just a suggestion. New ideas and mental sexual stimulation can emerge thanks to the staging and clothing.

A sexy manikin with real human size

Elena is a very feminine woman of real size, which replaces a partner wonderfully. It has an absolutely not natural body unless plastic surgery. And it is precisely this rare but very coveted physique by the male gent that pleases. Elena is a real bomb, which you will never find in nature, so as much to be happy with an artificial partner physically perfect. Elena is a sexy manikin that is available at any time to get sexual pleasure. Together, you try all positions, all practices. Bondage, role plays, the use of extra wide sextoys, everything is conceivable without limitation. Elena never refuses to sexual experimentation. Elena reaches such a realism because it consists of TPE, which imitates the feeling of the skin, and an internal reclining skeleton, which makes that the naughty model can be positioned in various postures. It does not move alone as a robot certainly, but it is not frozen in a single pose either. It's an articulated manikin, you put it as you want and it keeps the posture. So, you can penetrate once it stands in the appropriate position.

Elena is an ultra realistic sexual model because it is very big, so it has the proportions of a sexy adult woman. It is proposed in several heights and weight, also varying the price. Do not hesitate to discover our other big buttocks dolls if it is the criterion that seduced you at Elena, other voluptuous dolls are presented, but we also have a selection of big chest dolls.

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