Mini Love Doll 100 cm Charlotte

€449.90 EUR
€449.90 EUR

Charlotte offers you two orifices to penetrate. His vagina and his anus are deep and narrow. They are an invitation to practice sodomy or double penetration. Charlotte is always cheerful to discover a new sexual act with you. It is available, open and curious. It brings together many features of the ideal sexual partner.

This small erotic doll has beautiful firm breasts and pear-shaped. These are not huge breasts, they are perfectly realistic. All his body is proportional, which will give you the illusion of bed with a pretty girl, but not redone and artificial, a natural woman. Charlotte is a wild beauty. She lets himself tame but only by a virile and vigorous man.

His charming boil is that of a very premature young woman who takes care of her. She has fine eyebrows, she wears a complete makeup with lipstick and black eye shadows. It has an impassive expression on the face, which gives it a female pace, expert in bed.

What to do with a little doll 1 meter high?

Charlotte is a small doll sex proposed in one size: 100cm high and 16kg. It is light, so it's the ideal candidate for figures worn and acrobatic. The small doll love has a compact template but the proportions are respected for realistic and complete sexuality.

The small masturbation doll offers many possibilities. It can practice all kinds of erotic acts like prohibiting naked or small outfit. She can also indulge in bondage with ropes, she will be menothed, gagging. More soft, it can be disguised, from schoolgirl to the nurse, it will lend themselves to the most exciting role plays. She fully delivers her body for sexual games involving vaginal penetration, sodomy, double penetration. You also have the opportunity to dive into a foaming bath with it, for a sensual and very exciting moment, with the water that runs away on its curved chest.

It can also be dressed in sexy, feminine, female female version, fatal or downright dominatrix. Choose the style that excites you. Charlotte can wear clothes, shoes, accessories and even change the wig. So, you have with you the ideal companion, which responds to perfection to all your fantasies. Who better know how to embellish your partner to make it perfect for you? Charlotte lets himself be done, and submits to the smallers of your desires, so you have a 100% sexual partner to your liking. His body who has so much more will remain the same, from month to month, years in years. It's a beauty that never fades.

Another welfare of the sex doll is that it is always up for polish games. She never refuses, we can even say that she is insatiable. You risk getting tired before it, which is quite rare to be underlined. If you are hot in the middle of the night, you will be able to please you. The little doll for man is all of you, to do what you want, whenever you want. You even have the opportunity to build up your own harem of sexy women to replicate plans to 3 or orgies with real body of goddesses.

The realistic sensations of sex with a mini sexdoll

Your little sex doll Charlotte is made entirely in TPE. It is a matter that has only advantages regarding the creation of ultra realistic sextoys. Its appearance is similar to the human body, soft, supple, extensible. The color may vary, but Charlotte for its part has white skin. This material is very hygienic because it can be washed easily with water and soap. The interview is simple and the sextoy remains clean. The TPE is the secret of the ultra realism of the sex doll. To the touch and view, it has a similar appearance to a real woman, terribly sexy.

His vagina is molded into the doll, it's not a distinct element, so it is even more realistic. To the touch, the tits Dodus and Farms will bluff you. It looks like real, both heavy and pleasant, real doudous. The sensations are also realistic to penetration.

A fully mobile silicone sex mini doll

Inside Charlotte's TPE body, there is an invisible skeleton. But what can a skeleton can be used on a sex toy you ask yourself? Although the answer is not intuitive, it is very sensible. Without skeleton, the doll would be frozen in a single position, she would always resume her original posture, straight like an I. It would not be very practical for having sexuality with diverse positions, you will agree. This is where the tilting skeleton enters the scene. It allows the doll to move in all positions, but more importantly, to hold in this position. Thus, it can put in all kinds of poses, which makes it possible to make lots of sexual positions. You embrace a rich and unlimited sexuality. The skeleton is reclining wherever the human body has joints. Thus, Charlotte can reproduce all the movements of a real woman. With the difference that it does not run out, it can hold hours the thighs large apart, where a human will feel muscular fatigue. She is more enduring in sex, which will give you the chance to give you thoroughly, and try the most difficult positions of Kamasutra. Remember, Charlotte weighs only 16kg. If you combine its endurance on its lightness, you can easily see everything you will be able to practice. It is flexible, you are more robust, it will create sparks. The meeting of these two characteristics will give intense and energetic sexuality. The type of sexuality in a couple whose man has dreamed one day. For more choice, visit the category bringing together all our small sexdolls, can you find yourself an even sexy body or face than Charlotte's, who knows?

Mini Love Doll 100 cm Charlotte
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