Love Doll Big Chest Big Butt Bella

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Bella is a realistic doll love with a human size. Its size is the only thing she has human, because her breasts and her buttocks are so big they seem out of space. Bella is an alien alien in ass. It meets the most widespread sex fantasies, which value a woman and a ultra-developed tits and ass. She is fleshy on the parts of her anatomy that make her ultra female. Sex with a woman as sensual and feminine makes you virile and masculine complementarity. You will feel a peak of testosterone when you are about to set up Bella. She has a magical power over libido, masculinity finds beautiful. You will assemble as two pieces of a puzzle, perfectly complementary. Enclaiming with Bella is a naughty game that you will not tire. The pretty Bella never refuses your clubs, it also allows us to be penetrated by objects, whether they are sex toys or other unidentified objects.

A sexdoll with big buttocks that fill your sexual expectations

With a pretty sexdoll like Bella, the masturbation takes a new turn, and closely gets closer to a couple share. With a difference in size, it has an absolutely incredible physique, which responds more to an ideal in male dreams than reality. With Bella, sleeping with a redone hottie is no longer a fantasy, you realize it for good, and every day if you want it because it is available just for you. Baby a superb girl becomes your new norm. It is quite possible that after you become much more difficult in choosing your other partners, because you will be used to a dream body, lined with an opening of mind that makes Bella never say no. After such an experience, so fluid and easy, difficult to return to a ceremonial of seduction, compromise on sexual acts, and disappointment because a dressed body is sometimes much more promising than once undress. With Bella, there is no disappointed waiting because to choose it, you rely on the photos of her naked. You know what to expect, and if you choose it, it is that these beautiful immerses apart and its huge buttocks have seduced you. She has indeed a well-trained chest, very exciting. Both breasts are perfectly symmetrical, with small nipples, and a nice harmonious apple shape. Finished the hazardous discovery at the moment when the bra dropped. You make your choice on physical criteria known in advance.

In addition to his breasts and his buttocks XXL, Bella will fill you thanks to the penetration of his 2 realistic orifices. It has a vagina and an anus, which are two holes with a long distinct narrow lead. She has everything you need, and allows you to make love as in real life. You can take it from behind, in front. Sexual positions also realize exactly as in reality. It turns out that the doll is articulated by an imperceptible internal skeleton visually and to the touch. This structure allows the doll to be positioned hundreds of ways, it is not fixed. Its skin consists of silicone, with a really soft and realistic aspect of human body, whether in sight or touch. The breasts are tender and let themselves knead without any rigidity, which recreates the illusion of tidoping large natural tits with Big Tits.

A sex doll with breast implants and glutes

Bella has a totally out of the ordinary body. His buttocks and breasts are absolutely not proportional to the rest of the body. It seems to have suffered plastic surgery to increase their size with mammary prostheses and gluteal implants. Thus, these two zones, oh how many feminine, are spectacular. From a size excluding dramatic standards, they give Bella an extreme aspect in his femininity. We are far from a woman nature, but closer to a plastic woman, completely redone to satisfy your desires. She knows how to get attractive for a man by drawing attention to two key points of her anatomy. When you see Bella, you will only see a big ass and big tits, for your greatest joy. Its measurements are so extravagant that it will be advisable to clothe in elastic lingerie, such as an extensible bra. Her buttocks will be easier to cason in a string than in a shorty, although the material is elastic and therefore pose less problem than support-gorges.

Bella is a great realistic hyper doll with actual size, it is available in 6 formats, from 1m35 to 1m68. It offers a high level of realism. For people who have always dreamed of tapping a woman redone from head to feet, Bella is the answer to their fantasies. It seems to be passed under the bistouri many times, to exhibition a physics that breathes sex, even when it is totally dressed. It is all female curves, with tits and fleshy buttocks, which stimulate primitive animal instincts. When we see it we have one desire, tear off his clothes and penetrate it powerfully. She is languid and sensual, so it seems that it is the effect it seeks to produce. Bella is your personal sexual assistant, it is available to meet your needs when you feel envy, at any time of the day. Whatever the request, it will be departing, so you can allow you sexual extravagances freely. With Bella it's the right moment to try positions a little bit in or just things that you have always had the taste to test without ever having the opportunity. Bella is a very attractive partner sexually, but in addition it is open to experience, which makes it possible to do good, to stay curious and inventive in its sexuality.

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