Small Love Doll Sexy Ava

€449.90 EUR
€449.90 EUR

Ava is a mini sex doll of 100cm that weighs 16kg. It offers vaginal penetration, anal and blowjob for rich and complete sexuality. Ava is a mini doll love with a round and sweet face, reminiscent of a young woman, still fresh. Her big pear-shaped boobs are tender, she has small buttocks ready to be devoured.

His mouth measures 11cm long, his anus 16cm, and his vagina 16cm. It is made in TPE, which brings the soft and flexible touch of a real skin. Inside the body, it has an articulated skeleton, which makes it frozen in one and the same pose. On the contrary ! It can be set to 4 legs, a leg, standing, standing, thighs completely apart. It's an infinite playground. The Kama-Sutra will be able to be explored along, off and across, and without breaking your back. Its weight is adapted to the most acrobats: the suspended union, the antelope, and all the air positions are feasible. It's all a sexuality to rediscover thanks to this small template that allows all extravagances. We can afford much more things with a sexual partner of 16kg, rather than a real woman of 65kg. It will be possible to explore new territories until then inaccessible. This mini sex doll, in addition to being really exciting, is always present to meet your desires. You decide when and how is sex, you have all power in this sexual relationship. Not to mention that it would be complicated to find such a body in real life: slimly with tits as huge, it is a rare pearl sought by many amateurs, but rarely found.

A single size doll of 1 meter high

This doll exists in one size, which you will discover the measurements below. The sizeship chart does not apply to AVA, which is a mini doll proposed in one size.

  • Height: 100 cm - 16 kg
  • Material: TPE with metal skeleton
  • Chest tower: 60 cm
  • Size: 35 cm
  • Hip: 58 cm
  • Shoulder width: 25 cm
  • Leg length: 50 cm
  • Thigh width: 31 cm
  • Handlength: 12 cm
  • Foot length: 16 cm
  • Depth of the vagina: 16 cm
  • Depth of the anus: 16 cm
  • Depth of the mouth: 11 cm
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Pack size: 92cm x 28cm x 22 cm

A mini sex doll light and cheap

Its small size does not appear to its femininity, since it has an oversized chest. It's the perfect doll for busty lovers, while enjoying a cheap realistic doll. It weighs only 16kg which allows it to lift it easily, and to make suspended and worn positions. Similarly, this type of small small doll is perfectly suited to people with back problems since it is not too heavy to handle, unlike actual dolls that can weigh 40kg. Compact and discreet, it is easily stored in a closet for absolute discretion. Similarly, it is easy to wash thanks to its reduced weight.

The advantage of AVA is that it is at the service of your pleasure, no preliminaries if you do not feel like, no concessions. It's a man's sextoy that brings you what makes you happy, no more, no less. It has a fine size and a flat stomach, an expiled sex, a slim and longilinear body, contrasting with its massive breasts. It is a real bomb, as you can only rare approach it in life. Elongated on the back, its 2 shells remain firm with pointed nipples. Its breasts can be licked, sucked, sucked, kneaded and of course being used for an exciting Spanish handjob between these two big sexy balls. You will be very surprised by the sensation when you touch them, which is like a real chest, both soft and firm. AVA will become irreplaceable, and manual masturbation will have no flavor next door. Let yourself be tempted by its assets for a mini price, discover the experience acclaimed by thousands of conquered users.

Multiple sexual partners in one

His Poupon face will appeal to those who love young women. His face will appeal to lovers of sex dolls manga, since she has gigantic eyes, straight eyebrows like Asians, and a slightly pink makeup on the cheeks under the eyes, which shows sexual excitement in the hantai. This Japanese doll has everything from a partner subject to your desires. You will have the leisure to dress it according to your own preferences, with fishnet stockings, high socks, a strip in the breasts or a triangle-shaped swimsuit top. It's very easy to change his color and haircut simply with wigs. Choose a buckle and brown, and you'll feel like you have a completely different new doll. You can turn it to stick to many of your fantasies. So, one day maybe feminine and coquette, blonde dressed in pink, and the next day become a fetishist BDSM all leather and nails, with black hair. You do not apprehend to share your fantasies with a person. She will not judge you, will be comprehensive and always going to follow you in your delusions. It is possible to experiment much more with a sextoy doll. It is transformed in which you want: it is possible to disguise it, from the accessorize, and even from the makeup!

It is made to last in time, because it is not an inflatable doll, it is a small doll, the material is full, it is not filled with air. The only condition for keeping it years is to follow the precautions of use, as well as cleaning it and especially dry all traces of moisture. Discover all our advice in the article dedicated to this subject.

Small Love Doll Sexy Ava
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