Sexdoll Cougar Big Butts Ariana

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Ariana is a sexy cougar. His great experience allows you to do good because she knows men, their anatomy and her sensitive points. She has the face dug and angular with a mature woman, far from the poupon's face of an inexperienced girl. His cheekbones and his chin in length come out. Ariana is no longer a little innocent, she has under the pedal. In addition, it has all the characteristics of a milf's body, more young, but always very desirable. It has large hips and huge buttocks. His big ass is an asset for lovers because it's really out of standards. Few models of sex dolls have buttocks as big as hers. His body is pear-shaped, much wider at the bottom of the body, hips of buttocks and thighs at the top of the body, including shoulders. His breasts are massive, very slightly falling. Ariana has the type of physics in vogue, breasts, buttocks and huge hips, but the rest of the body quite slim. It is thoroughly in the trend, since it looks like that it has done surgery to land gluteal implants. But besides its beautiful plastic that is already exciting, it has other arguments to argue. Ariana is not just a visual stimulant, she does the job until the end. Indeed, once you are hot after having mate and touched this pretty sexy body, you will be able to go to serious things. Ariana is an ultra realistic cougar doll who has a vagina and an anus. They are like real, narrow but extensible, a realistic length. The sensation is similar to real penetration, provided of course lubricating the front zone. All his body consists of TPE, which imitates the texture of the skin, it is soft, mellow and elastic. The interior of the vagina is also molded in this material which makes the doll ultra realistic, both visually and with the sense of touch. It is this material that differentiates a luxury sexdoll of an inflatable doll. Ariana can not be deflated, she has a volume body that is incompressible. It is this constitution that makes it realistic and gives it its high-end properties. She approaches a real partner and is able to deliver your feelings.

A more fulfilling sexuality with the Cougar Doll Love

The Cougar Doll Love is molded in TPE as we have just mentioned, but inside this flexible and gentle body hides an indispensable detail. All its body rests on an articulated metal structure. It is this skeleton that allows the doll to be mobile in several poses. It keeps the pose without resuming its original aspect. The articulated sex doll is therefore capable of practicing all the sexual positions of your choice, without problem. She is not stiff and she holds the position without the need to be held. His joints are arranged on the whole body as a human skeleton: with legs, arms, head, hips etc it holds both 4 legs and knee or missionary, or cross legs crossed. There is no limitation to the posture of your Sexdoll Cougar. It is flexible and much more enduring than a real person. She can hold hours in broad gap without getting tired, it's a real prowess. And you on your side, you will be able to have fun as a little crazy, without a brake due to physical performance. As it is lighter than a real woman, it is much easier to lift, which still opens other doors. All your sexual fantasies will finally be able to be satisfied. Note that the same Ariana model is proposed in 6 sizes. The smaller the doll, the lower the weight too. It is a detail that is important. If the smallest is still too heavy for your taste, go instead to a mini doll. We have some, 1m high and only 16 kg. 10kg less it is not negligible when we want to wear the arm-tips doll for aerial positions.

Satisfy the fantasy of teacher with a cougar sex doll

This cougar doll is ideal when it comes to playing specific role plays. If you have always dreamed of typing your teacher, your boss or the mother of one of your childhood friends, Ariana is the elderly woman but also sexy par excellence. To stick to the role of the severe teacher, dress up with a pencil skirt, with down and a rule in his hand to threaten you to put a rule on your fingers if you are not obedient. Thousands of staging are imaginable. You can indeed dress the doll cougar love with lingerie: bra, thong or tanga, garter holder, stockings, but also accessories like body jewelry or cache-nipples. It can be dressed in clothes and shoes, to have the pleasure of undressing it to discover what is hiding below. It carries a manicure and a permanent makeup. Its hair can be modified easily by changing the wig it bears.

She is no longer 20 years old, so she has a real body of blossoming woman, but in addition she breathes insurance through a great sexual experience. She has a good technical bag that brings you to the height of excitement every time. The cougar woman is a fantasy par excellence to satiate with Ariana, if in addition you like big buttocks, she has all the qualities required to become the ideal partner. You can visit the specific categories of the Cougar dolls and those with big buttocks if you want a little more proposals and compare in order to be sure that Araniana is the best choice.

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