Doll Vagina Molded Realistic Size Amelia

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Amelia is a realistic doll, proposed in 6 different measures. She has a molded vagina that makes her a sex doll, penetrable. But she does not only have a vagina molded in the material, she also has an anus. These two realistic orifices are to be penetrated in depth because they open on a narrow duct of 15cm in length. The material has the same properties as the mucosa of the sexual region, both soft, tight but elastic, the sensations of coitus are perfectly reproduced. The vagina is not an insert that withdraws and recovers, it is directly molded into the doll, with its cavity. Moreover, the aspect of his intimacy is very similar. His sex has small lips, which hides the entrance of the vagina. Add a little lubricant to slide inside as in a slide.

Amelia has a big fine body, with small buttocks and big tits with nipples that point. All his body is longiligne, she does not have too many hips, her back is not wide, her thighs are long and his size is not very marked. She has a narrow frame that contrasts with her imposing chest. Her big tits have a heavy weight and their massive shape will excite you. Mix these tits full hands to feel exhilarating sensations. They are large, weighing, overwhelming. The texture, both mellow and supple, looks like a real chest.

Sexdoll with molded vagina and caucasian face

Amelia has the face of a caucasian woman, white skin, big eyes, a face in length with a pointed chin and a long and right nose. It is made up of a sustained manner with smoked eyes of black and a bite mouth of orange red. This red and black makeup is not natural, but made very femme fatal. A long blonde hair with a corrugated brushing adapts perfectly with its appearance, but it could just as well wear red hair, for that just change its wig. Amelia is a European or Western beauty. She has the face of a mature woman, with experience to resell. His face dug will appeal to cougar lovers who have just made midnettes without sexual skill.

The uses of a doll love with a penetrable vagina

A doll offers several uses. Still everything dressed, it is possible to connect her sexy body, but also to rub against her. It offers the pleasure of practicing body body, sensual and hot. You have any leisure to touch it. Palpering his generous curves is an exciting moment that makes the desire climb. His big chest allows to masturbate between the two breasts that touch each other. Its big tits bring a possibility moreover, Amelia is full of resources. Its anus and vaginal orifices can be penetrated separately or simultaneously. Penetration can be done with the user's body but also with all kinds of objects, such as the sextoys. Amelia is open to the discovery of experiences. She can wear a rosebud to dilate her anal orifice and decorate her anus, while getting penetrated by a dildo xxl. The doll has a matellic skeleton that tilts in all humanly achievable positions. It will therefore be all possible to redo all positions for legs in frantic air. Amelia is a fiery woman looking for a bubbling partner. As it is in the ability to take languorous positions, Amelia can ask for you in suggestive or downright perverse positions, while you check it or even you immortalize the scene. It is possible to make pretty nudes, she lets himself go to the game of the naughty photo shoot. It is also possible to filming to create its own catalog of sextapes and keep hot memories.

A sexual doll realistic size for an enriched sexuality

Amelia is a perfectly proportionate realistic sex doll. It has a consistent silhouette, it is a luxury luxury sextoy with the dimensions of a real woman, a similar texture, orifices that allow enjoyment. Sexdoll's finishes are impressive of quality, even close. His hands, his feet, his face required a particular care, to create personality and a nice natural rendering. The bet is won since Melia is a superb creature. But his beauty does not stop at his face, she also has the body of a sex bomb, with her big tits and narrow little holes, her slender body without any defects. This ultra realistic adult toy offers the opportunity to enrich his sexuality, trying something hybrid, halfway between masturbation and couple's sexuality.

A silicone doll in the vagina molded in a soft and elastic material

The doll is entirely made of TPE. The liquid material is poured into a mold, and cooling, the TPE hardens, and takes the form of the doll, with its multiple details: the molded vagina, the tits with nipples in 3D, the face with its lips his nose in volume , his buttocks. The vagina is molded at the same time as all the rest of the body, at one time. Thus, his sex is an integral part of his body, it is not a play added. This brings natural to the body that is in one block. The vagina of the doll is like a silicone vague. It's a long duct made in TPE, hollow. When penetrated, the material deviates and comes to marry the forms of the penis. The back and forth movements create a friction against soft silicone, which provides an exciting intimate caress. This material is expandable as the skin, but also very velvety. She has the sweetness of a feather, which makes her contact very nice. For even more realism, it is possible to heat the vagina, whether with a heating lubricant or a heating element to insert into the vagina before use so that the duct is lukewarm. Do not forget to humidify the area for full pleasure. These small tips reproduce sensations identical to reality, because the body produces heat and vagina is a warm and wet zone.

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