Sexual doll Realistic size Alina

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Alina has a very naughty face thanks to his mouth ajar, which gives him a polisson air. She is auicious, and seems to want to suck what will fall into her mouth, let it be fingers or a penis for example. It has this mischievous air of the unleashed woman who is ready to make junk. She is ready to play games or even perverse pigs. Nothing scares him.

Alina is a Love Doll of realistic size proposed in 6 versions, the largest measure 1m68, larger than the average women's size! Realism is bluffing. It has the size and proportions of a real woman's body. His head, his members: everything is consistent as a real human body. So when you are in bed with her, you have the feeling of sharing pleasure with a real bomb. Because Alina is not content to be a realistic sexdoll, she has a gender goddess body. It is slim with long endless legs, a flat stomach, slender arms. Its size is dug, allowing it to hang on. His hips are slightly larger, which gives him the silhouette of the perfect woman. His chest is huge, she has big massive boobs, well in flesh. They are so big they touch each other.

At Alina, everything is in the right proportion, this upscale doll is a real bomb, with which you will enjoy exchanging intimate moments. His generous chest is his main asset. But she has other arguments to argue. In particular, the fact that it offers you its two orifices penetrable. She has an anus and a vagina. These are two deep holes of 15cm, offering the possibility of total and deep penetration. Their dimensions and texture are also realistic.

A sexdoll of real size that makes you enjoy at will

Another asset of Alina is that it is always available, since it stays at your home to wait for the green light. As soon as you want a hug, you start the top departure and she directly seizes the opportunity. It is always up for hot sex. So, you decide where, when and how. You have the full powers on this charming female. You will be able to have sex at will, whatever the moment, you will always get his consent. Similarly, you will be able to do everything you want because only your pleasure is counting. You can try all positions, in all places and practices, the most original to the hardest. Its availability and openness make that Alina is a real fairy of sexuality. You will be able to enjoy at will, without any external brake. As soon as a little hot desire is felt, you call Alina, who goes out the big game Illico. She is ready to penetrate as soon as you feel like it. His bomb body is always hot for a sexy game.

A Love Doll Realistic Size with Large Big Tits

Alina is a naughty doll love of actual size by its height, however its weight is much lighter. For 1m52 it weighs only 34kg, but without a rickety. She has a fleshy body and not too thin, for a featherweight. This performance is made possible thanks to its material that is ultra light. The weight of the sexual model is an element to which we pay little attention to the purchase, but it is a primordial criterion. An too heavy doll is binding. The dolls available on the Lady Doll shop do not have this problem. They are light and therefore practical. Lift Alina, wear it and put it in the right position will be much simpler than if it weighed the weight of a real woman.

Alina makes dream with his pair of incredibly swollen and sexy tits. They are so big that they form a line, it will be possible to masturbate between his tits very easily given their volume XXL. The doll is all silicone, she is not filled with air. The breasts are densely, you can palpate the material and will be surprised by the reboundi, the mass and the texture any mellow that looks perfectly like a real chest. It's not just his size that is realistic, but also his body to the touch, and his appearance in sight. Admire the details of his face, she has a charm and a personality that emerges. We could really take it for a real girl.

The material of a silicone doll realistic size

The doll is in TPE, an elastic material like the skin of the human being. This material is velvety and soft, it is very nice to caress it. His skin is powder. You are surely wondering why we call a sextoy who is actually formed from TPE. This is an abuse of language. TPE and silicone have the same properties and similar appearance in the sextoys. They are hygienic, easy to wash. Nevertheless, the silicone is more expensive, which is why all sex dolls are actually done in TPE. But considering the barbaric name, it is much easier to remember the term "silicone" than initials that are unknown all of the meaning. The TPE is a polymer, that is to say that it is a rubber, called in French thermoplastic elastomer. The acronym TPE stands for thermo plastic elastomer in English.

This material is chubby and fleshy, as is the texture of the human body. It is hygienic and easy to wash with water. The doll is recyclable. It is a light and resistant material. So, your doll will hold in time, and stay young and beautiful incredibly long. Last advantage and not least, the doll is usable by everyone, even people allergic to latex, because there is no trace of latex in a TPE doll.

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