Sexy doll For Male Adrianna

€769.90 EUR
€769.90 EUR

Adrianna has an impressive chest: massive and falling on her bust so much the volume is important. She has big buttocks also. With its size of wasp, it has the ideal feminine silhouette: an 8 with generous curves, or a hourglass but with rounded shapes. You can't do more pulpy. Adrianna has a Caucasian face and white skin color. Her face has an elongated oval shape, she has large open eyes. Its subtle makeup puts it in value without making too much, lips covered with a peach-coloured lipstick that give it a fruity and juicy mouth to grow, eyebrows drawn in a chestnut colouring, eyes surrounded by black pencil, which brings out its gaze, piercing and sensual. She wears a blush coral on the cheeks that give her a good complexion and full of peps. She looks young, dynamic, healthy, and sexy and attractive. Adrianna knows how to be beautiful while remaining sober, so she looks fresh and not vulgar. She has an incredible sex appeal thanks to her feminine attributes: well-run buttocks and tits so huge that they're going to hold you up. It will be difficult to turn the eyes of this chest, so blunky.

A sexy pee that becomes your ideal partner

Adrianna is quite your style? Wait a bit to be able to customize it according to your own criteria! Its attractiveness will be reinforced by the accessories you will be able to wear: a beauty gain in the corner of the mouth, a piercing on the teton, the heels hands, a transparent bra. Talk about your personal tastes and express your art on Adrianna, it's your muse, it will inspire you to make it even more attractive. Become its pygmalion and shape it to the image of your ideal. It becomes your thing and folds in 4 to please you. You will not regret having invested in a personal sexual assistant. His amazing plastic will help you touch the stars.

Adrianna will be able to fill you in many ways. First of all, her body is sublime, which will cause the temperature to rise only by looking at it. The atmosphere will become even warmer when you start to peel. His breasts seem full of milk, and seen the surface of his breasts, you can use them for masturbation, or plunge into the head the first one. By grabbed this beautiful pair of breasts at full hand, you will see it out of all sides. No hand is large enough to hold these large heavy nipples. His breasts are so big that they are slightly falling, because the weight pull them down. They are close together, which visually creates a line, and the breasts resemble a second pair of buttocks. You have 2 very exciting playgrounds: your breasts and buttocks, but it's not all! Indeed, 3 holes complement your erotic doll: the deep mouth that suce, the vagina placed in the hollow of a realistic vulva, and a little lower, an anus willing to receive long sodomies. Your doll never gets tired of your endless solicitations. She knows how to arouse your desire, but it's not a match, she assumes after. Once she has heated you, she is hardened and she is running violent, without ever getting tired.

Your silicone doll: sexy and available H24

It is fully committed to its mission, which is to satisfy you. Its goal is to excite you, but above all to make you enjoy, again and again. Whether you have a sudden urge for quick sex, or if you are motivated for long-burgers, it will be OK. It is an enthusiastic partner, who always has energy to take on the onion. It is long, even violent.

Adrianna is a realistic sex sprinkle proposed in 6 formats, up to 168cm, larger than some real women! It is an ultra-realistic sex doll for men who are tired of the old masturbation and want to go to the top, expert level. In the male sextoys family, the silicone doll is a kind of hybrid, an inflatable doll mixed with a realistic silicone vaginette. Indeed, it has both a human size and realistic proportions, but it also has the texture of a human skin. Thus, both the form and the touch are all like a true partner. The TPE, which is all of its body, is a flexible and bouncing material, which recalls the texture of the body, and which is gentle as the skin. This has nothing to do with the texture of a latex doll. Inside the doll hides an element invisible to the naked eye, yet essential to add realism and to increase the possibilities of use. This is the inner skeleton, which makes the doll articulated. It is not stifling, it can take positions and keep them on its own, without being held. This articulated skeleton makes it possible to practice various sexual positions with a single doll, because it is contorted in the position you choose. She is articulated throughout her body: arms, legs, pelvis, and even the head.

To keep your silicone doll in a state of nine for as long as possible, consider using oil in abundant quantity and cleaning it after it has been used, thinking of drying it well. Feel free to browse the site to find the doll that most resembles what you find fascinating in a pretty girl. If you like the big breasts, but the slightly falling side is not your cup of tea and you prefer the big and high tits, look like redone breasts, you might prefer the breast of Victoria.

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