The Love Doll Actual Size: The ally of your naughty nights solo

The silicone doll love is ultra realistic thanks to their actual size. Depending on the models, they can reach 1m55 or even 1m67, a higher size than some women! Realism is incredible because the height of the body is similar to a real person. The proportions of the body are respected, which makes the doll usable for realistic sexual practices, while benefiting from the correct format for breasts and the orifices. The body as a whole has a realistic size, so it is possible to grip and cling to the parts of the body. The sense of touch is deceived because we feel the whole body of the sexual doll actual size against its own body, which provides an impression of contact and exchange, far from being limited only to the penis, as do the Electronic masturbators or manuals. The reproduction of the entire body makes this sextoy a high-end sexual toy. You have the feeling of sleeping with a real human-sized partner and not just masturbate with a sextoy. If the size is realistic, some attributes of the sexy doll can be closer to the fantasy than reality. For example, the xxl breasts you will find in the radius of busty dolls, come from the fruitful imagination of men. Big tits on a svelte body is an extremely popular female body style, although very rare in the real world. Your Doll Love therefore combines realism with its large size, a body of porn siren, big tits, an ultra fine size, a lean body with big buttocks. However, even though this type of physics is the most popular, there is not just one type of physics on Lady Doll. You will also find truly small tits doll love, but also men and shemales.

A sexual doll actual size to reproduce varied positions

The realistic sized erotic doll has the advantage of having the measurements of a real woman. Thus, it is possible to reproduce all the positions of Kamasutra, the sensations will be similar to a coitus with a partner in flesh and bone. This is the advantage of life size template. However, even when it measures 1m70, the great luxury sex doll does not weigh as heavy as an adult woman. For 170 cm the doll weighs 40kg, it's incredibly lightweight. This lightness is due to the density of matter, which takes volume without heavy weighing. This feature is a major asset. Indeed, new very complicated positions to be implemented become possible. All positions where you have to lift, bring to the arms force its partner are greatly facilitated. You save the port of a load from 20 to 40kg. During back and forth movements, it makes a sacred difference in endurance. With a 40 kg doll, it is possible to wear 10 min without any problem, to penetrate it while it wraps its legs around your size, while this position is almost impossible when one does not have a Super physical condition or ultra thin partner.

A sexdoll human size that has everything of great

The sexdoll of large human size has many points common with a real partner. First of all, its actual size, but also its proportions with its wide hips, its fine size. The whole is consistent, it is not found with a large bust and mini legs, the overall body harmony is respected on all of our silicone xxl dolls. But your erotic doll is very great, and we do not just talk about his height. It has hidden small secrets that do all its interest. The mouth of a sexdoll is sucking, and above all it has a vagina and an anus, both penetrable for women's dolls, a penis penetrating for man dolls, and big tits with a penis for Shemales dolls. Dolls have the most exciting features according to their category, and allow to indulge in sexual games. It's not just his plastic that will make you effect, but all you can do with the sexdoll once undressed. All erotic games are conceivable.

The realistic large size doll that will save you in sexual experience

A human-sized silicone doll brings you short-term pleasure, making you discover other sides of the masturbation assisted by a luxury sextoy. But in the long run, the advantage of a sensual doll natureur nature is to make you gain in experience, and therefore to become a better shot. Thanks to your doll, you suffer an intensive training: more time spent on an artificial body, more positions, more experience regarding the alternation between penetration and rest time that improves the control of its ejaculation. All of these points make you gain global experience that you win confidence. Serene, you know what you do to have repeated it again and again, without the stress of the other look. You are not afraid of not being up with a doll, which means you are perfectly comfortable and relaxed. That's the magic of a doll, you are alone but two. It's masturbation, but at the same time you practice positions to two. Automatically, you become a better lover, you explode your performances but especially you gain in peace and serenity since sexuality is nothing stressful. Sleeping with a bomb is now part of your daily life, so address a real woman much less physically well that your doll will allow you to relativize and thus avoid small breakdowns due to stress: early ejaculation or impotence will soon become old history , if these problems had psychological causes. An overwhelming majority of erectile problems are related to performance anxiety, true purely physical problems are actually quite rare. The blockage is above all in the head, and a sexdoll helps you build a winner's mind. Finished hesitation, you go down because you know perfectly what you do. You can easily reach a state of relaxation to enjoy the moment and give pleasure to your lover or lover without any pressure. All this is your doll that will have taught you. Thanks WHO ?

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