How to repair his sex doll in TPE?

After a bad handling, many uses and washes, the TPE of the sex doll may be damaged. How is he clear? of hollow, like holes are visible, or small tears, particularly in areas where joints bend and around the orifices. But do not panic, it is quite possible to repair his sex doll TPE yourself. No need to buy a sexdoll or pay expensive shipping costs to a craft workshop repair. Repair kits are available, designed specifically for dolls TPE. These kits allow to add more material where it misses, oneself at home. They are very practical. They contain everything you need: the TPE mass, rigid TPE pieces if you need to fill a big hole, drying varnish and curing, mixing cups. It's chemistry operations, it is mandatory to read the manual before operating manual, and follow the instructions.

How to use a sex doll?

To use a sex doll, simply place it in the sexual position of choice. With its internal skeleton, it can stand straight, bent, with legs raised etc. So you have the opportunity to test most of the positions of kamasutra with your sexdoll. Then you can enter its orifices (mouth, anus, vagina) or you penetrate his penis if you chose a man or a transsexual. A water-based lubricant is recommended to facilitate penetration, since the mouth does not contain natural saliva, and that the vagina secretes no cum. After making love to the sex doll, it will be necessary to clean it. You can read more in "maintaining his sex doll."

Why use a sexdoll?

Use sexdoll is the perfect opportunity to make new experiences and discovering new sensations. Sex with a partner you know well. You've probably already tried the toys too, like masturbators, dildos or prostate stimulators. With sexdoll, it goes one step further on the road to sexual experimentation. This is a test object at the crossroads between a vibrator and a real person. Be prepared to be amazed. Unlike an intimate relationship with a real partner, envy does not need to be reciprocal to sleep with her doll sex. Thus, when the desire begins to dawn, the doll is immediately available and ready to relieve you. With it, there is no time lost and solitary pleasure becomes very satisfying. Finally, for singles or men with strong libidos who are struggling to be filled, the sexdoll recreates the illusion of making love to a woman or a man. The pleasure is tenfold compared to a simple manual masturbation or assisted by a masturbator. Indeed, an automatic masturbator is not exciting visually or by touch, but only provides localized stimulation. The sexdoll will bring you pleasure in sucking you and penetration, but in addition it will excite you with her sexy body.

How to maintain my sex doll?

The maintenance of a doll love begins with careful cleaning of orifices after use, using a long sponge and liquid soap. The rinsing can be made of water jet or with an enema pear, in clear water. Finally, drying is the essential step to avoid mold. Dry the interior impeccably. To maintain the Sexdoll, you can be brought to sprinkle with talc, to find the softness of his skin. You can also make up if it is discolored following many washes. Finally, it may be that after some manipulation errors, you observe tears or holes in his skin. Adequate maintenance is to use a special repair kit for TPE.

If your doll sex is littered with debris and dust, it will be necessary to clean a little further clean than that with water and soap, which does not allow to win small fibers that cling to the TPE. For this it will be necessary to use a fat: oil, petroleum or a make-up milk. Coat the skin of the Doll sex, make movements up and down to take off the dirt and bring the dirt into the same place, they will be easier to catch. Do not let the fatty product enter the sex doll, but emulsify fat with soap or dishwashing product, and rinse thoroughly. The dirt will be carried away with emulsified oil. You now hold all keys to perfectly maintain your sexdoll. From the maintenance of everyday life, to the care to be done more exceptionally, you know all the good gestures to keep a doll as beautiful as the first day.

What kind of lubricant for my doll sex?

For sex doll silicone, as for all TPE sextoys: vaguenettes, busts, gluters masturbateurs, legs, it is imperative to use a water-based lubricant. It is gelled water, which rinses easily and does not work. Silicone lubricants must be banned which can task the material. Indeed, a silicone lubricant has a greasy texture, which deteriorates the doll irreversibly. The composition of the lubricant is always specified on the bottle, and the most common lubricants are based on water, they will not be difficult to find in the trade.

What price for a sexdoll?

Taking the wide fork of all sex dolls, including latex inflatable dolls, small silicone dolls and maxi realistic dolls, a doll sex costs between 40 € and 1500 €. It is a wide range that includes all types of sexdolls.

The inflatable dolls cost between 40 € and 80 €, according to their position and the level of realism as well as the options (sucking, vibrating). Realistic sexdolls in silicone, they are offered from 450 € for small models of 100cm. The fare of the sexdoll is directly related to its template. The bigger it is, the more he is heavy, the more expensive it is. A doll of the actual size of a woman, about 1m70, costs more than 1000 €. This is an indicative trend, but some models come out of this average. To know the price that the Sexdoll you want would, just throw a look at the shop, the prices are clearly displayed, in all transparency, without option to choose, neither hidden fees. The price displayed under the doll is the final price to pay if you choose to buy the Sexdoll doll in question.

The different types of sexdolls

There are 2 types of dolls, realistic silicone dolls and inflatable dolls. Regarding realistic models in TPE, the most common and sought-after sexdoll is the Japanese sexdoll, with a very thin woman's body, a big chest, a vagina and a penetrable anus. This is the type of preferred sexdoll by users. But there are many other types of physics proposed to answer all requests. For example, curvy women with large thighs, wide hips and chubby body have their admirers, so we offer big sex dolls. The face of a woman doll is always very feminine, with a fine jaw, pronounced cheekbones and big eyes for a doe look.

In addition to the woman's sexdoll, you will also find men, and ladyboys, that is to say a female face, breasts and a penis. Men's dolls are appreciated by gay men as women. They have a long penis, a high-quality dildo in TPE with a skeleton inside to tilt it. A male silicone doll also has drawn muscles: Abdos, Pecs, arms and buttocks are sculpted, while keeping a natural effect. However, if you are looking for a massive man with intensive bodybuilding body, you will find some dolls of menbuilded men. The skin color and ethnicity is also the subject of a choice, you can choose a black sexdoll, white, Métis, tanned, asian.

In the category of inflatable dolls, the choice is about the level of realism: fully inflatable or semi rigid with more realistic rigid parts, like head, breasts, feet and hands, vagina and anus. The doll can have a sucking mouth. It can also be vibrant for penis stimulation during penetration. Its position varies: standing, sitting, squatting, according to the positions you want to practice with it. Finally, it can be white, black or even transparent! You have a wide choice available that will allow you to find the most exciting sexdoll for you.

Finally, the sizes are variable. If a classic sexdoll is life-size, it should be noted that it is a cumbersome doll and quite expensive, so not necessarily adapted for all. The solution to this problem is the mini sexdoll: a small doll sex with reduced size ranging from 1 meter up to 1m35. The sizes vary but the proportions are kept for a doll both sexy and usable by an adult person. A small sexdoll is lighter, easier to handle, less cumbersome and cheaper.

Which country are the most consumers of sex doll?

There is no official ranking of the most or less consumers of sextoys but we can approach the result per deduction. In many countries, including Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the sextoys are prohibited for sale. Dolls simply can not be distributed, unfortunately for lovers. In the top consumers of sex doll, there are certainly the most populous countries, such as Russia or China. But the question of purchasing power also plays, so the United States is certainly well ranked at the level of the number of sex doll / number of inhabitants. Finally, another criterion is the level of popularity and adoption of the product, and there Japan ranks first. Indeed, it is this country that has invented and popularized the sex doll. Being the country of origin of the realistic sex doll phenomenon, we can imagine that this country remains the world's largest consumer of sex doll.

What is the largest frabricant of sex doll?

There are many brands of sex doll, but there is no big brand that stands out from its competitors to be considered as the largest manufacturer of sex doll. The reason is simple: the doll sex market is pretty confidential. Traditional communication and marketing do not apply to this product related to sex, and reserved for adults. Thus, only connoisseurs develop an expertise of sex doll. The largest manufacturers produce the standardized dolls in very large quantities, but there are also small craftsman workshops, which focus on high-end quality failing to produce in quantity. Like all the craftsmen, their pointed know-how and their knowledge allow them to offer tailor-made dolls, with an incredible level of detail, finish and customization. A deluxe doll sex is produced in a workshop that can afford to take its time to meet the lower customer requirements. But this customization has a cost, as for sigher craftsmen or haute couture, great luxury brings indisputable quality but at an inaccessible price for most consumers. That's why the largest manufacturers within the meaning of sex dolls produced are Asian factories, which offer non-customizable but accessible models for an incontestable price ratio.

Underwear for dolls sex doll

The most suitable underwear for a sex doll are the usual but elastic female lingerie. It is necessary to choose gorges without reinforcement, fine, or flexible bras. An adjusted undergarment will be more difficult to find at the right size because sex dolls have somewhat particular measurements: very very sterles but with shells instead of breasts. It is therefore easier to opt for a lingerie that adapts to the forms of the doll. You will find the clothes for sex doll as well in sexhop and specialty shop of Love Dolls, that in the places of sale of classic lingerie: of the large area at the high-end lingerie shop! Note that you will not be able to try your sex doll in a fitting room and most of the time, it is not possible to return or exchange lingerie and swimsuits for hygiene reasons. That's why we recommend that you avoid gorges with whales, and turn to unique sizes that adapt to all morphologies.

What sex doll 500 maxi?

There are many dolls to 500 euros maximum. First, the latex inflatable dolls cost much less than this amount. If you are looking for a TPE doll sex, in this case you know that the budget is much higher. But it will still be possible to find a doll below 500 euros by choosing from the mini sex dolls, 1 meter high. Their small template makes them more affordable because they require less TPE and the cost of sending is much smaller than when they measure 70 inches more, almost double volume and weight. We have a selection of dolls sex dolls at low prices, which stay under this ceiling. Whether you choose a small or a large doll, the same quality is at the rendezvous, the small sex dolls are designed exactly the same way as the sex dolls of realistic size. Only the difference in format explains this economy. It's an ideal solution for small budgets that do not want to spend more than a few hundred euros while taking advantage of a top quality.

Which doll sex doll choose?

It is not easy to know to decide when adopting a doll. There are so many stores, so many dolls, so many brands, it can make your head spin. Sometimes too much choice kills the choice and end up paralyzed face plenty of proposals. When one is about to spend several hundred euros, we do not do it lightly, and we want to do the right thing. It is normal to search for information and compare a minimum before embarking on its acquisition. To choose the right doll sex doll, we recommend you to browse the site, you will fall in love with a beautiful necessarily very attractive woman. When you have your favorite, you'll know immediately which doll you must obtain. There remain more a shadow of a doubt.

I want to buy a sex doll

You've decided to give you a gift to yourself and offer you a doll sex doll? You are in the right place, since Lady Doll offers exclusively this type of male sex toys. Once we have validated his desire to buy a doll sex doll, you have to go in search of the right model, finding a sex doll good quality, ultra seductive. We offer several different dolls, each with different physical characteristics, you will inevitably find your happiness because we offer different and varied body sizes: small, large, slender, tough, breasts ways, large breasts etc.

Can we sleep with a sex doll TPE?

It is quite possible to sleep with sexdoll TPE. There are no cons-indication, neither for you nor for her. This material does not damage your bed or your sheets. You can fall asleep head against his chest and move your arms around his waist. After the illusion of a sexy partner during sex, you can also cuddle and enjoy a postcoital time all sweetness and affection. At the height of rest and relaxation, it is possible to fall asleep with his sexdoll silicone, and curl up against it for a well deserved rest. This sexdoll does not just give the sex, it is possible to sleep with her. A sex doll is an ideal companion for people who like to be cuddled, feel a presence, and snuggle to sleep well and sweet dreams, being fully released.

Why buy a doll sex?

Buy a sex doll has only one objective: sensual pleasure. The sexdoll is a highly developed version of the sex toy. This is indeed a masturbator that adds a little more excitement to manual masturbation. It allows variety. The specialty of the sexdoll compared to other male sex toys: reproduce identically a physical relationship with a partner. The body is reproduced in its entirety, to confuse the senses, to be caught in the illusion of making love to an incredibly exciting beauty. Time to buy a sexdoll we chose well done and consistent with its own physical requirements.

How many sex doll are sold each year in France?

There is no official observatory sexual practices in France, so there are no reliable figures. Nevertheless, it is certain that thousands are sold each year, through online sales, both specialized sites or purchase its sexdoll on cdiscount or wish. Some market places also sell popular models sex doll. However, the quantity sold is not known officially as are a multitude of suppliers, independent stores and online sellers who sell sex doll by a circuit of their own.

How one language to sex doll?

If you want your sexy doll to have a language for languid kisses and even more realistic pipes, it is necessary to go through a sexdoll workshop that offers tailor-made and will be able to create a model just for you. Some doll sex of the site have languages ​​that can be guess through the mouth ajar, but this is not the case for all. In addition, the tongue is just a decorative aspect, it is not mobile. The tongue does not move in languorous movements, it remains static.

How to preserve his doll sex doll?

To preserve your doll doll doll when you do not use it, it is advisable to pack it, in a tarpaulin or fabric that will cover its body and protect it from dust, light and amortize a little the shocks. For enhanced protection, it is recommended to place the doll thus wrapped in its original carton. It will effectively protect the doll on both moisture but also against crushing. Be careful not to deposit your doll on sharp or sharp elements, so as not to puncture it. Hangers, screws, or hard items are not to be placed below it to preserve it of any hitch. These two easy-to-put measures will help you preserve your doll sex and keep it new for a long time.

How to wash the vagina of a doll sex?

To clean the vagina of its sexdoll, there are several methods that work perfectly. Some shops sell kinds of long sponges placed on a handle, which makes it possible to rub in the vagina and access the most remote crannies. But if you do not have this utensil on hand, you can bring the shower head for watering the inside of the high pressure duct. Add soap to clean all traces encrusted internally, then rinse with water. Repeat this process several times. The last way, the most practical, is to use an enema pear. You place soapy water directly in the tank, and you squeeze the pear that brings a high pressure jet, which will take off and rinse all the dirt from the vagina. The advantage of an enema pear is that it is small and handy, which gives it more precision, and especially it is more practical, without the stress of the shower head hose. But above all, it is mobile and transportable, so you do not have to place the sexdoll in the bath or shower. You can place it in a very accessible position to make your task easier. For example, you can place a tarpaulin on the floor or table. Install the sexdoll legs apart to have a good view and a good grip. You do not have to lean forward and break your back to wash the vagina of sex doll. It is at a good height, accessible. Rinse by spraying multiple times with clear water to remove the soapy water excess. Whatever the method of washing you selected, it will be essential to dry the vagina well. If there is water, it may be months. Dry with an absorbent fabric.

How to insert a removable vagina into his doll sex?

Some doll sex have removable vagins, that is, the duct can withdraw, it is not fixed in the doll like the models with incorporated vagina. The doll is created with a hollow space, which hosts a vaginal insert. If you are already a connoisseur in Sextoy, it is a vagina, a big pudding in TPE, in which is dug the vagina, with nodules and streaks for more stimulation than a simple smooth duct. This insert is placed and removes from the sex doll, to facilitate cleaning. It is small and compact, you can handle it in your hands, flip it, which facilitates the passage of the sponge and rinsing to the water because you can clean it as a glass by filling it with water and the Returning to empty it. In addition, the insert is very light, it's more easy than having to wear the whole doll for the cleaning of the vagina.

However, the disadvantage of removable vagins is that they must be removed but especially put them back in position in the sexy doll. And it's not always obvious because it can jam. To avoid this, completely coat the talc insert. This fine powder will slide the TPE very easily, and without using water, so there will be no mold. Talc even has an absorbent property, it will be able to remove the last traces of moisture between the vaginal insert and the doll sex. To insert, spread the walls of the doll, the TPE material is elastic, so you can frankly spread to give room for the insert. Enter it as deeply as possible, then push, to slide the vagina. It is there, it is in place. To remove it, pull but be careful not to plant your nails in the material, at the risk of making micro holes and tearing the TPE.

How to sell a doll sex?

Do you have a used doll sex that you want to sell? The most effective is to go through the sites of advertisements between individuals to offer a barter or sale, knowing that those who seek on these sites know that it is a second hand. Otherwise, marketplaces are open to individuals who want to sell a doll sex in isolation, either because we have more use either because the purchased model is not suitable. Only online sale is possible for an individual. The only shops that sell dolls are the sexsthops, but they will not accept to sell your doll as they already have their own stock, and offer only new. One last solution can be getting closer to a closed sex doll home if there is one accessible near you. These businesses rent the dolls, so they can be interested in buying a used sexdoll, since it is the business model: renting and sharing between multiple users and not the sale of new products.

Does own dolls are legal in France?

A sex doll is a sextoy and this type of product is perfectly legal in France, in metropolis as in the Dom Tom. However, the sale is limited to people over 18 years old. Only major individuals can have a doll sex. There is, however, a legal limitation that concerns the representation of the Doll sex, a child doll sex is prohibited, it can only take the form of an adult. Man, woman or transexual, it does not matter, it's allowed. Any adult can possess a doll sex, man as a woman, it's authorized by law. Sex Dolls are legally sold in sexshops, specialty shops whose entry is prohibited to minors. However, this is not the case in all countries, some countries prohibit the sale, purchase and possession of a sexdoll. It is therefore necessary to inform when one transports its Sexdoll abroad and be sure that it is allowed, to avoid getting seized his love doll and risking a fine.

How to clean his doll sex?

To clean the inside of his doll, you must follow the guide previously proposed in the "How to wash the vagina" section. Whether it's the vagina, anus or mouth, the process is identical. These are similar ducts, which must be washed with soapy water, if possible with the help of an enema pear, or failing with a sponge or shower head, then dry meticulously. To clean its sexdoll from outside, the procedure is much simpler. You can either put your sexdoll in the bathtub and make it take a bath, simply wash it at the glove. Put soap or shower gel on a wet glove and rub the body of the Doll sex. Rinse passing several glove strokes, which will each rinsed with clear water, or rinse generously with your jet of water. Then it is necessary to dry it carefully, if possible without rubbing but dabbing. To clean the body of sex doll, it is necessary to proceed exactly as for its personal body hygiene, there is no particular technique intended for the maintenance of sex dolls.

How to get his foot with his doll sex?

To get his foot with his doll sex, it is strongly recommended to use lubricant. Indeed, in his mouth there is no saliva and his vagina does not lubricate naturally as the body of a real partner. It is therefore necessary to reproduce this moistening with the help of a lubricant to facilitate the penetration and bring more comfort during the coming and the comes. One trick to take even more fun with his doll sex is to use a heating element. It is a heating rod in length, special sexdoll, which makes the ducts to penetrate warm, which avoids engulfing its penis in a cold conduit. It's more enjoyable and also more realistic because the human body produces a soft heat. To enjoy with a sexdoll, it can be used for various sexual practices. One can penetrate it by all its orifices, enjoy a blowjob by its sucking mouth, but also to be penetrated in the case of sex doll men or trans, which have a rigid penis that will penetrate you as a dildo. It is also possible to use sextoys on its sexdoll, and vary the pleasures by trying all positions since TPE dolls have an integrated reclining skeleton that allows them to take positions and hold the installation.

How to choose a doll sex?

To choose a doll sex, several criteria are to be taken into account. The budget, your orientation and your sexual preferences are data that will make it possible to make an informed choice. First of all, what is the total budget available to acquire its doll sex. This simple financial criterion will make it possible to locate the range of products to which you turn. Below 500 euros, you can offer a small doll sex, and for 1300 euros, all models of the site and all sizes are accessible. Sex Dolls Actual Size are offered around 1200 euros for the vast majority of our Love Dolls. A high budget offers more possibilities of course, but it's a first axis to filter. A budget of 100 euros or less will not be able to offer a Sex silicone doll and will have to turn either towards a latex doll sex, or to a vaguenette or a silicone masturbator. Once the budget is set, is the most important thing to choose the good doll sex. These are your personal tastes. Make a specific list of what you like about one or a partner: big breasts or on the contrary little, a lean woman or flesh, a teenage or a MILF. For some questions, the answer is neutral and you do not preferably. Do not take them into account. Use discriminating information only, which bring real value to sort the dolls of the shop. To help you in this direction, the different categories of the shop are already physical criteria that allow to filter the dolls, to display only those that correspond to a body type. If you are fled to Chinese women, the Asian category will show you only our dolls with Asian features, to help you choose from a restricted selection. This facilitates the choice, and helps you choose. A reduced selection is much more practical than dozens of randomly displayed models. In addition to the categories listed on the site, you can have your own criteria, such as wanting a particular, round or elongated face form. These are the details that will help you choose your doll sex. Feel free to search for the item that interests you in the search bar. All dolls containing this word in their descriptive sheet will appear.

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