The doll in TPE or silicone, what differences?

The TPE doll is often called silicone doll. The materials hold the same advantages, namely a touch similar to the texture of the body, not rigid but slightly soft, while remaining firm. At the touch, your TPE doll is incredibly like the body of a real sexual partner, especially on the fleshy parts, such as thighs, buttocks and breasts. In addition, the texture is velvety, really soft, it is not a cold and completely smooth material. Thus, the silicone and the TPE gets closer to the softness of a silky skin, far from a low-end rigid plastic toy. The second characteristic common to TPE and Siicone is their hygiene. These are non-porous materials easy to wash. A silicone dildo is much healthier than one in Jelly, whose material sometimes emanates from chemical odors, and where dirt remain glued. With TPE and silicone, finished this problem. It's an asset for a man TPE doll, who has a penis more true than nature. This differentiates silicone and TPE, it's mainly cost. Thus, the Love Dolls proposed on the market are in fact in TPE, although in the current language they are named silicone dolls, because this term is more speaking, in opposition to the latex of the inflatable dolls.

A doll tpe love to rediscover masturbation

A Doll Love in TPE is a unique way to do a new sexual experience. It is a luxury, human-sized sextoy, which represents the body of an adult partner in the actual proportions. It's a bit like having a partner with you, but while being alone. It's a pretty unusual experience. You will be able to be stimulated other than in your imagination or with a video. The view but also the touch are knitted since you can fiddle the doll and enjoy his incredible curves under your hands. The fantasy is no longer in the head but perfectly anchored in reality. You are dealing with a very sublime body, since according to your personal criteria you will choose the adapted model. You can enjoy yourself with a big tits doll. The beauty of the body of Love Dolls is an incredible asset, you will never have been with such sensual sexual partner. But there is a second advantage to use a doll of love in TPE: it's a sex toy, so it's just a way to masturbate upscale. This means that there is no exchange of good processes, you are not obliged to bring him pleasure. You can focus on your own pleasure, selfishly, which simplifies sex. The doll is there only at your service. You combine the double advantage of sleeping with a magnificent partner while only making you fun. This sex object is at your service, to help you rediscover new sensations. Masturbation no longer has the same flavor at all. You have the benefits of the loneliness where you are master of the situation without a refusal of the partner, and the benefits of the leg part in the air, with a stimulating body, much more concrete than manual masturbation.

How to use a TPE sex doll?

A sex doll in TPE is used as one would make love to a partner in flesh and bone. All sexual practices are practicable: the penetration of its orifices since the women's dolls have a vagina and an anus, but also be penetrated by a man doll. Blowjob is also from the game since TPE dolls have sucker mouths. The only subtlety in the use of a realistic TPE doll is to lubricate all his ducts because the mouth does not produce saliva and the vagina does not lubricate. It is therefore necessary to always apply a good dose of lubricant to facilitate the insertion. Otherwise, there is a resistance that can cause heating. After use, it is necessary to wash it and dry it. The body of your adult TPE doll has a skeleton that allows the doll to hold in all positions. It is articulated, so it is not frozen in a single posture. It's the detail that makes it multithe: it can do all the sexual positions, and it holds in place without having to hold it. It gives you the opportunity to have ardent coars.

Silicone TPE doll: a high-end real size sextoy

A TPE silicone doll is a sexual model that has the realistic size of a real person. It's a luxury sextoy, which has nothing to do with latex dolls, nor with mini masturbators. The Love Doll in TPE combines realism of material and realistic proportions. All the senses are deceived by this similarity with a sensual body. It should be noted that the Erotic TPE doll has a minimum cost of several hundred euros, for the models of mini doll sex TPE. Luxury has a price that is not negligible. If it's a brake, you have to turn to small TPE dolls, brass, bust, vaginette or legs. The fact that the doll is not entire or in a small small size allows the cost to collapse. This may be a compromise for quality with a tight budget. However, realism will be reduced. On the other hand, a large sexy TPE doll is quite consistent with sexy physics of a real person. TPE dolls are the best sex toys, so realistic they have in fact no longer to do with a standard sex toy, you will agree. In the view, sexy TPE dolls are bluffing: just look at the photos of our goddesses of sensuality to realize it by yourself.

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