How to make love with a realistic silicone doll?

To make love to a silicone sex doll one must first mount it, that is to say, put on the neck on the neck, very simple operation. Then you have to install his wig, unless the bald women excite you. Then you can dress it if you wish. To make love to sex doll, position it in your favorite position. Thanks to its internal metal skeleton, the silicone sex doll is articulated. She holds in place, sitting on you, in the doggystyle position, lying on the back legs in the air on a table, leaning forward against the sofa folder. You can make love with it throughout the house. The vagina and anus of the doll will not be wet, so it will be necessary to lubricate, for example using a condom. If you want to use it without a condom, remember spreading a big lubricant nut to make the experience more enjoyable. For even more realism when using, you can also insert a heating element into its different orifices to be warm, as it would be a real woman and avoid the feeling of cold on your gender. If you want to experiment with a blowjob, put it with knee and engulf your penis in his mouth sucker. You can hold her head and hair to make powerful go and comes powerful. Once it's done, do not forget to dry out the inside. There is no specific secret or knowledge to have to make love to a sexual gripper in silicone, act as usual. His ultra-realistic body will help you find your marks, you will not be too exotic compared to a real partner.

How to shine his silicone doll?

To shine your silicone doll, the maintenance is essential. Follow these some cleaning tips to remove residues, dust and dirt and find an immaculate skin. The residues could give a dull color or a dirty appearance. First, coat the mineral oil, vegetable or vaseline doll. Make movements for agglomerating dirt, which will be easier to grasp with a wipe-all. The fat body takes off the dirt, which allows to recover a clean and shiny skin. Then you have to wash. Fill a small pool of lukewarm water with soap type shower gel. Dip a glove in soapy water and gently rub the body of the silicone doll. Press a glove with soap without soap to rinse. Then dry by dumbting gently. This is, your silicone doll is clean and shiny. You can do this cleaning directly in the bathtub or while lengthening the XDoll doll on the floor, on a tarpaulin or a large bath towel. The skin regains its glittering complexion, far from a filthy skin. These manipulations are to be done from time to time when your Love Doll needs it, to find a shiny silicone doll.

How to make the skin smooth from my sexual gripper in silicone?

So that the skin of your adult silicone doll is smooth and soft, there is a well-kept secret of connoisseurs. And it's simple. Spread a thin layer of talc on the whole body. If you are looking for more information on using talc, see you later on the question "How to put talc on my doll". We explain the step by step. If you want to smooth the skin from your doll as it is worn, gap or torn, you will have to turn to a repair kit, which contains TPE paste to fill the hollows. After repair, all the hollows and imperfections will be filled, which will make the skin again smooth. Finally, the doll may not be smooth and soft because it is littered with small dirt, which make it rough: debris, dust, fibers that accumulate. To deal with this problem, use the same technique as to remove a stain, oil that takes off the impurities, followed by a good cleaning with water and soap. It's the doll is smooth, silky, sweet like the first day.

How to remove the clothing tasks on a TPE silicone doll?

The clothes and underwear whose sex doll is dressed can dampen on the silicone / TPE. And it's the drama! Faster one intervenes, better the task share. As soon as it is noticed, you can put causing milk on a cotton and gently rub the task. Cautionary milk fat will take off pigments if they are not yet too encrusted in the material. In the same way, the vaseline, fat in the form of transparent gel, detaches. The other most effective solution remains mineral oil, such as paraffin oil. You will find paraffin oil and petroleum in pharmacy or parapharmacy, and sometimes in large surface. These are economical and easy-to-find products. Place a small amount of vaseline or oil on the task, rub immediately, do not let pose but wipe the surplus and then repeat several times. If your doll is white, toothpaste and soda bicarbonate give very good results, but can cause a slight discoloration, not to advise for a black silicone or tanned skin doll. The silicone doll will be delivered naked, try choosing clothes that do not feel too much, for that make a first machine wash, so that the dye switches a maximum in rinsing water and not on your sexy silicone doll.

How to avoid stains on a silicone doll?

The black tasks inside the inserts (vagina, anus, mouth) are most often molded, due to moisture inside that favored the development of mushrooms. To avoid tasks in the masturbation doll, it is necessary to wash but especially to dry the orifices. It should no longer remain a trace of water, lubricant or sperm before storing it. Darkness and moisture are the ideal conditions for the development of dark spots in the orifices. Also be sure to keep the Doll Love away from moisture because a wet cellar creates the same risk as the doll is tasted by mold. Another risk of task is by the transfer of the dyeing of the clothes you make to it. Some low quality or new dye clothes can dampen. On human skin, this is traces. On the doll these traces are complicated to go away. The simplest remains prevention. To prevent this type of inconvenience it is very easy: pass the clothes you want to bring to the doll to the washing machine in the first place, the surplus of color should disgorge in the water. If it's too late and your Love Doll is already dirty, use oil to take off the color. Mineral oil or petroleum, fat, will take off unwanted pigments. Do not let the oil rest and be absorbed by the doll. You must quickly rub, then wipe off the surplus. For the oil film deposited on the surface of the skin of the doll, soapy hot water will help emulsify and remove this thin fat film. Here, your doll is immaculate.

How to put talc on my silicone doll?

Talc absorbs moisture and brings a lot of softness to silicone from your sex doll. Get a Talc bottle, which you can buy in pharmacy or large area. You will find them at the baby exchange ray, with layers and wipes. To apply it, pour a small amount of free powder into your hand and apply a thin layer with the hands making large movements with the dish of the hand, as during a massage. For more accuracy and reaching wildlife acades, it is possible to bring a brush. A big makeup brush will make the affair perfectly. Then remove the surplus dusk with a fabric, a brush, or even with a hair dryer. Select the lowest heat and the hair dryer will create a gust of wind that will sweep the superfluous powder in seconds and effortlessly.

How are Sexual Silicone Dolls Fabricated?

The manufacture of a doll is a fairly fascinating process. The body is carved in a mold that takes the shape of the whole body, with its least details: belly, tits etc all the hollows and volumes are created from the carved mold. In this mold, the TPE paste is poured, a mixture of plastic and rubber, as well as the metal skeleton. We leave everything to dry for the material to take good. We defeated the mold and cut all the not clear joins. So we find the whole body of the human doll. If the vagina is an insert that can remove, it is placed. It only remains to make the finishes, not to mention the head that has been molded apart, make up the face, and the nipples, put the fake nails on the hands and feet. Last step, the quality service verifies that the skin is smooth, that the TPE is mild, that the finishes are neat. It's good, the doll is made and ready for use! It only remains to put the long hair wig on his head.

It is quite possible to make its hyper realistic silicone doll, provided you have sculptor donations to cut the mold, and be careful to handle the TPE. It can be a very fun occupation, however, a good result is not guaranteed and considering the price of the TPE, it can be a pure loss, so if you want to make your man silicone doll yourself, launch you carefully!

How to dye a TPE silicone doll?

The dyeing is mixed directly with the silicone paste before molding, the pigments are incorporated inside the material. This is not a pulverized paint after drying. You will not be able to dye the doll, unless applied over a paint compatible with the silicone, which holds on the surface. But the result may be mixed because it is about painting. Use a brush will be accurate but will cause traces of brushes, little aesthetic. There are sprays that spray dyes but it will not be possible to be accurate to nooks and avoid areas. Thus, we do not recommend dyeing your TPE doll, but rather to buy one whose hue is suitable for you: a tanned doll, black skin, a very pale skin, an Asian skin. You can discover our categories that target favorite skin hues of lovers of Love Doll silicone. They are shades in the mass and their color does not move.

How to make his silicone doll more tanned?

The silicone of a doll is tinted in the mass, that is to say that the color is inside the silicone, it is not white and covered with a paint. Thus, it is not possible to definitively make its skin darker than it is. There is, however, an effective temporary solution. To make it more tanned, you can make up the makeup using a bronzer: it is a brown makeup powder that gives a tanned effect. Nevertheless, it will be a surface tan that fades with friction. Concretely, it's about make up his doll and embellish him as a woman doing more tanning thanks to makeup. By affixing free powders on the skin, we totally change its appearance. However, for lovers of pretty golden skins, the simplest remains to acquire a doll with a tanned complexion, because changing its posterior color is not possible definitively and harmoniously.

How do I know if silicone doll has big tits?

Amateur big tits and big nipples, you do not want to take the risk of finding yourself with a flat silicone doll, without chest. The easiest way is to refer to the accompanying photos: Silicone x dolls have big tits visible on product cards. We always offer photos of the naked doll so you can enjoy the shapes and especially the size of the breasts, difficult to gauge on the photos in dress. For each doll, there are several photographs available. Scroll to a naked tits to check that the shape and size are right for you. But you can simply go directly to our big tits category, which offers a selection of dolls with a strong chest only. No waste of time with dolls that do not match your desires. You only choose from our big grape dolls, the flat dolls are spread to display only those who can really meet your desires.

How to increase the chest of his silicone doll?

The realistic silicone doll is molded at one time, it will unfortunately not be possible to increase the size of its breasts after its manufacture. You can nevertheless play on an optical effect by dressing with a padded bra, also called push up. These support-grooves have a thick hull that visually adds volume to the breasts. You can also place a fabric padding pad or silicone breast supplements, which make it possible to win between 1 and 2 caps and grow the breasts of your sex doll in silicone at a lower cost. If you absolutely want to enjoy a big breast without bra, when your silicone doll is naked, we can refer you to our selection of big chest dolls. Indeed, we can not add TPE over existing breasts to warm larger than it. The trompe-l'oeil thanks to the padding is the most economical solution, buying a new big-tits doll is the most effective solution for enjoying beautiful big tits even once the doll undressed.

How to make the breasts harder from his silicone doll?

The breasts are molded in the silicone, they are part of the silicone doll doll in one block, it will not be possible to make them harder or to change its appearance, shape, weight. Consistency does not escape the rule. It is not possible to soften or tighten the breasts of a Doll Silicone doll. The only solution for a firmer chest is to make him wear rigid lingerie, for example a bra with a hull. The coated aspect of the bra will give more firmness to the chest. This is a point on which you have to be vigilant when choosing his doll. Some dolls have falling breasts, it's voluntary because it's a physical feature that appeals to many amateurs. If you want hard and firm breasts, carefully look at the photos on the product pages, you will see at a glance which doll has firm breasts and tits that has cheaper and pendants. It stands out for the naked eye.

What model models silicone or Silicone TPE plugs?

TPE and silicone are materials extremely close to the touch and maintenance ease. Hygienic, soft, similar touch to human skin: TPE and silicone have big advantages to create realistic sextoys like vaguets, masturbateur busts, glutes and of course the complete sex doll sex. But the silicone is more expensive, so the vast majority of the dolls you will find on the market are actually in TPE. The term silicone is wrongly used by the general public. The TPE is a rubbery material, which allows to recreate the feeling of human skin. The real major difference in Doll sex materials is between TPE dolls and latex dolls, which there for the shot have nothing to do. When we talk about latex doll, the inflatable dolls are discussed, more used for boy life burials. The silicone TPE doll is totally different, it does not swell, is hyper realistic with a cost 10 times greater than that of its latex cousin. It must be remembered that the question between a real silicone doll model and doll in TPE does not arise, since you will find on the market will always be TPE, like all the sex dolls you find on Lady Doll.

Origin of man silicone dolls

The origin of the Love Doll is Asia, more precisely Japan, where they are extremely popular. That's why you will find many models of Asian silicone dolls, white skin and bridged eyes, with a round face. Most ultra realistic dolls, like all manufactured products, are produced in China, mainly. The Japanese silicone doll has conquered the hearts of men from all over the world. There are a few rare workshops in France or elsewhere in Europe as in Germany, which produce artisanal work with a know-how to offer advanced personalization possibilities with a tailor-made silicone pooley, but often inaccessible financially for most consumers . For men who want to have fun with a silicone sex doll, without necessarily asking for luxury customization, a silicone doll created in series allows you to enjoy this sextoy for a much more reasonable cost. It is this type of sexy dolls you will find on this site.

What is a repair kit for silicone doll?

Your Doll Love is slightly torn, the TPE has holes, cracks? It can easily be repaired! It is also advisable to go it as soon as possible before a small scratch is transformed into gaping tear. To do this just use a woman silicone doll repair kit. A silicone doll lover repair kit allows you to refill the holes in the material, to relent the skin if it is split, to repair signs of wear. By mixing the chemicals provided in the kit, you will be able to melt the TPE and then come to flow in the place that needs to be filled. The kit contains several products, as well as a leaflet, because repairing a silicone doll sex, it is not the kind of task that is running regularly. The first product makes it possible to smooth the material for the most discreet repair possible to the touch. Then a mattifier makes it possible to make the repair invisible. Finally, oil nourishes the TPE to make it soft and elastic. Once these operations are executed, your Silicone Sex doll is like new. The kits are supplied with TPE paste, different varnishes for finishing, but also all tools: needles, syringes, mixing pots and tubes. It is a question of manipulating potentially hazardous chemicals, which is why it is essential to read the manual before starting the use of a silicone doll repair kit. In doubt, do not hesitate to inquire with the customer service that sold you the repair kit. They are not offered on Lady Doll.

Buy a used silicone doll?

Buying a used silicone doll often aims to save money, given the significant cost of this high-end product. However, it is important to be informed about certain points, concerning hygiene. The seller from particular to particular often asserts that he has always used his doll with a condom, but you can not be sure. To avoid this risk, you have to turn to a new doll. Otherwise, it will be essential to practice a careful cleaning of the Real Doll doll at the reception and before the first use. Clean in depth and then disinfect the entire doll using a disinfectant product. For optimum safety, use a condom in your turn is more than recommended in the case of a used silicone doll. But it is binding because many men do not like to wear this little piece of latex that diminishes a little sensations. A first-hand silicone silicone inflatable doll does not have this constraint. By buying a new silicone doll, you can use it without condom without risking since you are the only one and only user. The second disadvantage of a used Love Doll is that because she has already served, the doll can be worn and her skin damaged. You have to be ready to make small concessions on the state of the product when it is not new. Lady Doll does not offer second hand products. Nevertheless, if your budget you brakes you to offer you the luxury of a new and virgin doll other users, go take a look at our cheap silicone dolls, you will see that they are accessible to most scholarships. . It's a good compromise between pleasure and safety, while being realistic about expense issues.

Silicone doll rental

The rental of a silicone doll can be tempting to try before embarking on a purchase, since for some people, it is an important expense.

Unfortunately, on our site, we do not offer Doll Doll Doll rental service in TPE, for the same hygiene reasons as those mentioned for the purchase of occasion. MST transmission and the need for cleaning after use makes it possible to guarantee good conditions of use by sharing the doll between several tenants. It will not be possible to try before buying its inflatable silicone doll, unless it goes to one of the rare closed houses with XXX silicone dolls, which tend to be closed by the town halls. If the reason you want to rent a silicone doll is to check if it really places you before starting an expensive purchase, we can offer you an intermediate solution. Choose a mini doll, the cheapest of the site. Thus, for 50% of the price of a realistic doll you can do a first try. If you do not like it, you will have saved half of the budget, if you like, so no regrets, you have a beautiful mini doll silicone doll, and you can invest on a large size if you feel like it .

The price of a silicone doll

We offer models for all tastes: male silicone doll, of African, Asian origin, translated silicone doll, adult, male, but also a silicone silicone dolls, a sexual doll Silicone Teen Japanese, Silicon Doll with hair Pubians. Silicone doll rates offered on Lady Doll vary in a range of 450 € to 1500 € depending on size and weight. For example, a mini silicone doll of 100cm costs 460 € and a small silicone doll of 1m35 costs around 700 €. It should be noted that the shipping costs are offered on the shop. In general, the price of a doll does not only depend on the format, but also the seller to whom you are referring to. Looking more carefully at the information to acquire one of our pretty hosts, you will realize that their prices are very reasonable for silicone doll love and are in the low range, while maintaining an irreproachable quality. This will allow you to give you an opinion on the Silicone Realist Door, is it a type of sextoy that you like or not?

What type of lubricant for my silicone doll?

There are different types of lubricants: water gel and silicone-based lubricant are the most common. They are freely sold in supermarkets, sexshops and pharmacy. Given the name, we could first think that you have to take the silicone lubricant, but it is nothing. On the contrary, it is necessary to use exclusively water-based lubricant, which is only gelled water and which does not tap the doll. The silicone, by its oily texture, can alter the skin color of your silicone doll love. The composition of the lubricant is always mentioned on the flask explicitly. Look for "water-based" means the simplest and healthier product. Natural lubricants like coconut oil, very popular, are to avoid on the TPE because this fatty body task and not easily, your doll would keep a sticky and sticky texture. If you are wrong, you can still remove the excess oil with soap, which breaks down the oil. Put a big soap nut with water and rub slowly and long for the chemical reaction to operate, and your doll is more glutinous .. Water, saliva can do the trick if you do not Do not have a lubricant on hand. Gras bodies like plant butters that serve to feed the skin, or butter or vegetable oil are not recommended for their risk of generating tasks. Water and water-based lubricants are without danger to the beauty of your doll. In addition, they are easy to find and inexpensive. It is not a specific product for silicone dolls, but classic lubricants used for sexual relationships between human beings, so accessible easily.

How to choose your silicone doll?

To choose your silicone sex doll, it is necessary to connect to his desires, while remaining pragmatic. You definitely want a most realistic doll, which will naturally turn you to a real size, since it is completely similar to a real sexual partner. However, there are other parameters that the realism that returns to account when choosing a silicone sex doll. If you are yourself small and thin, without a great musculature, it may be difficult to lift the 40 kilos of a large doll. In the case of back problem, from an advanced age, diseases or disabilities, it is important to take into account the maximum weight you can lift. Too much weight for your physical abilities will simply be a brake on your doll use possibilities. If you have thirst for discovery, it is advisable to choose a doll with a weight adapted to your fitness. It is also for this purpose where the same model is proposed in several templates. The goal is to adapt to the physical of all customers. If you want to do a lot of aerial positions that need to wear the doll, it will be advisable to take a small weight, for easy sex, without any physical limitation. At the time of washing his doll, the weight still plays an important role. This is an essential criterion for making the right choice. A too heavy silicone doll will be less pleasant to use. It is a primordial element before deciding, that's why we display this information clearly with size.

Why prefer to live with a silicone doll?

Some amazing TV shows have shown the daily lives of men who live or even married with a sexy silicone doll. These outstanding stories have raised questions in spectators. Why prefer to live with a doll? A hypothesis is that it is a solution against long-term celibacy, but also that these men have put their sexuality in the foreground. They wish to deal with a partner at once pretty but also cooperative. It is a rampart to sexual frustration, as well as a salvative illusion facing loneliness, a bit like a blanket, which reassures and recreates an ersatz of link. The calm of the doll was able to seduce the most taisous of these men who chose to live with a doll sex. A silicone sex doll is above all a sextoy, to talk about romantic relationship, there is a great ditch that we do not venture to cross. That being said, the purpose of a silicone doll X is to fill his possessor. As long as the bet is filled, the user can divert the use according to his desires to live with a couple, that does not hurt anyone.

How to take care of a silicone doll?

To take care of a Silicone Doll Sex Doll, it is necessary to wash after each use without exception, the deep bottom dry, it does not remain a single trace of moisture. Indeed, traces of non-dried moisture, whether sperm, water, perspiration or lubricant, can cause mold. This mold will damage the doll and can cause a health risk to the next use. This is why drying, or at least the wiping of the doll orifices is a must in its use routine, to take care of its doll. Then, it is necessary to protect it from dust and heat as well as brightness. In case of small addicts, consider repairing them as soon as possible using a repair kit. Thus, it finds its integrity and small cracks do not become big irreparable and unsightly tears. By taking place on time, the repair is almost invisible to the naked eye. It's about running a small amount of TPE in the breach.

Taking care of his silicone doll sex is quite simple, so you need to know good practices. By keeping choosing the good lubricant, it's good you know all things to know how to care for your silicone man. She stays pretty and exciting for a long time. For more advice on how to take care of his silicone doll love, check out other topics that explain how to clean the doll in depth, remove a task and other questions that users ask themselves about the right gestures to have with A silicone doll sex.

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