What is a sex doll?

A sex doll is an adult doll that allows you to masturbate. It is a reproduction of a sexual partner on a human scale, in realistic proportions. It is a large sextoy, which reinvents masturbation, giving the illusion of a shared experience to two. There are 2 categories of sex dolls: inflatable dolls and realistic dolls in TPE. The inflatable dolls are mostly latex and they fill with air, they are light, inexpensive but their level of realism is relative. TPE dolls on the other hand, are very realistic, since they are not swollen but are molded in silicone that mimics the touch of the skin. However, they are heavy so much less manageable. They are also much more expensive because it is a high-end product. All these dolls have a sex: vagina or penis, a sucking mouth and an anus, to penetrate or to penetrate. This is a sextoy who imitates a real partner, with a dream body: big tits for women, abdos and concrete pectorals for men. The sex doll is a large sextoy, which rebates maps of masturbation, bringing a visual and kinestic stimulation. All your senses are awake. It is a new type of solo sexuality to explore. The luxury silicone doll is an innovation that creates a new pan of sexual experiences. It's a game more to try or practice without moderation, to vary the pleasures and flourish completely on the sexual plane.

Why buy a sex doll?

Buying a sex doll makes it possible not to sink into sexual abstinence constrained, and allows to live a blooming sexuality, far from frustration. This makes it possible to expand its experiences and discover new ways to have fun, solitary or accompanied. It is an enrichment of his sexuality, for more personal fulfillment at the key. You can choose to buy a sex doll in case of celibacy, to change a little masturbation by hand, to vary the pleasures. But even in a relationship, or with a rich sex life, it can be interesting to get to buy a doll sex. This is particularly the case for people who have very specific fantasies or very hard. With the doll, they will be able to put their sexual reveries, even the most extreme. It is also a valuable help for people at the very high libido. The sex doll for man will follow your rhythm, even if he is intense. This can be a solution to avoid going to see elsewhere when one is in a relationship and one of the partners is more applicant than the other. The very excited person can satisfy his desires with the sex doll, without pressing his partner to follow his frantic pace. Buying a sex doll can also be the way to experiment with new sensations, which is perfect for the adventurers of life, always open to novelty and discoveries. You can satisfy your curiosity on what the effect it makes use a sextoy doll and make a new experience for the pleasure of exploration. So there are dozens of reasons why we choose to buy a sex doll xxx, what is yours?

How to choose a sex doll?

To choose a sex doll, the first step is to define if you want an inflatable doll or a hyper realistic TPE doll. These two products have nothing to do, and yet these are both sex dolls. If you want a discrete and easy-to-use doll, the inflatable doll is quite indicated. By defianting, it does not take room, and will be easy to store or hide. If you are looking for realism, it's the silicone doll that will have to choose. Depending on your budget, you will see your choices restrict. A small mini doll size, a real size? The bigger the doll, the more expensive she is, the same for her level of realism. A fully inflatable doll will be accessible and unrealistic, a slightly more realistic and a little more expensive semi doll, and a silicone doll will be more expensive and hyper realistic. Lady Doll specializes in ultra realistic TPE sex dolls. To choose, proceed by disposal. A woman, a man, a trans? There are love dolls for straight men, gay men but also the sex doll for Femm, with a very virile male sex doll, with an erect penis allowing the user or the user to get penetrated. This spreads a good part of the models. Then what physical characteristics do you like the most? If you do not have any preferences, you have even more choice since all models can potentially please you. But as a general rule, most people know exactly what they want. Look the physical qualities that attract you, and that make you go back to the street. Big boobs, big buttocks, longiligne physics of mannequin, young people, muscular men carved in V? This accurate list of your attractions will greatly help you make your choice of naked sex doll. You will be able to consult our site by eliminating the dolls that do not have the characteristics of your list. We have completed a first classification through categories, which are the most popular physical criteria by our customers. But these are not the only criteria of choice possible, which is why it is necessary to wonder about what causes the excitement spark at home, even if it is atypical. This can be an overweight woman or a trans, or falling breasts. Your sexual attraction will be celebrated by a sex doll that exactly meets your criteria. Imagine how sex will be explosive with your Sexual Chinese doll. You have in your bed the pure hottie you have always dreamed.

How to deal with your sex doll?

Depending on the type of sex doll that we have, we do not deal in the same way. Here is a quick quick guide to the main care to bring depending on the doll model you want to adopt.

For an inflatable sex doll, it must first swell it to the mouth to give it human form. A lubricant hazelnut facilitates penetration. When you have finished, clean your sex doll, especially the orifices that have been used. Then deflate it if you want to store it, you will be able to fold. It will not take any room and can be stored in a discreet place. In case of holes, tears, repair your luxury sex doll with a repair kit that will refurbish your sextoy without having to redeem a new one. In a repair kit, you will find rustins to be glued simply at the hole location, which will render it again waterproof, avoiding air leaks. Your Sextoy doll is repaired and you can use it again. If you realize that your doll has suffered damage, react quickly to prevent the damage to get smalled. A small non-clogged hole can give rise to a tear, which will be much more complicated to restore.

For a silicone sex doll, the process is the same, except that the stages of inflation and deflation are no longer necessary. On the other hand, to store it, it will not be possible to fold it, since its body is full and not filled with air. Its storage must be more careful than an inflatable doll. Try to store it in a suitable chest, or hang it via a specific hook, or if you do not have it, store it in the cardboard in which your doll has been delivered to you, it will protect it. Do not crush it out of other business.

Whatever the type of male sex doll you choose, it is imperative to wash it after each use. Find out how to do this article in the rest. To take care of his doll sex, it is necessary to dust off her from time to time, and to restore sweetness to her skin, it is possible to sprinkle it with a little talc. It is inexpensive, the talc makes the skin silicone from your sweet Japanese doll. You will not get tired of caressing it.

What is the best sex doll?

There are mainly 3 kinds of dolls: Latex inflatable dolls, semi-rigid dolls and realistic silicone dolls. A semi-rigid doll is a latex inflatable doll with some more realistic key areas: breasts, vagina, feet, hands and head. It is strongly related to an inflatable doll. This is a slightly improved inflatable doll model with more realism to improve user stimulation. The best sex doll is undoubtedly the ultra realistic silicone luxury doll, as the models we offer on this site. It far exceeds the latex inflatable dolls and semi-rigid inflatable dolls thanks to its total breathtaking realism. The skin and orifices have a soft and thick texture, like true flesh. She will deceive your senses, which project you in a very sensual sex. If the touch is bluffing, the other senses are also stimulated. At the sight, the details are striking realism. The face has a shape and fine features, the makeup it wears highlights. His feet and hands look like two drops of water to real, with manicure and pedicure. They will be magnified by jewelry and sexy heeled shoes. For use, the Sex Doll in TPE is the best sex doll because it is articulated. This will allow you to experiment with your favorite positions, it will hold in place, since it is rigid and equipped with a reclining skeleton. It is not frozen in one position, but can move. Thus, you can venture to explore the whole Kama-Sutra and hundreds of erotic positions, the most classic to the most extravagant. Lighter than a real person, a sex doll pushes the physical limits of sexual experimentation. You will be able to lift it, return much more easily and thus trying new acrobatics that were so far impossible, apart from perhaps for high level athletes. We must keep in mind that the concept of better sex doll does not really exist. The most beautiful is before all the one you personally like, and the answer will not be the same for all, since the ideal physics is different for everyone. It remains only to attach to the quality, which is seen quickly visually. The many photos of our products will help you get an idea of ​​their quality: you can see that the dolls are ultra realistic feet to the head, no zone is sloppy, everything is figuring, to satisfy the visual side of desire. male.

How to clean his sex doll after love?

The cleaning of the sex doll is a critical step, it's absolutely essential to keep his love doll in good condition for a long time. If you ask yourself the question is that you have understood that there are some tips to know to proceed with a conforming washing. Good news: There is no need for specific and expensive products to wash your sex doll after love. The basic products you already have at home are very effective. Get on soap or shower gel and lukewarm water, that's all you need to perfectly clean your sextoy. You can possibly perfect the washing by spraying a little disinfectant lotion to be sure that the doll is 100% clean, but it is not indispensable. Thus, to clean it, rub the inside of the orifices with a long sponge soaked in soap and water. Rub well to win all the dirt. Then rinse with a shower knob or more efficient, an enema pear. Then dry gently with an absorbent fabric. To clean the outside, you can simply pass a glove with soap and water on the entire doll, rinse with water and dry with a napkin by slowly tapping. The most delicate step is drying, especially at the lectures of mouth and penetrable genitals. It must be meticulous and applied, so as not to leave a single drop of water, especially in the cavities, because moisture causes the multiplication of bacteria. It must therefore be perfectly dry to avoid this phenomenon. To dry, choose a soft, flexible fabric, the most absorbent remains the microfiber. Avoid rubbing by pressing hard to not tear your doll or create an invisible tear and damage the sex doll in the long run. Promote frictionless movements, as stamping with your cloth. Be delicate at the face level so as not to erase its makeup with too powerful washes. Once it's clean and dry, your doll is ready to be rowed, waiting for your next use. Let's look together the tips for storing and keeping his doll in order to keep it in good condition. To do this, simply follow a few simple instructions, which consist of preventing errors, perfectly preventable.

How to keep his sex doll in the best conditions?

To keep his doll with a beautiful appearance for a long time, it is necessary to know how to maintain it. Part of the interview corresponds to the mode of preservation of the sex doll when it is not used. There are some missteps to avoid to keep it in optimal conditions. First, note that it is important to keep it in a dark and dry place. In full sun, heat and UV rays can damage the material and also change its hue, lightening it. Moisture, can cause mold. So you know it's better to avoid leaving it prolonged in your bathroom or in a cellar if it is very humid and filled with mushrooms. Keep it outside or in a wet garage is not a good option to keep its doll in good conditions. The second tip to remember is as follows: When you store it, do not crush it with other objects. There are doll hangers that keep it standing by suspending it with a wardrobe. If not lie down, but taking care to ask no other object over. Indeed, if you store other heavy objects over it, your doll will end up crushed for a long time in the same position. It is the winning combo for flattening, hoarding or distorting the doll. We advise you to keep the cardboard in which your silicone sex doll has been delivered to you. Thus, you will be able to replace the doll in, which will protect it from dust and will make a small protective barrier facing shocks and scratches. If you have torn the cardboard, you can wrap your sex doll of a fabric, like a plaid for example, which will avoid it to become dusty.

If you do not have a suitable place to store while respecting the 2 previous tips, know that there are storage boxes. These are design chests, which are also sitting, and which fit perfectly into a room furniture and can be used to put your clothes overnight for example. These storage chests avoid losing space in your cupboards because of the large volume of a sex doll, while hiding the doll, which avoids cluttered. This is a good practical and aesthetic solution. It is possible to detach the body's head, and keep it in a box to be certain that it is well protected.

Before storing your doll, make sure it is not wet, especially its orifices. Thoroughly dry every corner of his mouth, his vagina and his anus before storing, to avoid the development of dark spots. Once stored in this way, she can stay there months and months, no need to return her, move her. She will wait for your return.

What budget for a quality sex doll?

The quality sex dolls are expensive, it is not possible to find less than 450 euros for mini formats. For the actual sizes, we easily reach the double, around 1000 euros, great minimum. According to the shops, the minimum rate varies, oscillating between 1000 and 2000 euros. By going to seek a greater economy, the consumer takes the risk of meeting malfereing by addressing small dishonest resellers. It should be noted that prices vary greatly depending on the size you choose. A cheap mini sex doll is more accessible because its size requires less TPE material, makeup time and finish is lower, and its weight allows a more accessible shipping cost. For a natural grandeur doll of 1m60 or 1m70, the rates are between 1100 euros up to 4000 euros. For customized and customized dolls with freckles, beauty grain placed at the desired location or tattoos, the invoice can still climb. The budget is therefore between 450 and 4000 euros for a sex doll silicone, but for robots with artificial intelligence and voice that speaks and moans, we can reach much larger sums, of the order of 5000 euros until 15000 euros. These personalization services take time and participate in greatly increase the final price of a doll, but it is a good choice for customers who have a big budget and very specific requirements. On the shop Lady Doll, you can not find a personalization service or talking dolls, which allows us to restrict prices. We focus on the sale of standard dolls, you will not be able to choose to add hair or change the color of its nails, but in return, we offer tight prices, accessible to the greatest number to democratize the Love Doll. . By buying on our site, a maximum budget of 1150 euros allows us to afford all our products, which remains low for sex dolls. To realize it, you just have to go around other offers available.

How to dress up his sex doll?

It is easy and inexpensive to clothe his doll. You can go to female clothing stores, you do not have to turn to specialist shops for accessories for Love Doll, which offer less choice in style and also at the price level. The advantage of the actual size dolls is that they can be stored as a real woman. For ultra realistic dolls, it will be very easy to find clothes adapted to dress it. Indeed, you can choose the attractions that you like in classic women's shops. So, your doll can follow the trends of female fashion and you have an infinite choice to dress your doll in the way you like the most. But some dolls do not have standard women's templates: very fine size, very big tits, big buttocks, they match the fantasy but not to the natural woman. Thus, it will be better to dress with elastic or loose clothing and underwear. A dress or skirt will be easier to adjust than pants. An elastic bra adapts to a huge chest much better than a ready-to-body reinforcement bra. The more caricatral doll, the more flexible and elastic clothes are advised to dress up his sex doll WM Dolls.

To put on your doll, choose shoes in the usual trade, no need to take accessories specially designed for sex dolls. For 1m60 inflatable dolls, most of the 35, 36. for our other silicone sex dolls, the length of the foot varies depending on the size of the doll you choose, the foot does not have a fixed length, in order to Respect the proportions. We indicate on our cards produced the length of the foot in centimeter. You can convert to the size and buy the right shoe size.

How to lengthen the life of a sex doll in silicone?

To lengthen the life expectancy of a sex doll, it is necessary to respect some rules, but do not scare, there is nothing complicated. Follow the following five tips, and your doll sex will be as beautiful as the first day for years and years.

  1. First of all, it is important not to force the joints of its internal skeleton. Pull on its members brutally or put the doll in positions that force on the skeleton increases the risk of tears and breaking the articulated skeleton. Respect the maximum amplitude of the movements without forcing and you can use it long, while if you force, you can break it. If the skeleton is broken, it will no longer be able to hold certain positions, or with quite strange postures.
  2. Focus on soft use. If you dorce to full teeth in his buttocks, you will make small holes and micro tears in the TPE, which will eventually be perforated or tearing in a very visible way to the naked eye. It is necessary to remain precautionary and respect the material as much as possible. Thus, it does not undergo any alteration and keeps the same pace as at the time of reception.
  3. Perform a thorough cleaning, especially on the orifices area. Clean and dry the mouth, the vagina and anus of the doll when you used them. Leave moisture in narrow and dark canals would cause black tasks, and make use contraindicated for hygiene reasons. Before storing your doll, it must imperatively be clean and dry, especially inside. When you see a task, for example a garment that would have rubbed, immediately clean the trace, without postponement. If the dye did not have time to immerse yourself with silicone, it will be easy to recover the color. On the other hand, if we put the cleaning up and let it be allowed to dry, the ink will dry and incorporate into the material, and will be much more difficult to remove.
  4. Take care where and how to store your doll. It is important to store his doll without weight over to do not crush it, protecting it from heat, moisture and dust. To find out more, go to the section, how to keep his doll in good conditions.
  5. Make repairs when necessary. If at the end of many uses, you can see a hole, a tear, so do not wait to use a repair kit, which will allow you to return the TPE to fill the hollows. The material is again full, and the tear can not get worse. When one detects a small lesion and it is not practiced the appropriate chef, the doll is weakened and may be less damaged.

What is the best site for an inflatable sex dress purchase?

For choice, the best place to find a realistic sex doll still remains a specialist site or a generalist online sexshop that offers sex dolls. There are many reliable sites, the best site will be the one that offers the sex doll you want while offering a secure payment. On Lady Doll, we only propose payment by bank transfer because the price of a high-end sex doll is high, it often happens that payment by credit card is blocked. Even if the customer has the funds on his account, the bank refuses payment by security, from a certain amount. The transfer of funds does not pass, the Bank requests verifications, this adds a time and the process because the weekly expenditure ceiling is exceeded or the card provides for a maximum amount by purchase. This problem is so recurring that Lady Doll now offers paying by bank transfer. You add our bank details, and you make a single transfer. So, we do not have your credit card codes. If you are reluctant to give your blue card numbers, which is understandable, this solution is totally secure since you decide the amount to be paid, without transmitting no confidential code. This is the most secure way for the anxious people at the thought of getting hacking their card. To make a transfer, use the application of your bank, it's done in 1 minute, it does not take longer than pay by card. In addition to the means of payment, the right site to buy his sex doll is a site with choice, where you will find the love doll of your dreams and not a shop where you will have to make a choice by default, because there is there Not exactly what you want. Another selection criterion before purchase is the quality. We offer pretty sex dolls and quality, as you can see, they are created with a lot of precision, without defect of the head to the feet. This is seen on the pictures, the dolls are real love Doll realistic in real size TPE. You have no bad surprises. The delivery is free and discreet with a card that does not mention the name of the site to avoid awakening the suspicions of the deliveryman. Nobody can know what is hiding in it. The shipment is discreet, fast and efficient. These are all quality criteria that make Lady Doll one of the best sites to get a beautiful sex doll.

What can we do as sexual act with a doll?

With a sex doll, all sexual acts are conceivable. To put in condition, we can start with sensual caresses and massages to discover his body. Fiddling his sexy body and kneading his female curves will be a delicious moment that will make your excitement skyrocket. Her breasts, her buttocks are at your disposal, well curved and offered to be palpated eagerly. Then you can deliver to all kinds of preliminaries: licking his cock or to suck you by his mouth sucking. Benefit from a delicious blowjob by its greedy mouth at the deep throat. Engouffrens your whole sex between its wet lips. Then you can move on to a sexual penetration act. It is possible to penetrate his vagina and anus for female sex dolls, but also to be penetrated by the penis in extension of male dolls. The skills of a doll do not stop there, it is possible to push the activities outside the sexual frame, by embarking on erotic activities but without sexuality strictly speaking. For example, it is possible to make naughty photos or simply observe his doll to rinse the eye but without touching it. It's a fantasy machine. If we look more on the sexual act with the doll, it will be possible to take it in all the positions of the Kamasutra because it is articulated, which means that it remains in place when you put it in a position. So you can also do the doggy style as the spoon, everything is feasible as with a real person, with the difference that it is lighter, so everything is easier, especially when the position asks to lift, carry and Oppose resistance. It is possible to penetrate his doll with or without a condom, and to ejaculate in, which offers total freedom, without risk any, neither sickness or unwanted pregnancy. With a doll The sexual act is inconsequential, you do not have any partner who has other expectations than sexual. Once it's over, you put it in its box, until next time. For people looking for pure sex and hard, the light sex doll is perfect to meet the needs of libido, without going into a relationship whatever. It is a total freedom, and an incomparable lightness of spirit. Especially since finding a sex Friend as beautiful as one of our dolls in real life is about finding a needle in a haystack.

What are the best sex dolls value for money?

The best sex dolls at the price ratio are undoubtedly the silicone doll love. Indeed, a sex doll in TPE is ultra realistic while one in latex has little in common with an exciting sexual partner, getting closer to the inflatable mattress for the pool. Certainly, the price is low but the quality too. Latex dolls remain frozen in one position, the material has a plastic touch. TPE dolls are more expensive, but quality is simply incomparable. They are realistic and really exciting. Their skin is soft and when mixing the body, it has a real consistency. The balance leans in their favor, they have the best value for money. Sexual dolls in classic TPEs like those offered on Lady Doll still keep in advance on robot dolls. A sexual robot is a sex doll with artificial intelligence, allowing him to react, chat, and also to shout his pleasure, while a standard sex doll is silent. Sexual robot dolls are certainly very good, but with regard to advanced technology, they are offered at extremely high rates. The benefit of the use of the sex robot is not worth paying 10 times more expensive. This is why the sex doll in TPE keeps the advantage, until the technology of the sexual robot becomes more accessible and democratizes in turn, dethroning the doll in TPE of his rank of better sex doll.

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