A sex doll is what?

Sex dolls are more usually called sex dolls or realistic dolls, but their name in English is also often used by Francophones. So, you will hear about Love Doll, Sex Doll or Real Doll, which becomes the most common term. At once discreet and a little technical, the word Love Doll is necessary as the current name to designate this coveted object: a doll for sex, which looks like a human, usable at will for masturbation. This is a sextoy but life-size, hyper realistic, with all the exciting details of the body: vagina, anus, chest, penis, abdos ... there are sex dolls of all sizes and so the prices vary according to their format. If you are looking for a precise sex doll: very big buttocks, obese doll, shemale, man, mini doll, use the filtering tool to access only templates that are likely to please you.

What is the best sex doll?

The best sex doll is that in TPE, very realistic with inside his body a reclining skeleton, which allows to put the doll in the position of his choice. Ultra realistic dolls are the best dolls for sex. At the touch and view, the similarity with the skin and the texture of a real body is bluffing. To you then choose the body and face you like the most: big boobs, small buttocks, wide hips, skinny legs? The best sex doll is before all the one who excites you personally. We offer dozens of models, for all tastes: silicone and inflatable. But we must keep in mind that if they are cheaper, the inflatable dolls do not have the quality of the ultra realistic silicone that are by far the best.

How much does a woman doll sex robot?

The inflatable sex dolls cost less than 100 €, those silicone between 450 € and 1500 €, and for robots with artificial intelligence and speech it takes at least 4500 €. New models propose to incorporate the seduction game since the doll can be denied and must be conquered by a romantic court, but this advanced technology is not accessible to less than € 10000 for the moment. For the moment, Lady Doll does not offer a robot sex doll but only dolls with articulated skeleton.

How does it walk the sex of a doll?

The sex of a doll is a TPE silicone insert. It is a soft duct that mimics the feeling of the skin. Either the duct is fixed in the doll, or it is removable, which facilitates cleaning. Like a real vagina, it is an orifice with a conduit, to penetrate in which you make back and forth movements. The only difference with a real vagina is that the sex of a doll does not lubricate naturally, so it is advisable to use lubricant. This facilitates penetration and makes the report more enjoyable, without warm-up.

The anus of the doll is a second separate duct which allows to practice a double penetration without problem.

When the vagina or anus insert is integrated, the orifice is molded in the doll, it is not possible to dislodge it to wash it. It will handle the entire doll to wash the duct and dry it. For removable inserts, it is a Vaginette in TPE, like a masturbator, which can be removed from the rest of the body, to facilitate cleaning. But the disadvantage is that manipulations are not easy and there is a risk of tearing the vagina when it is removed. With an integrated vagina, washing is less easy, but there is also less risk of damaging his doll so much by a bad gesture. To facilitate the insertion of the removable vagina, perfectly dry the zones and put Talc in abundance. This will slide the material in its housing much more easily, without resistance.

How to make a doll sex?

To make a doll sex, the workshops use mussels, which have been carved with the desired details of the final body of the doll. A tPE paste is poured into this mold, which drying will take the shape of the mold, and harden. The doll is demolded and she already has a very good appearance. It remains to make up the maker, make the finishes like cutting the extra TPE that exceeds slightly at the place of the mold seal. Doing all this yourself is very dangerous, unless you have sculptor donations to use. The mussels are very heavy and cumbersome cement because they must be able to support the weight of the doll once dry, up to 40kg without breaking or deforming as a soft silicone mold. You will not find in the trade, if it's the idea you had looking for "how to make a sex doll". To do its sex doll yourself, it is possible to go to a workshop and ask to attend and participate in the manufacture. But for questions of confidentiality, and especially security and hygiene, it is unlikely that this request is accepted. The simplest is therefore to buy a doll all done as on this site, or turn to a craftsman for a custom realization, with all the details you have in mind.

How to preserve his doll sex doll?

A doll doll doll in latex, that is, inflatable, only requires little maintenance. The only rule to know is to never overflow it, at the risk of damaging the material and it is no longer waterproof. For a realistic silicone sex doll or TPE, it's important not to crush it, but keep it in a trunk or in his carton, without anything over, not to flatten or deform it. Similarly, respect the amplitude of the movements of its skeleton so as not to break it. It is enough for that not to force with brutality when you move the members of the doll body. Handle it with delicacy, and you will benefit long in an impeccable state. To maintain the softness of his skin, put talc on the TPE from time to time. You will love stroking it so much skin will be silky.

For the 2 types of sex dolls, it will be essential to clean its orifices after use, and dry them. This is Rule Number 1 to preserve its doll of premature degradation. Drying his mouth, his vagina and his anus completely after each use. It should not remain traces of lubricant to avoid the development of mushrooms, which love the dark and wet places, like the vagina of your doll if it is not properly wiped!

To preserve his doll of sex, keep her away from sun and moisture, which avoids mildew and burning and fading stains and a deterioration of the material. A cool and dry place, like a closet is perfect. If you have moisture at home, there are air dehumidifiers, which will help you maintain a healthy atmosphere, both for your material goods but also for your health.

How are the nails on a doll of sex?

The nails of our sex dolls are composed of fake plastic nails, exactly the same ones the real women. The rendering is very natural and sexy. They wear long nails, but it is quite possible to cut them. The manicure and pedicure is on most of our girls a French manicure, that is to say that the nail is beige color rosé and only the end is white, to accentuate the natural nail hue, but with a Provided clean and neat. Nevertheless, you have all the possibility of changing false nails if you want to put a particular color. For this, take off the nails in place, then paste new fake nails, following the instructions noted on the kit you will find in perfume or large surface.

Buy a silicone doll articulated for sex

An articulated doll is very different from a simple inflatable doll because it can adopt the positions of Kamasutra, its skeleton is in place. Thus, it can be positioned elongated the legs apart and arms entwined around your neck, or sit the legs tight to enjoy the narrowness of its vagina, it can be put on 4 legs for a doggystyle, but also the Legs raised. Its articulated skeleton offers you the opportunity to test plenty of positions, even those that require worn, because the dolls are less heavy than real people, 40 kilos maximum depending on the model you choose. So you can wear it out of arms for very sexy positions without exhausting or breaking your back. Buying a sex doll helps out of the beaten path of his sexuality and let himself be tempted by new adventures.

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