How to choose your realistic doll?

To choose your realistic doll, first establish a list of your desires: Sucking, Large Actual Size, Shemale? Once your expectations are clear, it will be easier to make a choice among the large amount of products offered on our site.

How to dress up your realistic doll?

To dress up a realistic doll, it is advisable to turn to elastic clothes, which adjust more easily, especially if your doll with very big boobs or very big buttocks. These sexy but atypical measurements do not fit into adjusted clothes. That's why, dresses and skirts, elastic braly bradders perfectly marry the body of your sensual doll. The stockings and tights are elastic and can dress it without size problem.

How to manipulate your realistic doll?

A realistic doll must be handled carefully because the silicone can tear if you push your nails into the material. Treat his skin as a real human skin. When you want to lift it to position it, it should not be drawn by a member, for example by the arm. Wrap your arms around his body, wear it as a princess, under the back and legs, to be sure to be sweet with his skeleton and his skin. To store it, extend it well flat. With these a few precautions when handling, you do not damage it.

Which realistic doll sales site?

There are several sales sites of international realistic dolls, including Lady Doll. You will realize that there are large price differences. The workshops where dolls are manufactured in Europe are indeed subject to all the social charges on the work, among the highest people in the world, so that the time spent to build the doll is very expensive, these workshops therefore sell more expensive For the same product quality, a doll made in a country where costs are lower. On Lady Doll, we import Asian dolls to offer a rate accessible to all.

Where to make a Realist Door buy?

The purchase of a realistic doll is a nice gift that is done since it is a high-end sextoy. That's why you have to turn to a site that offers both the choice to find the rare pearl that will excite you, but also a secure way to pay. Lady Doll brings together these conditions for a satisfactory doll purchase.

What kind of sexual doll is ultra realistic?

The most realistic sex dolls are undoubtedly life-size silicone dolls. We offer you dolls of 1m68, all in TPE, so the body has the proportions of a real woman, for a breathtaking realism. Nature greatness makes the hyper realistic doll, but the material is also important. The latex of the inflatable dolls is only little resembling to the touch of a human body, while the TPE is bluffing. For an ultra realistic doll, so you have to turn to a large silicone sexdoll.

What is the price of a silicone reality plum?

The price of a realistic silicone doll can be high, especially if it is of real size. For a doll of 1m70, you will pay on our site around 1100 €. If this rate is a too high budget for you, you can turn to the same model but smaller. Indeed, the dolls are offered in 4 different sizes, and the smaller the doll, the lower the price. Anna is offered at € 1129 when it measures 1m68, but for the same Anna doll in size 1m35 it costs only 769 €, more than 300 € saved. The model remains the same, with its fine size, wide hips and big tits. The mini dolls are even more accessible, like the EVA doll, 1 meter, offered at 450 €, which has a very big chest that seduces many customers.

A Realist Inflatable Doll: The Semi Rigid Inflatable Doll

Some latex inflatable dolls are realistic because they have some parts of the rigid, molded and realistic body. It is most often of the head with a sucking mouth or not, the vagina, penis or anus, tits, feet and hands. The rigid parts are PVC and have neat finishes: makeup on the face with lip red, mascara and eye pencil, the detail of 3D nipples, varnish on the nails. These details bring realism to the doll, but it remains financially accessible, since it is not silicone but in latex and PVC. This is the good compromise to have a realistic and cheap inflatable doll at the same time. They are commonly called semi rigid inflatable dolls.

The sensual mission of an adult realist dress

The realistic dolls for adult bring a playful way to reinvent his sexuality alone. Realistic dolls are silicone and accurately reproduce a human body, in its visual resemblance and texture. All the senses are duplicated. Unlike small babes who are toys or accessories deco, a realistic doll for adult is a sextoy, it is a sensual doll for masturbation. But some people totally personify their doll by giving him a name, dressing it up and living at his side, for example by installing it on the couch while they watch TV, to have a pleasant company with the eye . Some very amazing facts speak even marriage with a realistic doll, where some people consider their doll as their spouse!

The assets unique charms of a sexy reality doll

The sexy realistic dolls have dream measurements, some unattainable on a real person, except to use cosmetic surgery. For women's dolls: huge breasts and buttocks, an extra fine size, a soft face with fine features with very big eyes. For men, abdos and pectorals always in tension, big penis to the permanent erection. These dolls are sexual partners of choice that it will not be possible to find in real life. This is why a sexy doll can be used in parallel with a more classic sexuality, in addition, to find another type of pleasure.

Stimulate your senses with a Porn Realist Sextoy

The realistic doll is a life-wide sextoy for adult. It is a masturbator pushed to the extreme, which does not reproduce only sex, but all the body of the partner. Stimulation is not centered only on your genitals, but you can tickle your senses, by the view of this exciting body, caressing it, the kneading, kneading. It is a sextoy but at a level of improvement that few other adult toys reach.

The bluffing effect of a rearistic doll for sex

For an exciting experience that fills all your fantasies, the realistic doll is recommended because it offers a sexuality that is getting closer to the truth. Masturbators and vaguenuts do not bring this feeling of realism and are therefore less enjoyable, even if they remain pleasant to use. The whole body of a realistic doll makes the feel close to the real and very interesting.

A selection of silicone dolls Realists with big tits

Even if it's not absolute, most men are looking for sex dolls with very big boobs, which is why we offer many dolls with big breasts, but also a selection of some boobs xxl, with a Excessive waist, to meet the fantasies of big tits and big nipples. Nevertheless, people who love small tits are not left out, since we also offer some dolls of flat women. It takes all tastes.

Enjoy the sensual curves of a large glutee

After big tits, one of the most demanded female features by users is a big gluter. Fashion has evolved and before, big tits small ass were the height of sexy, the trend has clearly leaning towards another standard of beauty. Big tits and big ass with a fine size, it's the morphology that excites men right now. We offer you large buttocks dolls and wide hips, without the rest of the body is fat. The doll has a slim body with just a very sexy big sprawl, all in curve and femininity. It is the ideal body of a sporty woman or who has passed through the stupid implant box.

A parenthesis of solo pleasure with a dress x realistic

Your X doll is entirely dedicated to your pleasure. Available 24 hours a day, as soon as you feel like it, it is ready to satisfy you. Finished the excuses of the migraine type, fatigue, not want or dispute. The doll X gives you a quality sexual service, and without loss of superfluous time in practices that you do not like especially: massages, caresses, cuni ... with a doll x it's your pleasure to yourself that counts. It is the advantage of the sextoys, we can let go of selfishness, for a moment of solo pleasure intense, without worrying about the necessary reciprocity with a real partner. It is a small parenthesis of lonely well-being, but with all the exciting characteristics of a very sexy body. Finished manual monotonous masturbations, the X doll makes you rediscover the solo pleasure, and you will love that.

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