What is a latex doll?

A latex doll is a type of sextoy. It is a human-sized doll with sexual attributes, and allowing erotic practices. The latex doll differs from the TPE dolls on this site. The latex is a flexible and lightweight material, the doll is designed so that it can be filled with air or to be emptied. Thus, swollen it takes human form, and deflated it is perfectly flat, the latex can be folded to become extremely compact. The doll is very discreet, it can be stored without taking room, but also being transported discreetly at the bottom of a suitcase. It's a perfect sextoy for trips, she is light, weighs nothing in luggage and does not take place. The vast majority of time, the whole body is latex, the arms, the bust, the legs, and some parts are more realistic and therefore constructed in another material, most of the time the PVC. The latex of the doll is thin and supple, while the PVC is rigid and holds the shape. A latex doll is equipped according to the models of a vagina or a penis, allowing various sexual practices, including penetration. A latex doll is inexpensive and unrealistic. It also serves to facilitate festive occasions such as birthdays or burial burials. But again, there are different levels of quality. Some latex dolls are sucking with a large open mouth ready to receive an erect penis.

Acquire an adult latex doll

Latex dolls are for adults. Since it is a sextoy, the sale is prohibited to minors. As with all sexual products, whether pornogrpahie or sex toys, you have to be major to get the right to buy. The adult latex doll is specialized shopping only. These shops are called sexshop and are also present on the web.

Use a sexy latex doll

A latex doll is used for masturbation, but a very different masturbation, which looks more like an exchange between two partners. The sensations are realistic since it is possible to cling to the whole body, to feel the forms of the doll against oneself. It's something other than a sextoy who only takes care of the genitals. Here the doll has a more global mission: it reproduces a partner. A sexy doll in latex is a compromise between a masturbator and a realistic sex doll. The silicone doll is ultra realistic and represents the top of the quality, but given its cost, some people are reluctant to get to the acquisition. The solution is to opt for a latex doll, which has a human body, certainly much less realistic, but also much more financially accessible. The latex doll has good value for money for small budgets, little demanding on the level of realism. Otherwise, it will be better to turn to a silicone doll like those offered on Lady Doll.

The latex sex doll is light and facilitates positions

An inflatable doll is a light and practical sex doll. She does not weighs anything since she is full of air. This lightness makes it possible to make lots of positions. The air positions suspended with worn are transformed, totally facilitated. Wear an arm a partner of several tens of kilos has nothing to do with lifting a doll of a few hundred grams. Endurance and performance are remarkably increased. We can recreate positions that we have always fantasized without being able to do them because too difficult physically. With the sex doll in latex, this dream can finally become a reality. All fantasies can be made without any constraint. Fitness is no longer a brake to realize what you imagine in your wildest dreams. The latex inflatable doll is much more manageable than the silicone dolls that they are not filled with air, but entirely molded silicone which makes them much heavier, at least 15 kg. Very light latex dolls are therefore particularly indicated for people with back pain, health problems, disabilities because their lightness makes them extremely handy.

Maintain a latex erotic doll

The maintenance of a latex erotic doll is very easy. The latex is a waterproof plastic, so it can be washed with great water without suffering from any deterioration. This can give ideas of aquatic fantasies: sex in the shower, in a pool or a very naughty foaming bath. To keep his latex doll clean, we must not forget to wash his vagina, his anus and his mouth, if it is penetrable. And after cleaning, careful drying is the key to a good interview.

How to inflate an inflatable doll in latex?

To inflate an inflatable doll in latex, we could believe at first an automatic inflator is more efficient, and this is the case, the inflation will be faster and especially with less effort. But the problem of the compressor is that it swells a little violently and does not stop before the doll is full of cracking. And it is precisely the overconflage which is the worst enemy of an inflatable doll. Choose to swell her mouth, you fill her little by little, gently and you stop before she is totally full. Thus the latex is not under pressure. The inflatable doll remains a little flexible, which is preferable for a pleasant use, but especially this makes it possible to keep it intact without micro tears due to the internal pressure too strong. A pressure exerted strongly or for a long time creates tiny cracks, but which in the long run will turn into small holes and tears. Once housal, the doll is no longer waterproof, she empties her air, and so loses her human form! The softest solution is therefore to swell patiently to the mouth.

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