What is an inflatable doll?

An inflatable doll is a sex doll for adult. It is a masturbation doll made in latex, which swells air to take the proportions of a real person. The erotic doll is equipped with sexual attributes: vagina, anus, penis, sucker mouth that vary depending on the chosen model. It can take the shape of a man's body, a woman, or a trans. It is an evolved sextoy that reproduces a human body and allows to make love as with a real partner. The inflatable dolls are fully latex, but the semi-rigid inflatable dolls are latex and PVC on the more realistic areas like breasts, face, hands, vagina etc. The inflatable semi rigid doll is a step closer to more realism, for a cost still quite accessible. Some inflatable dolls do not reproduce the whole body, but just a part, the most common being legs with vagins and anus. This type of inflatable glute has the advantage of being faster to swell, take less space and be even more economical. The inflatable doll is inexpensive, and very convenient to carry: by deflating it, it takes no room. Another type of doll called high-end inflatable doll is the silicone doll. The latter is not inflatable, but is often assimilated because it is a sex doll as well. This one does not fill with air, it is hyper realistic with a greater cost. It is these non-inflatable sex dolls you will find on the shop. There is also the inflatable doll for a man-shaped woman with a penis to penetrate.

Which inflatable doll to choose?

To choose your latex doll, use these 3 sort criteria, which will help you make an informed choice, minimizing the risk of error. So, you can not go wrong; By targeting the product you really want, you are sure to be satisfied with your realist inflatable doll.

  1. Determine your budget precisely. It is important to choose a sex doll that corresponds to his budget. Pay too little is to deprive yourself of a superior quality while one could afford it. On the other hand, pay too expensive is to take the risk of getting in the red, and especially to be uncomfortable at the idea of ​​using his love doll for fear of damage because it represents a excessively important expenditure compared to its financial means. Inflatable dolls have rates ranging from 30 to 100 €. Your budget is a first concrete filter to choose an inflatable doll adapted to your needs and your wallet.
  2. Be clear with the level of realism you want. Do you want a partner who perfectly imitates a real, or just a part of the body that makes you fantasize like a gluter, or legs? Depending on the answer to this question, it will direct you to totally different products. A fully inflatable doll, or a more realistic with a mouth + breasts + a vagina + an anus hard in PVC, or a very realistic with the same features as the previous + hands + feet realistic with a manicure and a pedicure? There are 3 levels of service just for inflatable dolls. If your Realism Requirement Reaches 5/5 An Inflatable Doll Love is not the most appropriate choice for you. It will be more relevant to turn to a silicone doll like those sold on Lady Doll.
  3. Look for your personal criteria in a comprehensive way: asking you the question of what you personally like, you can target precisely a doll model. Here are some examples of criteria to consider: the choice of standing or sitting, sucking or not, blonde or brunette, an inflatable man, woman or transexual, stiff hair or curly, vibrating for more sensation, cheap or With a more significant budget, totally inflatable or semi rigid for a little more realistic? Select important features for you, allow you to choose your full inflatable doll.

How to use my inflatable doll?

When you receive this men's sextoy, it is flat and folded, totally deflated. First of all, it must be inflated so that it takes the volume of a woman's body or adult man. A valve makes it possible to blow to the mouth to fill it with air. Then you can heat its orifices using a heating element if you have one available, it will bring heat as a living body, more pleasant to the touch. Then coat his lubricant vagina because the doll does not lubricate naturally. It can now be penetrated. Man or trans dolls have a penis. You can get you penetrated by this dildo, while having the feeling of the body with a body, for more realism. The dildo is right alone because it is rigid PVC, and not inflatable. The use of the sextoy is not limited to penetration, it is possible to grip, and feel the whole body of the doll against his. Various positions can be practiced, which brings more realism and masturbation chilli. It will then be necessary to clean the doll, before storing again swollen for a save time at the next use, or fully deflated and folded for a gain of space.

How do you use an inflatable doll?

It is first necessary to inflate the doll with air, so it swells and takes the form of a human with a bust, legs and arms. In addition, it is of real size, from 1m60 high, so you can dress it and also the shoe with shoes size 35-36. You have to know that it is the body that is inflatable, but its mouth, its vagina, its anus or its penis are not inflatable, they are in hard, PVC like the vague and dildo-type sextoys. Thus, when one uses it, we really have an impression of realism during penetration. To maximize comfort, it is advisable to use a little lubricant. Use an inflatable doll ugly requires some maintenance, including careful cleaning of orifices: mouth, vagina and anus. It is necessary to clean them after use imperatively. For more information, go to the section dedicated to cleaning tips.

How to make love to an inflatable doll?

To make love to a luxury inflatable doll, you have to place a small lubricant pod in its ducts. Then you can enjoy a delicious blowjob thanks to his sucking mouth, practice anal in his silicone anus, a vaginal penetration where to make you penetrate by his artificial penis. The ultra light weight of the doll makes it possible to lift it for positions that defy gravity. You can take it standing or lying down, where or upside down, while kneading his firm breasts in PVC or caressing his hair, made up of a very realistic wig. His body can bend to practice various positions, but it should not be folded so as not to damage it.

The dolls are proposed in 3 types of positions, which allow them to make love differently: standing, sitting, four legs. If you like to be overlapped by your doll, doll models that are squatting are ideal. The sitting dolls allow you to sit the doll on your knees while you are sitting yourself, but also to wear it to make the union hanging, or the position of the square, where the doll is elongated On the back and legs noted over your back. She is perfect for fulfilling the unavoidable doggy style. The most common, the standing doll allows you to penetrate it missionary, doggy style elongated on the belly or standing against a wall.

How much does an inflatable doll cost?

A fully inflatable doll, with the body and head in latex, without feet or realistic hands is the most accessible dolls, from 30 €. For a sex toy with only the head, the vagina, the anus and the realistic breasts, the prices are about 40 €.

For a semi rigid doll, with the inflatable body, but the head, the vagina, the anus, the tits, the hands and the realistic feet in PVC, it will have to count around 60 €. The semi-rigid inflatable dolls with a sucking mouth are accessible from 70 €. On the other hand, Real Dolls silicone, sometimes called inflatable dolls, are much more qualitative and expensive, prices start at 450 €. The most expensive inflatable doll can reach several hundred euros in some shops. An inflatable used doll can cost less, but still need to be able to use a sextoy already used by another person.

Which store has an inflatable doll ray?

The low-end inflatable dolls, first prices are sometimes found in disguise stores, parties and pranks and caught, in the ray of the Rigolos naughty accessories, such as penis-shaped disguises. They are sold in order to make jokes and mainly for the burials of boy life or for other festive occasions, such as an inflatable doll for birthday. But for a sexual model that really serves masturbation and not humor, you have to turn to more qualitative products, which you will only find in sexshop, or on specialized doll sites where you will find the top of the top From the inflatable porn doll. Sexshops are the only physical shops with a radius of dolls for adults. Otherwise, it is advisable to turn to online sales, which offers more choices, but also more discretion. Sites specializing in inflatable dolls have a generally more choice choice than stores near you. The advantage of a physical store is that you buy and leave immediately with your product under the arm. But the choice is lower and you must move to buying in person, while online purchase brings anonymity, often desired in this type of purchase. Physical stores do not bring the opportunity to better visualize the product because the dolls are packaged and it is not possible to undo the blisters. This impossibility of going out and inflating dolls to see the end result is explained by comprehensible hygiene reasons. An open doll could possibly have been used and returned to the store, and no one would like to buy it. That's why returns are not possible for health security issues. The classic sale therefore does not have more advantage than online sales in the specialized field of inflatable dolls.

How to buy an inflatable doll?

To buy a gifi inflatable doll with an important choice, turn to an online sales site, like Lady Doll. You do not have to go to the shop or transport the product. You have access to more choice because the physical shops are often restricted at the level of choice because of the lack of space, impossible to put in radius 50 swollen dolls to see what it gives. In the shops, you will only see bags with folded dolls. On our online store, you have pictures that show you what the product gives once it is inflated. So you can make the right choice, you will have no bad surprises. In addition, you can take all the time you need to choose. Most of our customers view multiple product sheets, compare the features of our dolls, before you buy. Finally, you are delivered at home, no one sees you in and out of a sexshop. Discretion is a plus for people who do not want to spread their intimacy in the eyes of all.

In which business we find an inflatable doll?

The businesses that offer inflatable sex dolls are only sexshops, physical or online store, like Lady Doll. These are specialized shops, because we do not find the sextoys in general shops like supermarkets. Marketplaces also offer an intimate product section, with inflatable dolls including Amazon, Cdiscount and Rakuten. Doll rental is not offered by these shops. To enjoy a doll without buying it, it is necessary to turn to the closed houses of inflatable dolls, but they are rare in France. We offer a wide selection of inflatable doll humor for sale, for all tastes: Chinese, heating, boy, woman, with big tits, gay, realistic and cheap, vibrant. Nevertheless, we do not offer inflatable doll woman robot or talking inflatable doll, nor custom model.

What material take for an inflatable doll?

The real inflatable dolls are made in latex. The semi-rigid dolls have their hard parts like hands and head in PVC, with realistic finishes. For a hyper-realistic skin touch doll, you have to turn to the TPE, it is a realistic silicone doll that does not swell. They are rigid and keep the same template all the time.

How to clean your inflatable doll?

Clean your reel inflatable doll is easy enough because they are light and handy, unlike silicone dolls. You can clean your body with a shower gel coated glove and rinse it with water in the bathtub. But the most important thing is to clean the orifices: the sweetening mouth, the vagina and the anus. Put a long sponge with soap in the orifices and rub. Rinse with an enema pear or shower jet. You can spray a disinfectant spray to perfect cleaning, but it's not a mandatory step. Then dry with a cloth, a towel or even more efficient with a microfiber wipe. Enter the fabric deeply: the inserts are resistant and elastic, do not be afraid to spread the edges to access the bottom walls. The cavity must be perfectly dry to avoid the development of mold.

How is it inside an inflatable doll?

If you are curious to know how it is inside a simplest x doll is to turn to a transparent inflatable doll, which allows to see through, we can see the inserts vagina and anus, which They are flesh, in TPE with a material similar to the softness of the skin. It is an unprecedented sensation to use a translucent material, it is an original and fun experience.

How to consider a person with an inflatable doll?

The use of Sextoy is of the order of the intimate, no one has to be aware of this information that is part of privacy. Authorized legally, use a sextoy inflatable doll is not morally reprehensible. This can be the way to combat sexual frustration for long-standing singles and couples whose sexuality is in the husband without increasing his partner. But it is especially a playful way to try new experiences for the curious. In the case of couple people who have a small inflatable doll and are afraid of shocking their spouse, 2 strategies are possible. Or you talk about it together, to understand its point of view about it and express your sexual needs and expectations that you fill through an Inflatable Doll Adam and Eve. This makes it possible to defuse a crisis, which is more often born from the lack of communication, than the use of the doll in itself. The 2nd option, just as valid, is to consider that its sexual toy is part of its personal secret garden, it belongs to you and you have no obligation to share it with anyone.

Which foot size for an inflatable doll?

The feet of semi-rigid inflatable dolls are realistic, so they can wear shoes, still need to know what size choose before buying a nice pair of heel sandals. The feet measure 22cm long which corresponds to a 35, a small size, but the 36 that we find more easily in store, will also be adapted. Take open shoes with adaptable closures to be able to adjust the shoes more easily to the finesse of the foot and the ankle of the doll.

How much pressure can support an inflatable doll without bursting?

To avoid bursting his blonde inflatable doll, it is necessary to swell it to the mouth because the automatic inflators are powerful. They bring air with high pressure and high speed, so we run the risk of overconfiling what can crash the seams. Once she is bored, the air escapes and the inflatable doll seat no longer has the desired volume, she loses her air and gradually flattens. It becomes unusable. If the tear is not too important, you can repair it with a patch supplied in a repair kit, but the risk is that it bursts completely, and there the inflatable Cyberskin doll can no longer be repaired. To not swell with too much pressure his doll, swell her mouth is recommended.

Can we fuck an inflatable doll without tearing it?

Most of our dolls are equipped with 2 inserts, a vagina and a separate anus. These are 2 PVC orifices, with an internal channel. It is all possible to practice sodomy, since it is made for! When the doll has only a vagina or a penis, it is not possible to sodomize it, since there is no orifice. The young inflatable doll will not tear, especially if you observe the instructions for use: Do not overconfile the Doll Inflatable Doll, and use lubricant.

Inflatable Dollable Repair Kit

If you have detected a hole on your doll that causes its deflation, a special gay inflatable doll repair kit can give it a second life. You will be able to repair yourself your inflatable doll obese very easily and continue to use it instead of redeeing a new one, for a small price. A repair kit contains rustines of the same color as the skin to place on the hole and glue, which becomes transparent once dry to make the doll up the most discreet possible. Put glue on the patch, place it in the center of the hole, smooth the rustine so that there are no folds. Press firmly for a minimum of 15 seconds for it to take good. Then let at least 2 hours dry, not to take off or move your repair move while taking the glue. Other even more practical kits contain transparent self-adhesive rustins, that it is enough to place on the hole and which tilts alone as a dressing. For this type of patch, remove the protective paper that covers the sticky part. Do not touch the glue with your fingers at the risk of traces. Paste one end and then small drop, making sure you do not create a bubble or fold. With these stickers, you do not need to wait, it's a minute repair. Once the perfectly dried glue or sticker patch, your inflatable black doll is hermetic again: it is no longer fleeing when you swell it. She takes human form, whether it's a woman, a man or shemale. Without this repair kit, the air escapes. Even if the hole is tiny, the air always ends up going out little by little, and after a while, the brunette inflatable doll is very stunted. All the surface of the latex must be perfectly sealed for the big inflatable doll to keep the shape of the human body. Use a repair kit is child's simplicity, accessible to beginners. They are often accompanied by a user manual to be sure to skip no step, but it is a pretuitive process. For people who have holed their heating inflatable doll and do not have the patience to wait to order and receive a repair kit, you can use rustines for inflatable pool mattresses, which you will find depending on the season in store. Sport, but also in store of leisure articles or even in large areas during the summer. These rustins, when they are transparent, are not very visible and do very well.

What are Semi-rigid Silicone Inflatable Dolls?

Semi-rigid inflatable dolls are inflatable dolls, with some rigid parts, mostly PVC (rigid plastic). These are the extremities that are rigid, head, hands and feet and breasts. The rigid PVC brings an increased level of realism on these areas. On the other hand, the body remains inflatable, which makes it extremely lower the cost of the human inflatable doll, but also its weight, and improves its maneuverability, it is easy to fold it, bend, return. It should be noted that all inflatable dolls are latex, not silicone. The silicone or the TPE, imitates the skin with a soft and fluffy feel feel. There is a thickness in this material, while the inflatable dolls are fine, a little similar to a beach ball. Only the vagina and anus are silicone / TPE, for a realistic sensation to penetration. The semi-rigid dolls are therefore inexpensive, very practical to use, but the level of realism is quite limited. For a hyper realistic doll on the whole body, it will be necessary to turn to a high-end silicone doll.

How to inflate inflatable plum Semi silicone monopoly?

To inflate your inflatable doll Concorde, you will find a valve, as on the pneumatic mattresses. Inflate it to the mouth and not using a compressor, to inflate it gradually and dose the air level inside. The compressor problem is that it is positioned and they inflate automatically, without checking whether or not the doll is already inflated to its maximum. This is how accidents can happen and an Asian inflatable doll can burst. The automatic inflator will have injected too much air at once. Inflating the mouth, the filling of air is softer, since it is necessary to resume its breathing. By holding it in your hands, you get to gauge if it deserves more inflation or if it has reached a good threshold. An overconflaged doll will result in damage to latex, the pressure creating lesions. If it's repeated several times, the doll will eventually tear. On a semi-rigid sexy doll, head, feet and breasts are hard, and can not be swollen or deflated because they are pvc rigid and not latex filled with air. On this type of hairy inflatable doll, you only inflate the body: bust, legs and arms. To store it without taking room, deflate it. Open the valve, and gently press the body to escape the air. It is so flat and can be folded. It holds in a pocket handkerchief, perfect for hiding it in a secret hiding place or to transport it discreetly on the move. She does not take place at the bottom of a suitcase, and will be forgotten.

How many pounds can support an inflatable doll without bursting?

It is not advisable to rely on all its weight on its inflatable sex doll, regardless of the number of pounds displayed by the scale. For a little while, whatever your weight, she will bear it, but there is always the risk of misunderstanding her weight, crushing a small area, which can lead to tears. So, do with your redhead inflatable doll as with a real partner, you never put all your weight on it, you remember a part of your body with your arms or legs. An inflatable latex doll can support a hundred kilos of pressure before bursting. It is a fairly consistent weight that allows most men to use it without having to pay attention to not explode. For men over 100kg, it will always be possible to use the black inflatable doll, nevertheless it will simply be careful not to let your body rest entirely on the inflatable doll. To use it without deteriorating, it is necessary to help from its elbows, its arms on which to distribute a portion of the weight of the body to lighten the load a little. Too much pressure can make it burst, especially if it is too inflated. That's why in addition to weight, you have to be attentive to insert the right proportion of air. If we do not swell it enough, it is soft and informs, if we swell too much, on the other hand, it is over tense and too frank support risks to burst it. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to inflate it adequately, and not to jump with all its weight on it. With these few tips, weight limitation is no longer a problem.

For a TPE doll, the number is different, since it supports much higher pressure. The silicone doll is rigid which allows him not to burst or flatten under the pressure of the weight of his user. Thus, a 200kg wrestler can use it without damaging it. It can not burst either since it is not filled with air, but in full material. By its constitution, it is stronger and therefore more adapted to strong templates. Large, heavy and massive men will prefer to have a doll in the hands that looks like a real body with consistency rather than an inflatable doll ultra light without hold.

How much size for an inflatable doll?

You have decided to customize your Inflatable Wish doll and so dress it but also to put on the shoe. A fateful question arises now: what is his size, how much does it shock? Yes, it is complicated to get to the shop to try his doggystyle inflatable doll the different models of shoes in front of everyone. That's why it's important to know the size to buy an adjusted model, or too big, neither too small. If the shoe is too big, it will slide from the foot of the human inflatable doll as soon as you move it, and if the shoe is too small it will be impossible to slide the foot. Most inflatable dolls slip from 36. But it may vary by brand and model. To be certain of the size, simply measure the length of his foot. From the result in centimeters, an easy conversion gives you the size in French size. A foot of 22.5cm is a size 35, a 23cm long foot corresponds to 36. Attention to take the size in French size, and not in Italian size. They are very similar but the Italian smaller size. To be sure to choose a shoes that will go to your sexdoll, choose a template that can adjust, with a clamping flange or strips that make it possible to tighten and adjust the shoe at the foot and the ankle of the doll so that the pump or the sandal does not move from the foot. There is nothing more embarrassing than shoes that fall while handling his doll as they are too loose.

How many times use an inflatable doll?

An inflatable doll Samantha does not have a calculaable service life in the number of uses. Indeed, it is not like an electronic appliance product with components that heat and deteriorate. Here, the number of times we can use its inflatable doll x, like any mechanical and non-electronic object, depends primarily on the care and softness during use. By being brutal with it, there is more chance of tearing it or drilling it. Using an automatic inflator, we also take the risk of overgiving what can crash the seams. So that she stays in a perfect state long, it is advisable to swell her mouth, little by little. Thus, it is put to him the right dose of air, it is neither too soft nor too hard and especially we save the latex that does not end over and under pressure. If you do not immerse it abruptly with all your weight as on a pneumatic pool mattress, it should last hundreds of use, be insured. This type of inflatable sex doll is not a single-use product, which uses a few times and throw. No, it is designed to be preserved for years. If you have a longevity goal, you have to be intelligence to be careful. In particular when you deflate it, press gently and with delicacy to empty the air gradually. Fold there and put it away, why not in a plastic bag, which will avoid that it does not take the dust. The main brake on multiple uses of a male inflatable doll is that it is pierced because after it empties its air and becomes unusable. It is therefore necessary to be precautionary when used and ensure that there is nothing pointed - of the hanger type - under it and which could pierce it. If this happens, however, it is not necessary to throw it away immediately. It is possible to repair it with a special repair kit. These are small sachets that contain what it takes to repair a hole in the doll: a patch color flesh and glue. It's very easy, just do like a bike tire. After that, the Doll love is left for dozens and dozens of uses without ever getting tired. Unless tear, it will be usable almost infinite. You have to be careful with the valves at the time of the inflation, because it is one of the fragile areas of the doll. Shooting too hard to open can bring you to snatch everything, and there no repair kit will be enough to restore it. So be careful not to open the valve with the teeth, the most common error. If sometimes, the plastic tip is difficult to dislodge from the valve, you have to stay patient and do not unsail with a lion jaw at the risk of reducing everything in crumbs. The sexy manikin does not count a number of use determined in advance. It all depends on the care that is put in its use, and rigor in its maintenance. A person who blasters his doll at the automatic inflator and does not wash it after use will see his sextoy degraded quickly. If all maintenance tips are followed, a quality inflatable doll used every day can last up to 2 years.

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