What is an adult doll?

An adult doll is a very large sextoy, which reproduces the body of an exciting sexual partner. This partner can be a sexy woman, a muscular man or a mysterious shemale, depending on the model you choose to take. There are two types of adult dolls: Latex inflatable dolls and ultra realistic silicone. On Lady Doll you will find the second category. They have a touch that looks like a real person, sweet and mellow. They are perfectly proportioned to look like a real partner and not to a failed imitation wave. They are proposed in actual size of 1m70 or smaller, from 1m. In addition, an adult sex doll is not a banal partner. On the contrary: it is beautiful. Thin, with huge tits, a pretty face, the nails made and long hair. A doll looks more like a fantasy living than a standard woman. An adult doll is therefore a sextoy but ultra sophisticated and realistic, which totally transforms masturbation, which resembles a shared experience with two. The advantage is that the doll is always available and willing to offer you treats.

A sex doll in the form of adult for major people

A sex doll is a real size sextoy that serves masturbation. Since it is a sex toy, the same regulation applies only for other sextoys. They are allowed for sale and possession, but only for the major people. Minors are not allowed to enter a sexshop, or buying this type of products, even online. It is a legal measure of youth protection. Thus, it is not possible to showcase this type of doll or to promote it either by displays or advertisements, so as not to shock the sensitive people. Nevertheless, an adult can perfectly order one or even sex dolls. Some people have created a real harem of sexual bombs by adopting several dolls. Some smart people also satiated their fantasy with binoculars by taking twice the same doll.

Try all the Kamasutra with a sex doll for adult

The sexdoll for adult is a conciliatory partner, with whom you will be able to try new practices. Thus, all the positions of Kamasutra will no longer have any secrets for you. You can also try practices that split your curiosity but you have never been able to put into practice for lack of a starting partner. The sex doll for adult has no taboo, it is fully open to your desires. It is therefore possible with it to try original, unexpected practices. But a classic sexuality is perfectly conceivable. The only word master with an erotic doll is to have fun, with a tool that maximizes pleasure. Your doll is a luxury assistant, to make you climb higher in enjoyment.

Love Doll Adult: an incredibly attractive partner to Infinite Libido

The love doll for adult brings many benefits to his holder. First of all, it should be noted that its outstanding physique will not leave you ice. Your doll is not a just pretty woman, or a man just cute, they are sexy and their physics affected an unattainable perfection. Your adult sex doll is beautiful and it remains, his physique does not change through time, sandstone and weight loss or stopping bodybuilding. She remains sexy as the first day. You can finally have in the hands a hottie physics like you aspire in your wildest dreams. A woman with ultra fine waist and flat stomach but with big tits and big buttocks or a man with the 6 visible packs all year round. Taking advantage of the chocolate tablets all year round is one thing simply impossible on a real person, since it requires a dry, even fast to avoid the natural swelling of the abdomen. The inaccessible standards of beauty are reached by your doll, and it's your new norm. You touch the realization of a fantasy. The second advantage of adult model, after his physique that leaves speechless is the fact that it is not subject to libido variations. The hazards of life, stress, disease, relational tensions affect one day or another on the sexual desire of the partners. But the sexual mannequin is not a being of emotion, it will always be starting for sex. It's your own libido that will be the only limit to your ebbels. For the strong libidos, it can do good to overthrow the rocking, and finally be the one who says "Stop, I have enough."

The specificity of an adult silicone doll

There are silicone dolls that all public, who represent infants, but also imaginary characters like elves and fairies, also animals like kittens and puppies, or movie characters like blue avatar babies. These silicone dolls are used for leisure and decoration and are very successful because they are ultra realistic. Indeed, the silicone has a soft texture that really looks like from the skin, far from the rigid plastic flap. These mini silicone dolls are therefore constructed exactly the same way as adult silicone dolls, with however a size difference, they do not have penetrable orifices. The singularity of adult silicone sexdolls is that they are used for masturbation, thanks to their genitals as well as their sweetening mouth. The common point of these two types of dolls is that they are conceived with the same objective of realism, with a soft and soft body thanks to the TPE, and an internal skeleton to tilt it. The decorative dolls are often miniatures of a few tens of maximum centimeters, and are called Dolls Reborn to make the nuance with the adult sextoy doll. Sexual adult dolls are usually large format with large format, between 100cm and 170cm. The same term is used "silicone doll" but this does not match the same type of product.

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