Sexual doll with small firm breasts: the most realistic of all

The term small breast is not necessarily synonymous with dish. Thus, a sexual doll with small nénés can have realistic breasts or no chest at all. The range of small forms of small tits is wide. For lovers of flat and androgynous women, the physical of young woman, there are sex dolls with a chest so that it would be undetectable to a mammogram. Or else, it can wearing small ultra realistic Lolos, in their form as in their proportion. The doll is only more realistic. The silicone dolls proposed on Lady Doll are of real size, if you add to that realistic physical features, you get an amazing result: you will have the impression of sleeping with a real person, and not with a sextoy. The erotic little chest doll is the most successful level realism. She will be able to bluff your senses. If for you a woman is exciting only with big bumper, the x little chest doll is not made pure you, you may have the impression that it's a woman having suffered a mammectomy. In this case, turn to the opposite category, that of big tits dolls. The dolls in this section seem to be in full lactation as their breasts are disproportionate. If on the contrary you enjoy the man's dolls who used a milk trail to go down the volume of their chest to more realistic sizes, then you are on the right page. No physics is objectively more beautiful than another, there are for all tastes, and erotic dolls with discrete roberts have a lot of amateurs.

A Love Doll Lightweight For a 20-year-old young woman's physics

The small corner couples overlooked small areoles give the sextoy doll a thin and long-pilot look. She is slender, menue, farm: all the features of a girl in bloom. This physical is that of a woman svelte and made, very juvenile. Thus, if you are attracted by 20-year-old women who have not been fully formed, or very filiforms, a luxury small chest doll is the perfect solution to have the wife of your dreams in your bed every night. For the illusion to be total and perfect, clothing and hairstyle play a significant role. Thus, duvets associated with small tits with small nipples will give you the impression of typing a sexy teen. A schoolgirl disguise is also ideal for rejuvenating a little more the appearance of the actual size doll. Have a pleated skirt and high socks, associated with his skinny physique with the flat chest, and that's it, you have snapped with a fresh teenager. Without going as far in the role play, you can accentuate the youth of your doll physics by bringing female colors such as fuchsia rose, or mini jean shorts, high colorful logos or glitter. If you are tired that your high-end doll looks like a child's woman, nothing simpler. Change your dress style and there it turns into a fatal woman: pigeon bra to enhance his little high and firm chest, from the bottom, pumps. These few accessories are enough for themselves to transform the universe in which you are moving with your sexy doll with small tits.

Maintain my small silicone doll and small nipples

A Love Doll is very easy, it does not require specific material. After each use, washing with soap and water is recommended. The most important thing is to not leave moisture as bodily secretions or perspiration on the doll. After ejacious about the tits with small nipples of the doll or on his buttocks, we wipe out to dry perfectly. Ranger without drying can damage it, because moisture will allow the development of mushrooms and bacteria that blacken the doll. It is neither hygienic nor aesthetic. In addition, it is very easily preventable: dry your companion perfectly after use. For further maintenance, if it's a little dirty, you can coat it with a fat, such as an oil or petroleum, which will take off all the dirt from the TPE, then wash it with soapy water for Remove excess fat as well as small accumulated dust.

A sex doll in small nibard and very thin body for lovers of migrant women

Amateurs of girls are not the only ones who find interest in flat sex dolls. They are joined by fans of lean women. Tighter, long and fine, have many followers. Very skinny women lose their chest, so small tits give an even softer look at the sucking doll. She looks svelte, longilinear, all in bone, with very little excess flesh, especially buttocks and chest. The long aspect of the legs can be accentuated by high heels, and a non-pigeonnic neither padded lingerie, which does not create reinforcement at the breast level. Thus, the adult doll looks all the more skinny and frail.

The boundaries of a flat sexy doll like a breadboard

Before choosing a flat TPE doll as an ironing board, it must be realized that this will bring some limitations in the realization of sexual practices. The absence of rotoplot makes the Spanish handjob impossible. The masturbation between the breasts is conceivable when the chest is quite massive to create a slit. The realistic doll without Nichon can not fulfill this mission. His nascent chest does not have enough volume to create friction. The little thickness does not allow to wrap the penis, it requires a more padded udder. Even a pigeoning bra is not enough to bring the breast back to a thick enough. So, when you choose a flat sex doll like a slimmed, skinny and without shape, you enjoy the body of a pretty young woman with his assets and disadvantages. In addition to truly flat doll sex, there are models of realistic dolls with a small chest, which will have a size sufficient to practice masturbation between the two floats. In the category of the Love Dolls with small tits, there is a whole range of breasts, the flattest, the most realistic and modest, with all the shapes: pear tits, apple tits, sharp tits. Flat breasts will give a juvenile appearance to the doll.

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