What is a sex toy?

The term sex toy is the word Francize for Sextoy. It is simply erotic objects whose mission is to bring sexual pleasure to its user or user. Sex toys are very varied, there are for men, for women and couple. In the category of male sex toys you will find cockrings, caught sheaths and mastrubators among others. For women, the most famous sex toy is the vibrator, especially that of pink color with rabbit ears, better known as Vibro Rabbit. But there are many others, dildos, clitoris stimulators. Finally, there are sex toys for couples with, for example, double penetrating penis ducts, vibrators specifically designed to stimulate two partners during penetration. A sex toy can go from the most soft, for example naughty dice, at the highest, for example a BDSM electrified penis cage. A sex toy can be small or very cumbersome. For example, a cockring ring at the waist of a hair elastic, while a silicone doll at the size and volume of an adult person. The field of adult games is very wide, and this also includes sex dolls, such as those offered on the shop.


Depending on the type of sexual game you have chosen, it will be more or less intuitive to use it. All electronic devices such as masturbators, vibrators need to put batteries, and if possible in common sense! It's a common mistake that bring some people to think that their sex toy is broken, while it's just not fueled into energy. Hygiene is a central issue when one evokes sexuality, and sex games do not escape the rule. It is necessary to be very precautionary, and wash its erotic game after each use. For a sexdoll, it means that you have to clean and dry its penetrable orifices, but the rule applies for any sextoy. Be careful, however, some electronic sex toys are not waterproof, it will not be possible to wash them with soap and rinse with plenty of water. In this case, a disinfectant spray, or a moistened wipe are more appropriate for not deteriorating the sex toy. The drying is essential for the water deposited on the naughty toy does not lead to a bacterial proliferation. For this, it's very simple, use clean cloth, whether it's a leaf of wiper, a bath towel, a kitchen towel, and buffer your sextoy in every nook to be dry .

Whether for a sex doll, a female dildo, a male masturbator, the use of lubricant is the small simple and cheap trick that will upset your experience. The lubricant fluidifies the penetration movements and avoids too virulent friction and the heating of fragile body parts. Slightly warming the lubricant before spreading makes contact more enjoyable. The lubricant is gelled water, which gives a feeling of freshness. If you are not a fan of the refreshing side, pour a lubricant nut into your hands and rub to warm up before spreading. In the hands, the lubricant lubricant and when the sextoy comes into contact with the mucous membranes of the intimate parts, there is no striking effect of the cold that can be unpleasant for some. On the contrary, the soft lighter is nice, which brings you a little more pleasure than the only stimulation of the sexy toy used to dry.

Lady Doll your high-end sex toy provider

You will find on the site dolls realistic models of silicone, it is also about adult sex toys. An upscale toy, quite expensive, very realistic, human scale. This is an aid to pleasure, but ultra sophisticated. Indeed, love doll you can play sex couple is not possible with other types of toys. You feel like making love with a sexy partner as if you were there. In addition, the body is very appetizing. With all our models, you're sure to find a creature that will please you perfectly.

The sex doll: a game for realistic adult

Sex dolls are for both men and woman that since there are models:

  • male doll with chocolate bars and an erect penis to be penetrated by the doll
  • But also female dolls with breasts and vagina more or less large and fleshy body more or less according to taste
  • And also shemale dolls with breasts and penis combo

This is a very realistic game with a lot of details that make it more human doll: Asian features, a black skin, curves, an elongated body, large and heavy breasts sagging. All forms of body exist, you'll find the man or woman of your dreams. There are several sizes, between 1m and 1m70. This large sized adult makes this game even more real, like a true partner.

Buy an erotic toy discreetly online

When one wishes to acquire an erotic toy is often preferred as it remains in its secret garden. This is why buying on the internet is widely acclaimed by consumers. You can visit the shops of sex play safe from prying eyes, from home, nobody knows what kind of products you are watching. The online catalog offers more comfort and time to choose. You have plenty of time to watch much each doll, examine the photos, add the prettiest favorite then choose from this selection. The purchase may take several days, and so, choose the model most suitable sex toy. In physical store, impossible to establish a camp to compare all. The choice will be a little less rushed and comfortable to stand on the shelves, with little pictures. Go through a site like Lady Doll is often the only solution for people who do not have distributors sex dolls close to home. This type of physical trade is rare with often little choice. In this case, through an online store is the only way to acquire the coveted sexy game, but this is not a disadvantage since, otherwise it is more convenient to choose quietly from home. You can get delivered to the address you want to receive the parcel discreetly, no one will see you out of a adult shop, whether it is a problem for you.

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