A sexual doll with big buttocks, female and sexy

The adult doll with big popotin is an adult doll, made entirely in TPE. It is ultra realistic, and endowed with orifices to penetrate: it did not stole its name of upscale sex doll. It has a vulva and anus for female models, a penis for male models. In addition to these naughty holes allowing a faithful sexuality to reality, the big gluteal doll has an more asset in his sleeve. She has beautiful big buttocks in the form of apple. The texture of the buttocks looks bluffing to a real rump: soft and tender, but with some firmness. His buttocks are not flanges, but reboundies, with an incredibly successful texture. It is the silicone that allows this feat. The same resemblance applies to the breasts of the sex model. In addition to its beauty and its body to realistic texture, it has a skeleton hidden inside. This skeleton is imperceptible. It tilts in every way, which allows the doll to hold in various positions. Once positioned, it holds in place alone, it does not need to be maintained. This high-end discreet detail will allow you to realize all the sexual positions imaginable. And it is a major difference between an inflatable doll that only holds in a single position, and a more qualitative TPE doll. Add to this very realistic erotic doll a beautiful behind carved, and it's the cherry on the cake. You have the opportunity to sleep with a sexual bomb worthy of a reality TV.

Rediscover sodomy with a big doll buttocks

The wide sender of your sexy doll will give you impulses to explore sodomy with delectation. You will be able to immerse yourself fully in the art of spanking. The advantage of the big croupion doll is that she is always ready for anal penetration, since she keeps the colon clean. Thus, it is practical and hygienic. You can let yourself go to your sodomy desires without preparation. Penetration and back and forth are more fluid and pleasant when the anus is pre-coated with lubricant. An aqueous lubricant, or even water or saliva are perfectly adapted to lubricate the anal zone. Big buttocks make penetration even more exciting. According to the position, for example doggy style, it is possible to observe its penis make back and forth movements while admiring the magnificent view offered by the round and fleshy rump of the pretty doll.

A sexdoll big buttocks to the captivating silhouette

A doll sex at the posterior curved is all the more sexy and feminine, it is an invitation to discover what hides between its two buttocks. This aspect of his anatomy makes her terribly attractive, she will sustain your desire. Its beautiful round moon brings a little more curves to its silhouette all round and voluptuously. You can put its curved foundation in value thanks to lingerie, for example a small panty panty of the Brazilian jersey style, so narrow that it is eaten by the big firecracker of your doll. A shorty highlights the round line of its large buttocks. A thong allows to reveal a maximum of this big derche, hiding only the orifices. To penetrate it, it is possible to simply offset the tiny piece of fabric to access the coveted orifices.

A Big Gros Silicone Doll With Assorted Chest

Its background is its best argument but often it's not the only one. People attracted by fleshy and female sex doll generally appreciate big buttocks and big tits, both often go hand in hand. Thus, it will be possible to feast on its beautiful paws with two large grinding wheels. Breasts like buttocks are disproportionate, heavy and voluminous, soft and tender, sexy and feminine. In short, such a sex doll has all the cards in hand to make you crazy. You will love getting her hand to the basket without any prior approach and knead his strong chest.

The realistic big ass doll will fill you sexually

The doll offers his brioches to the most greedy, come and taste this physics that gives mouth water. With this body of sex-symbol, she will make you ride the soar desire. Penetration and all sexual positions you can practice with it will make you touch the finger what is called the 7th Heaven. The doll accepts that we enjoy in her without condom, as well in her sex and in her huge fion. Anal penetration without a hood with enjoyment inside, it seems that all the planets are aligned to fill you perfectly.

A big ass big ass for lovers of women in flesh

The ideal female physics is no longer like a twig woman, but on the contrary a luscious woman with generous physics, with big tits and a thick chubby. If your beauty criterion is a fleshy woman, you will love the doll sex with fleshy and carved buttocks. She has a round and developed booty, worthy of a Girl pro squats. His pretty buttocks are muscular, with wide hips, which give a silhouette in hourglass, all in roundness and femininity. If on the other hand you like longilinear physics and narrow, a big fat doll will not be the most suitable choice. There are multiple models of bubbly inflatable doll, white, black, asian women, but also round women, or women with a strong chest. A small buttocks doll seems to have suffered aesthetic surgery, to achieve such perfection.

How to enjoy the exciting body of a big ass doll?

A sex model with beautiful loops are used as other less busty sex dolls. It is articulated so you put it in the position of your choice, you coat its holes of lubricants, and it is part for hours of savagery in bed. An adult doll with big ass gets fiddled day and night, without any preliminary if you do not feel like. To enjoy a long time with his goddess body, it is necessary to clean it and especially dry it after each report.

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