Mini Love Doll 1 meter Nina
Nina is a small doll love proposed in a unique 100cm format for a weight of only 16 kg. Small and light, it is much more practical than its homologues in real size. It is compact and can easily be...
€449.90 EUR
Mini Sexual Doll Big Tits Shanna
Shanna is a small doll love proposed in 3 sizes: 1m, 1m10 and 1m25. Its small template allows it to be offered at a rate accessible to all. This mini Sexdoll democrats the erotic doll, since even with a small...
from€459.90 EUR
Small Love Doll Sexy Ava
Ava is a mini sex doll of 100cm that weighs 16kg. It offers vaginal penetration, anal and blowjob for rich and complete sexuality. Ava is a mini doll love with a round and sweet face, reminiscent of a young woman,...
€449.90 EUR
Mini sex doll Olivia
from€459.90 EUR
Mini sex doll Olivia
Olivia is an incredibly sexy mini doll sex. It's a small size from 1m to 1m25, which makes it light and little expensive. That qualities for this small high-end sex doll. Olivia has the charming minis of a young Asian...
from€459.90 EUR
Mini Love Doll 100 cm Charlotte
Charlotte offers you two orifices to penetrate. His vagina and his anus are deep and narrow. They are an invitation to practice sodomy or double penetration. Charlotte is always cheerful to discover a new sexual act with you. It is...
€449.90 EUR
Doll For Adult Maeva
from€459.90 EUR
Doll For Adult Maeva
Maeva is a shell with an ultra-realistic body, with its 3 holes to penetrate. She practices fellatio with her sucking mouth, but also sodomy as well as vaginal penetration because she has a vagina and anus. Each measurement is about...
from€459.90 EUR

Enjoy a cheap sex doll with a small model

The simplest and most effective trick to buy a cheap sex doll is to choose a small doll at the reduced size. The second well-known tip is to compare various shops, and you will quickly discover that Lady Doll offers really cheap Love Dolls. The shipping costs are offered, so you pay only the price of the doll. Given the weight and the volume of a sex doll, it is a beautiful economy made, really not insignificant.

What is the price of a silicone doll?

The price of a cheap silicone doll varies depending on its size. Its size conditions the amount of silicone needed to mold it. The bigger the doll, the greater it's heavy, which makes the storage and sending by mail more expensive because the fees are calculated according to the volumetric weight. By choosing a smaller doll, you save money. Make a first purchase of cheap mini love doll can be a good idea to try for the first time an economical adult doll without breaking her piggy bank. It is a first low-risk test, and if we find that the cheap Mini Love Doll is satisfactory at the level of sensations, then later, it will be wise to invest more money to acquire a doll of actual size . This expense will be done with enthusiasm, because you know the product and are already a convinced fan.

Lady Doll attaches to offering cheap silicone dolls, regardless of the selected size. You will discover several ranges of sizes:

  • - the very small between 100cm and 125cm, proposed between 500 and 670 euros
  • - The second category includes inexpensive dolls of realistic size: between 135 and 168cm, from 770 to 1130 euros.

If you are familiar with the adult doll market, you know it's really affordable prices. Lady Doll aims to democratize the porn doll. Reasonable rates allow many people to afford this type of high-end products. What was once an absolutely unaffordable luxury product becomes small to small accessible to all because production intensifies.

The cheapest dolls loves of the shop

On Lady Doll, you will find 6 models especially low cost: Olivia, Charlotte, Ava, Maeva, Shanna and Nina. These 6 names rime pleasure and savings. You can discover these beautiful women using the search bar with their first names, or simply using the categories, they are all grouped in the cheap category, which you currently browse. This selection includes only mini dolls of 1 meter height, the smallest realistic love dolls proposed. The reduced size reduces the cost of manufacturing but also sending, which gives you upon arrival a cheaper doll love. They are offered less than 500 euros, which is really cheap for a Love Doll in ultra realistic TPE. They measure 100cm for 16kg, which makes them manifiable and easy to lift to test multiple sexual high aerobatics positions. 3 models are also proposed in a slightly larger template: 110cm and 18kg. With their small size, they stay perfectly realistic, with a well-proportioned body. Their size is marked, with wider hips for a pretty feminine silhouette. They have a vagina and a realistic penetrable anus. They definitely have just like the big ones. The photos prove you that a sexual partner can be small in height and yet terribly exciting. Their chest is extremely curved and voluminous. Visually, the breasts look even bigger because they are placed on a small frazzle bust. His chest makes the doll irresistible. It is also appetizing naked than with lingerie that highlights its generous curves.

Choose an affordable sex doll without trimming the quality

A sexdoll not too expensive does not mean to be satisfied with a medium rendering sextoy. Rogner on quality could result in the purchase of a doll that swells, which are unrealistic it must be admitted. However, it is possible to combine a quality at the top with a soft price. If the bet of the affordable sexdoll is filled with an inflatable doll, realism and quality are not really at the rendezvous. For a beautiful doll sex cheap, it is necessary to confer the rates of the dolls in TPE, also called silicone dolls. If the search for a good deal is entirely legitimate, we must be careful not to give back to the business sirens too enticing. If it's too good to be true, often it hides something. A cheap realistic sex doll can not cost less than hundreds of euros.

Choose an erotic doll at low prices by buying online

Lady Doll offers tight prices because the shop only exists online, which reduces costs, and therefore allows advantageous rates to lovers of pretty sensual creatures. In store, prices are systematically higher and the choice is less. By sending you to a specialist in the doll of sex, you enjoy several dozen models of choice, but also low prices all year round. Remote purchase brings other benefits, such as discretion and anonymity, but also comfort and an elongated time to choose the right Real Doll, according to its physique, its size, its price.

Inflatable doll at low price

An inflatable doll is systematically less expensive than silicone. Inflatable latex models are actually very accessible, regardless of its budget. For less than a hundred euros it is possible to acquire this type of sextoy of human size. Only, it should be noted that this anecdotal cost has a justification. Indeed, the realism to the touch and the view between a latex model and a model in TPE are simply not comparable. Sexy TPE dolls are more expensive, but much better comparatively. On Lady Doll, you will only find cheap silicone doll love, from 500 euros.

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