Love Doll MILF Big Natural Tits Noemie
Noémie is a Caucasian woman, she has the elongated face of a European woman, with the nose in length and big clear eyes. His face is that of a mature woman, of experience, which will appeal to Milf's enthusiasts, both...
from€769.90 EUR
Sexual doll with big tits kim
Kim is a naughty who will seduce you with her generous forms. She is luscious and fleshy. Its heavy chest is punctuated by small nipples and its fine size contrasts with the width of its hips, for a very feminine...
from€769.90 EUR
Grosse Poupée Sexuella Ronde XL Tiffany
Tiffany has generous curves, his chest and hips are really massive. Its thicker thighs are in the air of time with the fashion of the female bodies at the roundabout. Her body is very feminine, far from being a pile...
from€769.90 EUR
Sexy doll For Male Adrianna
Adrianna has an impressive chest: massive and falling on her bust so much the volume is important. She has big buttocks also. With its size of wasp, it has the ideal feminine silhouette: an 8 with generous curves, or a...
from€769.90 EUR
Silicone doll big breast Kelly
Kelly is a mature woman, you don't deal with a little girl anymore, but with an experienced woman who knows how to make a man yield. She has a long face, a long nose and pink lips. Her eyelids are...
from€769.90 EUR
Sexdoll Cougar Big Butts Ariana
Ariana is a sexy cougar. His great experience allows you to do good because she knows men, their anatomy and her sensitive points. She has the face dug and angular with a mature woman, far from the poupon's face of...
from€769.90 EUR
Sex doll puma big breasts Susanna
Susanna is a mature woman with big breasts and big hips. She is very sexy. She won't let anyone be indifferent. His heavy chest is a little drooping, too big. Her curved body is a man eating Cougar woman, and...
from€769.90 EUR
Sexual Mannequin Big Tits Big Ass Elena
Elena is a woman of the West, blonde with blue eyes. It could be a woman from northern Europe, a Scandinavian or a Russian. But it is not definitely blonde: it can easily change hair as it is simply a...
from€769.90 EUR
Sexdoll Arab Girl Beurette Laly
Laly is a Beurette sex doll very in style. It's a flower that only requires being picked. It's one of the few dolls of the shop not to have a rugged eyes or a round and young face. It is...
from€769.90 EUR
Big sexdoll big ass big tits nikki
Nikki is a beautiful woman with very pronounced curves. She can not be more feminine and sexy. Its silhouette forms a sensual 8, with big tits and big buttocks that come together in a fine size. It's a round woman...
from€769.90 EUR

A cougar sex doll to sleep with a woman of experience

Your COUGAR sex doll is a sexual model with sexual attributes, but also mature woman's characteristics. Mature women are experienced women who trust them and know what they want. It is this power and this sexual insurance that knows how to seduce men, in search of an expert mistress of the subject. Under the duvet, the MILF is far from being a starfish. A cougar is a very sexy older woman, who hunts younger men. She loves men still fresh and less experienced who excite her terribly. Thus, with a cougar silicone doll, it is a real exchange of good processes. Everyone being excited by the other, and the older woman seeks to convey his experience to teach you all that she knows of carnal pleasure. By choosing a doll for adult cougar, you have a fatal woman at home, far from being a midnette. You are dealing with a woman, a real, a woman of grip, who will even guide you. His age allows him to be a real sexual guide. It will be happy to be your mistress and bring you experience. You will be able to try all positions, all the practices, the softest to the most extreme. Far from catching up for little, a mature woman is often comfortable with her body and eager to explore. She knows her body, masters her desire and wants to burn with pleasure between your expert fingers.

What does one recognize a doll cougar love?

The Cougar Doll Love is primarily recognized at his face. Far from being round and childish, his face is more dug and in length. This gives him maturity. To accentuate the advanced age of the cougar sex doll, one can dress it with attractions not adult female assumed: high heels, fine lingerie, even a domineering outfit with latex, leather and nails. Many possibilities are available to you. The jewels and high-end clothes bring a chic and mature side to the appearance of a woman. For the illusion to be at the rendezvous, avoid the colors too girly like the candy rose, bet on quality and sobriety. A black tailor skirt lends itself much more to the mature woman than a pleated skirt. Enter the game, and create a custom character, who will meet your expectations. In addition to clothing, other details greatly influence the perception of the age of a doll. Hair mid-longs and quality guests will mark its well-installed woman's personality in life, confident in her potential for seduction. It emanates from the sexy doll Cougar a femininity and lubricity as it is impossible to resist. A mature woman assumes his desires, his body and his desires, which makes the sexual act even warmer. The hair of the sexdoll MILF can evolve according to your desires, it can change cutting, length and color very easily since it carries a removable wig.

A Silicone Cougar doll with physics adapted to your personal tastes

The Lady Doll site offers some models of cougars silicone dolls, which change a little 20-year-old eternal young women. These MILF dolls bring some diversity and respond to the demand of amateurs. TPE COUGAR dolls have their little fan club. The followers will be happy to enjoy a beautiful old woman with whom to have intimate relationships as often as desired. You have the option to choose several types of physics with different characteristics: big tits, but also an erotic doll round round with hips, thighs and buttocks wide and pronounced. Curvy women are ultra feminine with their sandglass silhouette accentuated to the extreme. Cougar dolls are offered in several carnations and morphotypes: Caucasian women, Asian or black dolls. There is no one vision of the mature woman, but a wide range of possibilities, depending on the fantasies and expectations of each user. If the models of SexDolls Cougar offered in this category do not satisfy you, you always have the option to select another model of sexdoll and give it the appearance of a cougar with a class style that makes more mature.

A sex doll cougar ultra realistic thanks to its tpe material

An erotic cougar doll is a TPE masturbation doll. This material gives it a realistic aspect, especially on fleshy areas such as glutes or breasts. Inside your Sexdoll MILF, is a tilting skeleton that articulates the doll, allowing it to take postures and stay in this position without any support. Thanks to this small gadget, the adult cougar doll is movable and can practice all sexual positions at human reach. Indeed, the realistic doll Cougar has joints everywhere in the same places as the human body: cuffs, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees. These multiple bending points give the opportunity to place his sexy cougar doll as well elongated on the back the thighs apart for a missionary than standing leaning forward to enjoy the sight of his exciting buttocks. In addition to this Aguichant physique, the Sexdoll Cougar can be penetrated in its two realistic orifices. It has a vagina and an anus, which are prolonged with narrow and extensible ducts, exactly like real. During penetration, the sensation is surprising realism. The narrow hole mass and squeezes the penis for intense sensations, but at the same time, the orifice stretches and adapts to the size of the penis for more comfort. Your sex toy Cougar has all a real Mother I'd Love to Fuck. To appreciate sex with your new artificial partner, simply consider using lubricant. Silicone is an easy-to-maintain material, which is easy to wash and water. Nevertheless, you have to be careful not to leave moisture in the orifices and dry well. These two only tips allow you to fully enjoy your sex doll, for a long time, since it remains in a flawless state.

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